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#18 Ron Paul is the best for Equal Rights

September 16, 2012

In his 60 Minutes interview, Ron Paul states, without hesitation, that gays should be allowed to marry (years before Obama did), and he’s also been known to make fun of his republican opponents for being anti-gay (as well as anti-muslim) when talking to people like Jay Leno. My favorite instance of Paul expressing his views on this was when he was being interviewed by some piece of sh*t from the religious right who thought we should ban gays in the military and said God wouldn’t bless a battalion of unrepentant homosexuals in war.

Paul immediately responded that “we’re all God’s children, so I have trouble with that,” also making it clear that he disagreed with his frame of mind from a medical stand point. He didn’t stop there. He went on to point out that there is no such thing as a -gay problem-, explaining that if you want to punish immoral behavior in places like the military, you also have to punish and ban anyone who abuses their family, abuses drugs etc. You can’t cherry pick homosexuality because you consider it abhorrent behavior and treat it differently from everything else.

How is it possible that this guy’s a republican? I’ve never heard a conservative go as far as illustrating the sheer stupidity and hypocrisy behind the double standards in homophobia.

Now, it is possible that Ron Paul’s personal view is that marriage should only happen between a man and a woman (although I’ve never heard him say that), but as a libertarian he is extremely adamant about the fact that the constitution doesn’t allow him to impose his personal or religious views on anyone else – and that is ALL “marriage protection” is. Paul wants the government to stay out of marriage all together because it’s a religious institution, and we’re supposed to have a separation of church and state.

What business does the federal government have interfering with a religious institution anyway? The churches should be allowed to set their own rules about what they’ll acknowledge as they continue to evolve as attendance dictates. As more churches begin to open up and recognize same sex unions, more states will adopt policies that support marriage equality. People will continue to evolve as well, as progress occurs and they can see visible proof that there is nothing to hate or fear about marriage equality. I believe marriage equality is inevitable at this point, but I also believe that federal mandates, whether they are for or against it, will only slow the process by creating a defensive reaction. I like Paul’s idea of getting the federal government out of it completely. I also like that he would never allow a federal ban on same sex marriage, which is what most well-known republicans want, and he was AGAINST Don’t Ask Don’t Tell.

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