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Be Anti-War for our Veterans


In honor of our veterans I will only support leaders who would bring all troops home immediately. It is a lie that this can’t be done and I’m posting educational links below for anyone who rationalizes war, or chooses to be complacent in our participation of mass murder for profit. Stop listening to Fox, CNN and the mainstream media. They are all owned and controlled by privateers.

Nearly two dozen veterans are committing suicide every day. They are denied medical care for their horrible conditions, often dying while they wait for insurance providers to approve their treatments. Yeah, everything’s so much better now… Does anyone realize that none of this has to happen at all?

The two major parties won’t do a goddamn thing to fix this, or prevent the structural genocide of our evil broken medical system. They are owned by big pharma, insurance corporations and the military industrial complex. When will enough people wake up to the fact that there is no difference between them, and they could give two shits about our veterans.

Obama’s buddy Henry Kissinger expressed it nicely: “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” That is how our leaders view those who would risk their lives to keep us safe.

I encourage all of our service men and woman to quit the armed forces. Refuse to fight for their fascist leaders. They do not care about you. They only care about their profiteering business partners and corporate rulers. They want perpetual conflict. It is time to just leave. You will not be a traitor or a deserter to your country; only to your fascist government. They have long since abandoned you. You are nothing to them except a dollar sign, and that is the cold hard truth.

The people on the other hand will come together to support and care for you, and then we will join forces with you in the revolution against our fascist leaders, the bankers who rule them, the militarized police forces who they hide behind like the cowards and scum that they are. They are the real terrorists of the world.

Veterans, peace activists, liberty activists and all citizens who’ve had enough, unite! Together we will be unstoppable.  Support anti-war, anti-FED candidates in 2016. Ignore the propaganda machine. The revolution is now.


“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

- Gen. Smedley D. Butler.

“Violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones. Violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding: it seeks to annihilate rather than convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends up defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. You cannot subjugate a nation forcibly unless you wipe out every man, woman, and child. Unless you wish to use such drastic measures, you must find a way of settling your disputes without resort to arms.”

-Albert Einstein

“War is organized murder and nothing else.”

-Harry Patch (last surviving soldier of WW1)

Ron Paul: Just Bring Our Troops Home! (The Original) –

Why Peace-

War Is a Racket-

Defining Peace-

Vote your Conscience Not the Lessor of Two Evils-

Confronting 9/11 Truth 13 Years Later


I don’t believe any of the crack-pot theories about 9/11 and there are many. But people who blindly accept the official story, label others as “truthers,” or categorically dismiss anything related to the term “conspiracy theory” deserve their own labels: Trained Monkeys and Useful Idiots; more ignorant and irrational than any tinfoil hat wearing kook. They have no true understanding of how our government, media and educational system really work, how history has been distorted, or the power of propaganda.

The truth is that our entire system is under the control of fascist oligarchs, who regularly commit mass deception and mass murder, at home and around the world. Our government is not what you think; we live in a plutocracy, not a democracy.

This is too much for most people to accept because they’re either too lazy or too afraid to examine the facts that prove this, or they’ve been successfully brainwashed by the deliberate spread of crack-pot theories and disinformation. These are massive hurdles to get over, but as a truth activist I have spent a significant amount of time researching the issue, which is extremely important for many reasons, and I am happy to break it down for anyone who wants to learn the truth about this horrible event. I will provide some of the best references on the subject; nothing vague or superstitious about NWO, illuminati, fake planes, satanist cults, lizard people etc.

Sadly, I have little time to research and blog these days, but anyone who is too embarrassed by the stigma of the term -conspiracy- (a provably deliberate contrivance), but wants to ask questions and learn, is welcome to privately message me any time for info. You will see that there are just too many facts that cannot be ignored. An open invitation… Just remember -Conspiracy Theory- is a slogan created, so fascist pigs can continue making billions of dollars through structural genocide and economic slavery. It’s a term no different than “WMDs”, “Axis of Evil”, “Cut and Run”, “Mission Accomplished”, “Terrorist Mosque”, “Human Shields” and so on.

In a poll by CNN of over 50,000 Americans, 83% believed that the official story was a cover up. Raymond McGovern who served US presidents over 27 year as a CIA analyst and operations officer has openly stated that the event was an inside job, and there are many other examples. Interest in the subject is not limited to conspiratorial whack jobs.

Here is the truth about 9/11 in the most basic terms possible; the event was a joint operation between privateer factions within US, Israeli and british intelligence agencies, just like Iran Contra. It was orchestrated by the same fascist cabal to instigate an indefinite war in the middle east and further their geopolitical interests.

On this 13th anniversary my heart goes out to the families of the victims, over a million others who were slaughtered as a result, those who continuing spilling their blood to this day.


Ry Dawson brings Sanity and Logic to the 9/11 discussion:

George Carlin on how conspiracy has been turned into a dirty word:

Documentation of word Conspiracy Theory being invented:

JFK’s speech about Secret Societies:

Dwight Eisenhower’s warning about the MIC:

Ron Paul’s challenges Governement Secrecy and the “Truther” Label“truther”-label.aspx

Ron Paul reveals his 9/11 theory:

Ben Swann – Americans are re-thinking 9/11:

6 Reasons to Question and Investigate 9/11 on the 13th Anniversary:

9/11 basics ignored by other so-called “Truthers”:

Fake Skeptics and the “Conspiracy Theorist” Slur:

Ry Dawson’s “War by Deception”:

“War by Deception” – extended version

Some thoughts on this so-called day of “independence”…


The military industrial complex is run by US, Israeli and British intelligence agencies. Operating together covertly for decades, the CIA, Mossad and MI6 have been under the control of central bankers, who should be thought of the world’s most powerful cartel or mafia. The profiteering families who own these banking institutions (Chase, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Lehman bros etc) can be thought of as kings or emperors. I look at them as genocidal dictators, disguised and hidden behind their puppet superpower governments, responsible for the murder of over 6 million people since waging war on the third world over resources;

The takeover began when these families and their associates figured out a structure that would allow them to externally control the value of nation’s currencies, putting the nations at their mercy, and leading themselves into a path of global dominance. The revolutionary war was actually a currency war against these imperialist forces, ( and it wasn’t actually won. We aren’t really free today. These “kings” stayed in control behind the curtains, by changing the structure and method, holding onto their power through force of military, covert operations, assassinations, coups and false flag terrorism.

Slavery never actually ended. The oligarchs just figured out a smarter and more lucrative way to enslave the masses and commit genocide as they expand their empire; disguising it so that it becomes a voluntary process. They turned cancer and death into a multi-trillion dollar industry, along with prison incarceration and wars of aggression; they knowingly continue to poison our air, food and water, over vaccinate and hook us on harmful medications and treatments, while criminalizing marijuana, raw milk, effective nutritional therapies and alternative medicine, even the collection of rainwater on your own property.

Today’s medical, financial and government institutions are structured in such a way that the oppression and mass destruction is self-perpetuating. It’s not that these institutions are filled with people secretly plotting to harm you, or that employees have any awareness of the evil they support. It’s a reward system; doctors practice medicine a certain way that ultimately serves big pharma and insurance companies, putting the interests of corporations ahead of yours. In turn they are guaranteed middle to high income salaries. Try to serve the people and use alternative methods that aren’t owned by these interests, and you will be punished or caged by government thugs. Treating problems is profitable, where as resolving or curing them would put greedy sociopaths out of business.

That’s not to say there aren’t many great doctors trying to do good within the broken system, or doing their best to help change it for the better. It’s the same with puppet politicians and media schills; they can try to do good, or they can play the game, spreading deceptive propaganda for these murderous dictators, and get rewarded with giant mansions and armed security. In this case if they rise to the top by playing the game unwittingly, then realize the truth and try to act up, their careers and lives will be destroyed, families threatened, or they’ll be murdered like Michael Hastings and many others. Mainstream politicians and journalists can’t help even if they want to. For most, playing ball and serving the man is simply a matter of survival.

Cancer, death, war, incarceration and mass poverty are in fact tremendously profitable for the rulers; it’s the reason we haven’t evolved passed human operated vehicles that would prevent all car accidents, and vertical agriculture that could literally feed every single person on earth in abundance. That’s right, we’re hundreds of years behind where we should be technologically, medically, socially and spiritually, because of things like Planned Obsolescence, Fractional Reserve Lending, Keynesian Economics, suppression of science, information, new technology and clean energy… These are the mechanisms built into the design to keep the rest of us exactly where we are; poisoned and enslaved through a debt-based monetary system that is completely inefficient, structurally violent and ecologically unsustainable.

If we eliminated central banking (ending the Federal Reserve and with it the criminal IRS and CIA) and adopted Austrian Economics, we could fill our grocery carts with $20, gas tanks with around $10, receive all kinds of medical services for 20-50 bucks a pop, and ultimately evolve passed traditional money all together. We would move towards an entirely new social system that can actually allow everyone in society to prosper (a “steady state” or “resource-based economy”) and virtually eliminate all war and poverty for good. Yes it is possible.

Today’s society is controlled by institutions which, by default, serve the interests of the top 1% who alone have trillions of dollars. TRILLIONS.  Nothing is being earned, it’s being stolen, and it means the rest of the world must suffer from wide spread abject poverty and never-ending conflict. That WOULD NOT EXIST without central banking. What we have is not natural. It does not have to be this way. War is NOT a part of human nature contrary to what most are socially conditioned to believe. Here is a fantastic lecture to deconstruct this mindset called “Defining Peace”: I also recommend the books “Why Peace” and “War is a Racket” to anyone who still buys into the false justifications for war.

Sports culture and schools teach us that competition is natural and healthy so that we can rationalize war and monopolistic tyranny. We learn all about “survival of the fittest” and nothing about Darwin’s other lessons; that because humans don’t have the physical strength and speed of our primate relatives, we make up for it with our ability to think and cooperate with each other, and that’s how we should operate as a species.

They don’t teach about the successful social systems of cooperation and sharing developed by early civilizations such as the Iroquois, or how advanced they really were. They don’t teach about the many hundreds of years of prosperity that occurred under non-debt based monetary systems in England and Rome. They don’t talk about how our country once had a medical system that was the envy of the world and provided care even for those who couldn’t afford it. Our educational system was designed by the Rockefellers’ National Education Association (NEA) to indoctrinate children into supporting their war machine and corporatocracy; an outdated joke, there to serve the masters through mass social conditioning and brainwashing:,

What we have today is not a case of some doing better than others in a free open market. It’s 1% of the world’s population owning over 40% of the world’s wealth, and forcing the other 99% to divide the rest. This is 34,000 children dying every single day of preventable disease and poverty, and 50% of the world living on less than $2/day. This is not “normal” for humanity. It has  NOT always been this way. Humanity’s progress was hijacked, the most successful experiments derailed, and an enslaving power structure put in place just over 100 years ago (the Federal Reserve Act of 1913). The social system we have today is the result.

This is corruption, theft and tyranny of the highest form, even when it’s made “legal” through bribery, even when it’s normalized by our culture and media; it’s a different model of fascism with global ambitions – a plutocracy, that’s actually held up by widespread war and poverty, not designed to ever improve or change for the betterment of society, but rather go through the cycles we’ve seen throughout history; boom and bust, boom and bust… Every time the bubble predictively pops, the poor and middle class get wiped out, and their money is fraudulently funneled back up to the top. The system does not work without the bust, so it will never actually change. IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO.

When thousands of people lose their homes and businesses, the banking institutions can buy up all of the assets for pennies on the dollar, and push people further into debt; a healthy incentive to ruin our economy over and over again. Those who are directly impacted and try to fight back can simply be locked away indefinitely without trial, get tortured or even killed by our militarized law enforcers; something to keep in mind while celebrating our “freedom.” Those of us who aren’t directly affected have no idea what would be possible under a different, democratized model because the truth has been hidden from us, and we’re given enough perks to remain content in our little bubbles. That’s our reward for living under the rule of the oppressor and not causing too much trouble.

War and poverty have a very simple but powerful root cause; and the first step towards ending them, so humanity can evolve to reach its full potential, are enough people recognizing this root problem for what it is, and re-evaluating pretty much everything we’ve been taught, or think we understand. There needs to be a global shift in consciousness and human awareness. We need to realize that nothing separates us. All humans share a symbiotic relationship; we’re part of a single living organism, sharing the exact same needs, and those who are being butchered every day are very much a part of us, spiritually and physically. They are family. They are us.

Thankfully there are signs that a critical mass is finally waking up, but that also presents a certain danger. Today the fascist plutocrats who control our government behind the curtains want to build pipelines through the Middle East, so they can literally rule and enslave the world by controlling its most valuable resources. And while I don’t believe the majority of conspiracy theories about 9/11, I think the official story is among the dumbest of all. Anyone can see it if they take enough time to research it; 9/11 was a black ops false flag operation executed to gain public support for an invasion and indefinite war in the middle east, against an enemy that doesn’t exist.

Let me go on record saying that I am not afraid or ashamed to admit that I believe 9/11 was orchestrated by these groups; a joint operation between US, British and Israeli intelligence operatives, financed by their profiteering business partners, and I believe that this has been proven. PNAC (Project for the New American Century – a neoconservative/zionist think tank with members in the highest levels of media and government, founded by Dick Cheney) was the organization that benefited most from the attacks and our invasions that followed (, and have been caught lying on record and making incriminating statements. 5 Israeli spies were arrested after some of them were witnessed filming and celebrating the attacks as they occurred, showing clear prior knowledge. Two of them were caught on the George Washington bridge in a van packed full of C4 explosives.

This was reported across the media. The coverage wasn’t available to the public until years after the attacks and the invasion of Iraq, but you can now find all of the footage of the reports online (, along with police reports detailing the positive identifications, the polygraphs all of them failed, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, conflicting stories, tickets to flee the country, highlighted maps of NY, NJ along with building and bridge plans. Then the spies were suddenly taken out of custody by the CIA and flown out of the country (like they always are when they get caught). The numerous stories about the arrests and van packed with explosives were then redacted from the news organizations and never acknowledged again.

To this day nobody can explain why building 7 collapsed at free fall speed into its own foot print without being struck by a plane (an obvious controlled demolition and likely the intended target of flight 93), or why both CNN and the BBC reported building 7’s collapse a full 20 min before it happened; but it’s because they have to report what the pentagon tells them, and the are on record accidentally jumping the script, when you can see the building still standing behind them through a live feed ( It’s also a fact that the elevator and sprinkler system repair companies working at the twin towers just before the attack were confirmed to be fronts for the Mossad, and witnesses were murdered following the arrests.

These are just a few of the facts that convinced me; barely the tip of the iceberg… I do not believe in a missile hitting the pentagon, passengers faking their deaths or any of the other nonsense and disinformation that can be disproven. The reason this is important is because there will be more 9/11-style attacks to initiate further military expansion and escalation, once they’ve run out of reasons and the public finally turns back against them. That’s the entire purpose of false flag terrorism, to instill an undying fear in the public so they give up their freedoms and support military actions to serve their geopolitical agendas. We can expect more false flag attacks at home and around the world, as long as the majority of people don’t understand or accept this reality.

Think your government would never intentionally harm you? You’re right. Most of the public faces in your government are normal people; some good, some bad, but certainly not trying to hurt, kill or profit from anyone’s death. But those people are not actually your government. The shadow government agencies are in control, and those organizations are owned by the world’s most powerful mafia dictators, who seek to decide the course of humanity and remain in control. From Gulf of Tonkin to Iran Contra, these criminals have staged countless events that killed tens of thousands of Americans, and used the mainstream media to cover up their crimes (as they did for years with Iran Contra). The puppet masters do not care. They do what they want. They are not regular people with a conscience like you an me. They’re psychopaths.

But their power and authority via government institutions is actually an illusion. They are outnumbered 99-1 and they’re weapons are meaningless. It’s only society’s religious faith in government authority (statism) that keeps them in power. All it will take is another age of enlightenment to break the chains, and people all over the world are finally waking up to what’s going on. A global intellectual revolution is underway with unprecedented volume and understanding (, thanks to the internet; our most important and powerful weapon, which they are also trying to take over and control.

Today, while we still have free information, I’d like to share some book, video and film recommendations (below) to anyone who wants to help society shift gears, and once again move in the direction of liberty, prosperity and peace. You can begin taking a stand today, by vowing to never again vote for the “lesser of two evils,” and only supporting figures like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, and others who follow their revolutionary principles and logic; candidates who will BRING ALL OUR TROOPS HOME NOW and AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

I use to be a lesser of two evils voter too. Don’t be fooled again. A vote for Hillary, is just as much a vote for the military industrial complex as it would be for another Bush. Whoever the TV tells you “can win” is an owned puppet of the world’s most destructive force. The revolution is now.

Happy 4th of July


MUST READ BOOKS (all can be found for free online or ordered very cheap)

Why Peace (

War is a Racket (

Confessions of an Economic Hitman (

End the Fed (

Black Water (

Classified Woman (

A People’s History of the United States (

Welcome to the USSA: Stop Killing People (

The Separation of Business and State (



Defining Peace Lecture (

Mind blowing lecture; Where are we going? (

Message to the Voting Cattle (

Vote your Conscience (

What Democracy?  (

9/11 in 14 min (

Debunking the Debunkers (,

Best of George Carlin- political (

Every Video on this channel (

Gods of the 21st Century (

Statism; the most powerful religion (



The Money Masters films (, )

The Zeitgeist films (

American Radical (

War by Deception (best 9/11 info –

Decades of Deception (


Van Damme This War


Important Videos to Watch, Share and Research


I hate posting dramatic messages and sounding like an alarmist. I realize it’s a turnoff. But this isn’t about fear mongering. Everyone has to know about this situation and what they can do about it, because we’ve officially run out of time.

The US is preparing for a full-out war in Syria and the media are tying to hide it. That means the beginning of World War III. After Syria comes Iran. China and Russia are siding with them and have promised retaliation, but we’re proceeding anyway.

Everything I post relates to this end game; America being dragged into WW3, and becoming a violent full-blown dictatorship. This is not a political belief or a paranoid fantasy.  It is happening NOW and it is the reason I never shut up.

I think we can all agree by now that fascism, imperialism, government collapses, conspiracies and world wars are in fact real things that occur. Let’s accept this like adults and move on because it IS possible to change it. The solutions exist and we outnumber “them” 99-1.

I hope to god we never see an armed revolution or WW3. There is no coming back from that. I want this to end with a mass awakening and mass civil disobedience. The only way that can happen is if everyone becomes well informed TODAY.

I urge everyone to stop voting (or write-in candidates without Wall St. affiliations). Boycott the US government, state run media and their corporate controllers as much as possible until they end the FED and bring ALL our troops home.

NO MORE MILITARISM PERIOD. Demand it. It’s not needed. Non-aggressive nations have NOTHING TO FEAR.

Please watch and share the following videos

Future of US and World War 3 from Storm Clouds Gathering (shorter videos)

Money Masters 1&2 (hands down the most informative docs ever created about our fake monetary system)

Zeitgeist 1 & 2

NOTE: If you’re a person of faith, please do not be deterred by Zeitgeist 1’s deconstruction of religion, as it is meant to illustrate the poisonous relationship between religious institutions, and the corporate, government, military and financial institutions that control the world. There is plenty of room for people of faith and faith-based organizations in this movement and others that fight for truth, justice and world peace.

“Defining Peace” and “Where Are We Going?”

American Radical

War By Deception , More than Taboo and Decades of Deception

Favorite Dawson Rants

Larken Rose

-for more recommendations see my post “FAVORITE VIDEOS AND DOCUMENTARIES” along with “24 Reasons for Liberals to Write In Ron Paul”

The Notion of “Conspiracy”


I AM NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORIST. I do not “study conspiracy theories.” I sometimes study history and world events. If you study history, the only difference between us is that my sources of information weren’t given to me by weapons manufactures, banking cartels, pharmaceutical corporations and other lying, mass murdering institutions who control your government, and much of the information throughout our culture.

Conspiracy theorists look for connections within events as a hobby, or they’re superstitious idiots who get used to undermine real TRUTH ACTIVISM, and help billionaires get away with mass murder in broad daylight. The next person who calls me a “conspiracy theorist” gets a head-butt. hahaha just kidding. A few of us in society still believe in non-aggression.

But seriously, people like me have NO interest in conspiracy as a concept. I find it boring as hell, and annoying when it’s a bunch of idiots parroting some crazy bullshit they saw online without any investigation. But addressing the many factual criminal conspiracies within our corporatocracy is about activism.

You can’t be anti-war without accepting in the notion of conspiracy, like a rational person who can think for him/herself, because all war is based on lies organized mass deception. All wars are about business, and they are never about protection or humanitarianism. Ever…

Decades of covert operations, assassinations, coups and false flag terror attacks, which involved multiple nations, billions of dollars, media cover-ups, and millions of deaths… These are not theories. These are proven documented events that happened throughout history, all there for you to examine, but hidden from us in our schools and state-run media.

To everyone who likes to throw “the other C word” around, without ever discussing specifics, let me ask you a question: Are there actual conspiracy theories you take issue with, or is it just the term -conspiracy theory- that you’re so against?

Do you realize how manipulated you are if your brain shuts off to an idea the minute you think those words? Those who categorically reject all conspiracies based on a SLOGAN that was MARKETED TO THEM, are intellectually challenged, and that’s being VERY generous. Other popular slogans have included WMDs, Access of Evil, Mission Accomplished, Cut and Run and so on (read “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays).

Is the argument that there are no real conspiracies? I guess the Iran Contra Affair, Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Bay of Pigs, Tuskegee Experiment and Operation Northwoods are just provable figments of my imagination. I guess Dwight Eisenhower and JFK were just a couple of kooks:

Listen to those paranoid lunatics talking about “monolithic conspiracies”, “secret societies” and “threats to our liberty,” pfffffffff! What a couple of crack pots! Conspiracy is just one of those crimes in law books for no reason, right? There really haven’t been vast conspiracies and media cover-ups that led to thousands of deaths, or top ranking government officials being convicted of CONSPIRACY (–Contra_affair#Indictments).

That’s just paranoid… And Bin Laden was the only person with something to gain from 9/11, so just shut up and accept every part of that official story too. No reason to question a word of it, or wonder if anyone else was involved.

PLEASE watch AT LEAST the first 10 minutes of professor/journalist/activist Ry Dawson’s video presentation. Ignore the Loose Change and Alex Jones disinformation camp:

NOTE: I Should clarify that I don’t have a problem with people who research conspiracy theories as a hobby. Just those who don’t know how to do research and carelessly promote disinformation about real events… Not tryin to be a hater;) I do like UFO documentaries as form of entertainment.

Mitt Romney… Really?

Well, the election is just days away and I am BAFFLED at how many independents have decided to support Mitt Romney. To those who are doing so because they believe he somehow represents free markets or capitalism more so than the president, I say mark my words: Mitt Romney is no more capitalist, and no less socialist than Barack Obama. I’ll say it again. ROMENY IS NO MORE CAPITALIST AND NO LESS SOCIALIST THAN OBAMA. He is a classic big government, neoconservative, Rockefeller republican, even if he claims not to be. Remember, George W. Bush ran on a small government, non-interventionist platform and he turned out to be fascist scum.  American’s should have known better then, and we certainly ought to know better today.

Mitt Romney is a man with offshore accounts, who makes more money in one hour than you and I will make in  1-2 years. He gets to pay 13% in taxes while the rest of us are stuck paying up to a third of our incomes, and won’t release any his prior tax returns, which would reveal all of his tax dodging activities in the Caribbean. He distanced himself from Bush during the campaign, with good reason (really, how bad was it if our own republican presidents and VPs aren’t even invited to the Republican National Convention one cycle ahead?), but he is a part of the same club, and he STOLE the primary election from Ron Paul, one of the only real conservatives left.

Here is a video of the good doctor explaining the explaining what neoconservative republicans like Mitt Romney really are, and another that documents this establishment in the act of ROBBING HIM OF THE NOMINATION:

Ron Paul on Neoconservatives:

RNC destroying democracy – 

By the way, Romney’s family is also part owner of the company which builds our voting machines, but that’s paranoid, right? Look into it and decide for your self -

While I don’t believe in punishing those who become wealthy through legitimate means,  people like Mitt Romney are the scum of the earth. Yes, free loaders exist in our culture and our system both encourages and perpetuates it. But do you know how cartoonish your imagination has to be to believe that they make up 47% of the country, or that 40+ million people are uninsured and 20 million unemployed because they’re lazy, or that mass poverty comes from those who are living in it? He has  also stated that as commander and chief he would consult his lawyers to reach his BUSINESS decisions regarding war. He has NO interest in bringing our sons and daughters home from any of our privatized wars. But what more could we expect from a regular Bilderberg Conference attendee? –

Yes, foreign dictators are scum too, but Mitt won’t hesitate to get in bed with them, just like every Neocon before him has. Figures like Saddam Hussein always start out as our friend and we help them into power, usually because there’s an alternative figure who wants to give the country’s oil and resources to its own citizens without letting other countries interfere. Once we help overthrow and/or assassinate that person, we give our new friends weapons to maintain their power in exchange for cooperation, until they become too power hungry and we have to bomb and reoccupy the region to maintain OUR control –

Thank you Ron Paul for not even flirting with the idea of an endorsement, and damn you Rand for encouraging the lesser of two evils mentality among independents. Mitt Romney does not represent free markets or capitalism, and why is it that people can accept socialism for the rich, when socialism for poor is supposed to be the most vile thing on the planet? We’ve seen how much Romney despises THAT kind of socialism (,, but what about the transfer of wealth from the poor to the rich? Why doesn’t that bother the free market fundamentalists? Aren’t these the  same people who told me that socialism is socialism? What kind of socialism could possibly be worse? Canadian style healthcare? If we didn’t have socialism for the rich, we wouldn’t need socialism for the poor. One way or another you are voting for both-


If Romney wins, people like me will be blamed. They’ll say, “See? You should have voted for Obama. Now we’re stuck in these wars indefinitely.” But if Obama wins those in power will still find some justification to keep us at war indefinitely WITH PUBLIC SUPPORT, even if that means conducting false flag terrorism at home or abroad. Of course we’ll have no way to prove this and the so-called anti-war movement will rise out of its slumber and begin protesting once again, because now it will be happening under a republican instead of a democrat. What an effective manipulation tool this corporate-owned two-party system has provided the machine…

If you’re a progressive, please check out my essay: 24 Reasons for Liberals to Write In Ron Paul or Refuse To Vote In 2012. If you’re a conservative please get a grip and don’t even CONSIDER voting for anyone other than Ron Paul, or someone like him. If you want ANY HOPE for the word republican to have some credibility behind it again, take this opportunity to let the republican establishment self destruct, and resurrect itself with the grass-roots intellectual freedom and liberty supporters. Modern conservatism is too far got to fix from within and the same can be said about modern day liberalism as well.

I leave you with some videos of Ron Paul intellectually pummeling Mitt Romney. Happy voting!

Paul destroying Romney:

Body slamming Mitt:

Romney Turns His Back on Dying Patient:

Paul vs Establishment:

For Freedom (Ron Paul documentary):

P.S. Here is some important recent information copied from Ron Paul’s Site: 

-Why Romney Doesn’t Need the Liberty Movement

Mitt Romney’s political career is a testament to the fact that he would say and do anything to get elected. If he believed that gaining some of the votes of the 5+ million Ron Paul supporters in this country would have been worth the effort of reaching out to Ron Paul and the liberty movement, Romney would not have hesitated to have done so.

But hesitate he did. And not just that… he went on to viciously and repeatedly spit in the collective faces of Ron Paul and his supporters.

Does Romney believe that the morally bankrupt rallying cry “But we have to defeat Obama!” will be sufficient for the liberty movement to hold its nose and vote for Mitt?

Romney is an intelligent and calculating man, so he must know that this will work only with a small percentage of the movement.

This leaves only one possible conclusion:

Romney already knows that he is going to win, and that he can do so without the liberty movement’s support.

Rand Paul basically said the same thing just a couple of days ago: My prediction, and of course I could be wrong, but my prediction is that this is going to be 1980. This is going to be an election that was projected to be very close, we have all these battleground states, but in the end Romney is going to pull away and he’s going to win by a bigger percentage than anyone predicts, because I think the polling is modeling on 2008 and not really factoring in an enormous wave of Election 2010, and I think that we’re still headed in that same direction.”

If Rand’s assessment is correct and if Romney has victory in the bag, then there is no reason for Ron Paul supporters to vote for Romney just to get Obama out of office.

More than 20,000 Ron Paul supporters have already pledged to cast a principled vote for Ron Paul even in the face of electoral defeat. That’s commendable and wonderful. Others are supporting Gary Johnson to help strengthen the largest third party. A few will still be voting for Romney because they hate Obama or believe that Romney is the lesser of two evils. And some Ron Paul supporters are even strategically rooting for Obama, saying that the inevitable backlash against a second term would lay the groundwork for a Ron Paul comeback in 2016.

-Ron Paul is an official write in candidate in several states, but that’s entirely due to his supporters’ efforts. Ron Paul did not discourage these efforts but he stated very clearly that he is not actively participating.

Ron Paul: “I get a lot of questions on that, a lot of phone calls and emails, and people sometimes want me to sign something, to fully endorse it as a legal matter. But I haven’t signed anything, so I neither encourage it nor discourage it, because of the frustration, because in some places they won’t count the votes. But if people feel totally exasperated and still want the satisfaction of doing something, there shouldn’t be anything wrong with it. But I don’t ever want to lead people to deception like, “Oh yea, if we have this write in campaign and all of a sudden major things will happen”. And that’s not true. If there is a write in campaign, those individuals that are doing it, the most important thing is to hold their feet to the fire and make them count them. But they don’t [count them]. Politics is not always a very clean business. That’s why it’s a lot easier to deal with philosophy than it is with politics. Politics is a tool but it’s not necessarily an end. The end is changing the philosophy. So if these campaigns one way or the other can get attention to serve the issues then I think it’s worthwhile.”

-Ron Paul has not endorsed anyone and he did not reveal who he will be voting for, or if he is going to be voting at all.

Ron Paul: “I haven’t decided yet, at least I have decided not to announce it, so I’m going to sort of sit tight for a little bit longer. […] I haven’t announced support for Romney, that means it’s very unlikely, and I don’t think anybody thinks I’m going to vote for Obama. It’s back to that frustration level of not seeing a dramatic choice in the way the system works.”

-Ron Paul said a few nice words about Libertarian candidate Gary Johnson, but they do not amount to an endorsement.

Ron Paul: I think [Gary Johnson] is wonderful and I think he’s doing a good job, and people should look at him, and every individual should make up their own mind.

-Ron Paul recently stated that Romney might be better on taxes and Obama might be better on foreign policy. But none of that can be construed as an endorsement.

Ron Paul: Would Romney be better for America than Obama? I think not necessarily, no. (Applause) Is that a gentle no? (Laughter) And the reason I say a little bit is, maybe in some areas he might be a little better, and maybe in other areas Obama might be a little bit better. The odds of us expanding war and getting in more trouble is worse with Romney. When it comes to maybe hitting you with a higher tax, you’re a little bit better off with Romney.


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