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#11 ALL OF THE MAINSTREAM MEDIA LIE – Yes, even the ones you like…

September 16, 2012

All of the mainstream News Organizations (including the 5 major networks), liberal and conservative, are owned by the central bank. They serve the same fundamental interests, MARKETING THEMSELVES as “Left” or “Right”, while DEFINING LEFT and RIGHT, treating us as consumers, just like they do with everything else. Then THEY decide who the presidential candidates will be, as the largest corporations and financial institutions get behind them, and THOSE candidates receive all of the media attention, shaping the public perception of who is “electable.”

The entire system is rigged by the establishment. No, it’s not a conspiracy that every anchor and media representative is a part of, but we know goddamn well that every single one of those puppets is controlled, and it wouldn’t be on their interests to risk their giant salaries, commit career suicide or worse. Most of us are PERFECTLY aware of this, even while continuing to participate as if we have some real choice or say in the matter.  The people in power do what they want and the president has no legal obligation to fulfill a single promise. We’re just supposed to trust them because their smarter.

That’s the real message behind all of these networks which owned and operated by the Central Bank which profits from our fraudulent systems and illegal wars. How much more clear of a connection do you need to see that ANYONE who publicly speaks out against the Federal Reserve or the monetary system, with any amount of reach, will be character assassinated by every major network. You will NEVER hear any real discussions about The FED on monetary policy on Prime Time, which is pretty revealing since there is NO issue more important or directly related to your pathetic life (just kidding). Time to wake up.

You should not take anything you hear from corporate news organizations seriously, but I’m not just saying that to sound aggressive and angry. For years I was an MSNBC and NPR junky. There was little I enjoyed more than watching Keith Olbermann make fun of Bush, and it seemed like there was no way they weren’t superior to right-wing news when it came to the truth. But as I began to follow independent/alternative news media (that is -not owned or controlled by institutions tied to the central bank), I became gradually less interested in their programming, and then increasingly annoyed until I could no longer stomach them.

I remember my last straw with mainstream news (and the Obama administration). The hottest thing in the news was the budget deal between President Obama and House Republicans led by John Boehner. They were calling it “The Big Showdown” (Yeah… The big showdown that MEANS NOTHING TO ANY PERSON.), while at the same time the U.S. was preparing to invade Libya, and NOBODY I TALKED TO KNEW EVEN ABOUT IT!! To make things worse, we had just done another George W. Bush style SURGE in Afghanistan (which also didn’t seem to piss anybody off -boggling my mind) and military spending was taken COMPLETELY off the table in the negotiations for this so-called “Budget Deal.” So at the end of the day all we had was weeks of posturing from the Obama administration and house republicans, WHILE ALL THIS OTHER SHIT WAS GOING DOWN.

It served as nothing more than an arbitrary distraction, but it was SOLD to the public as Obama and Boehner reaching a “compromise” just in the nick of time to avoid a “government shut down,” (give me a break) allowing both sides to claim victory and argue that the other interfered. This is how political discourse becomes abstract and meaningless, and I recall how frustrated I finally became, having to go digging for actual news and current events that mattered to me, and would matter to the rest of us if the mainstream media wasn’t corrupt and did its job.

What you have to realize is that Ron Paul is an honest threat to the world’s most powerful interests, which the mainstream media serves to protect at virtually any cost. I know what you’re going to ask… “If he’s such a threat why don’t they just kill him?” Because that would be way too obvious, thanks the most powerful weapon we has at our disposal: the internet. Paul’s message caught like wildfire and spread too quickly. Nobody else in politics has ever accomplished this before, and trying to kill him would make an instant martyr at a time when social unrest is already getting out of control. It’s just not worth the risk. The only real option in character assassination.

Most of the information on TV news is designed to market, frighten, mislead, market distract, distort and market… Did I mention marketing? Most of the “news” is inconsequential and really only exists today for advertising and entertainment. Once you become aware off all of the real events happening in our country and around the world, which are both terrifying and fascinating, it’s impossible to go back to CNN, without being distractingly aware of the circus show that it is, and becoming too bored and irritated within a few short minutes to continue.

The Media’s self-preserving efforts to manipulate public perception have never been more hilariously transparent than with the character assassination of Ron Paul, and nobody did a better job of illustrating this point than Jon Stewart, who has always respected and taken a special interest in Paul because of his principles and integrity. Paul has also verbally praised Stewart on numerous occasions for his honesty and saying that he respects him.

Here are two clips where Stewart analyzes the Media’s treatment of Paul:,

Here are a couple others that include additional points of view on this glaring example of media bias, and what it means:


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