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#13 Barack Obama is not your ex boyfriend! GET OVER IT!

September 16, 2012

So what if he’s not who we thought he was?  There are two types of reactions I generally get when I talk to other liberals about Ron Paul. Some are open minded. They say “wow, that’s pretty interesting. I never thought of it that way. I’m not sure about it, but send me some links and I’ll check out his stuff.” More often than not, these folks become very enthusiastic followers, if not fully decided supporters.

Then there are the partisan liberals who can’t get past the fact that Ron Paul is running on the republican ticket. Here is where the manipulation becomes glaringly obvious and people demonstrate a religious devotion to this limited, controlled, false-duality mindset: if you’re not one thing you must be the other thing, because there are no other options. No matter what information I share with people like this, they will find some way to dismiss or rebuke the point. To their credit they will research my points, but only to cherry pick facts and adjust the context of what I’m trying to present, because A) they are emotionally attached to Obama, and B) they feel like they are losing some kind of argument to the other side if they admit he’s a disappointment, let alone a failure.

It comes back to pride. They don’t want to admit that they were fooled, but that is NOT the same as being wrong, and it sure as Hell doesn’t mean that McCain supporters where right about something. Give me a break! Ron Paul, Ralph Nader and Denis Kucinich were right though. They were the ones who warned us that we would just be getting more of the same. But no matter how I present this, there is nothing you can say to changes some people’s minds because they’ve decided ahead of time to disagree with every point.

Their argument against what I’m saying now would be that I’m not going to let them change my mind either, but this is entirely false. I’d love to be wrong about Obama, the FED, 9/11 and other subjects, and welcome any information that could change my mind. I was also a huge and very vocal Obama supporter when he was elected, and I stupidly sent him lots of my hard earned money. Even after I knew that I was a Ron Paul fan, it took a long time to convince me to focus my energy on his messages instead and become a full supporter. It was a gradual process, and I remember one of the turning points.

I was working as movie extra and met a very nice young “conservative” couple who were free market capitalists and avid Ron Paul supporters, which gave us something to chat about while we sat in the holding room for hours. It was a wonderful discussion. They were incredibly friendly and down to earth and as we got into the issues I realized that while we were coming from different philosophical backgrounds, we shared all of the same values. We talked about giant corporations using the government to ruin our food and stomp out anything natural, organic and non-toxic, along with alternative medicine. We also talked about medical marijuana, pollution, and how our monetary system is wiping up the middle class, dumping all of the expenses on the poor, and funneling all of the wealth back to the super rich… Wait a second… Who the heck was I talking to? These were NOT “republicans.” I was talking to a couple of damn hippies! Sure had me fooled with their clean cut looks and sparkling white teeth…

It became clear after conversations like those that the value system of the Ron Paul “Love Revolution” fell the right in line with my core values as a progressive, even in areas where I wouldn’t expect. The only difference is probably that I’d be happy to try a social democracy, assuming we can fix our foreign policy and our monetary system, but I’d also be open to any other model that would offer the same results -befits to the poor along with benefits the environment, and conditions that advance social progress. I began to realize that the specific ideas and proposals behind his movement were worth a close look and I began paying closer attention to alternative news and information sources.

Eventually it just became clear that because of issues like the FED, mainstream politicians are powerless, regardless of which party they belong to. They serve as puppets to the big banks and Wall Street. Nothing was actually changing, other than the language in a highly manipulated and contrived national discussion. The only leaders who wouldn’t become this way were the candidates who never accepted money from any of these institutions or made deals that compromised their values. These were the fridge candidates (the Pauls and Naders), ironically made to look crazy and radical by the establishment, when they are the true revolutionary leaders and philosophers of our time. The rest are something in between an actor and a salesperson. Nothing more.

It’s time to accept this, re-think the way re approach our lives, and MOVE FORWARD. I know it’s as hard as getting over an ex, but it’s as necessary as getting over yourself to reach the acceptance stage. Seriously, how many more people have to die before you snap out of this childish bitter amount of denial, and see that things are exactly the way they were under Bush? This is not healthy.  Obama is a Wall Street Democrat. Normally I’d say that just makes him a moderate republican, to put it in perspective, but his militaristic qualities make him a fascist neocon. If he’s a good person being forced into these measures at gun point, then it is even more important to let go and reject the entire system for good.


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