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#14 Ron Paul is not anti-immigration and he is NOT an isolationist!

September 16, 2012

Accusing people like Ron Paul of isolationism because of his non-interventionist philosophies is probably the most desperate act of public war mongering I’ve ever seen. It’s exactly the same as when people were arguing that we had to invade Iraq because Saddam was slaughtering his people. We couldn’t just let that happen, right? Those of us who were well informed, knew then that we allow genocide to happen ALL THE TIME in places like Africa and the middle east, and our invasions have zilch to do with our humanitarian objectives, despite the honorable intentions of many troops. Our government just uses that excuse when the powers that be want our military to occupy a region of oil, which always leads to increased sectarian violence and terrorism. The united states is not in the business of stopping genocide. We are in the business of entangling alliances for our own geopolitical gain. That’s the reason he’s a non-interventionist, and even more, a true pacifist. Not an isolationist…

Isolationists don’t want to allow immigration, travel or trade between countries. Ron Paul wants to trade with countries like CUBA, one of our enemies, “become friends” and allow travel and immigration. Does this sound like someone who wants isolation?

Ron Paul has been painted as a stereotypical anti-immigration southerner because he wants to fix the MESS of illegal immigration which has been going on for decades. But almost every time I’ve heard him discuss the issue, he’s made it very clear that this is not about rounding up thousands of people with expired Visas (or building some stupid fence), and we couldn’t do that even if we wanted to. Those who are committing other crimes should obviously go, but any who have just been trying to make a living should be able to get a worker’s permit, and earn the right to become a citizen.

This is another point that he stresses regarding the issue: he wants us to have a “MORE GENEROUS IMMIGRATION POLICY,” as he stated in a 20/20 interview. The problem with illegal immigration is that it creates incentives to under pay people, and then we’re forced to compete with people who will essentially work for pennies. If the legality issue can be resolved, everyone gets equal pay and that incentive disappears. I know the words “stopping illegal immigration” sound aggressive and right wing, but this helps IMMIGRANTS, and it is about protecting their rights too. Stopping illegal immigration would allow the more generous immigration policy and make it easier to become a citizen. He is also consistently adamant that our drug war is a major contributor to the conditions in Mexico, which make people desperate enough to get here by any means necessary.

I wish his website did a better job of illustrating these points on immigration. Unfortunately it only outlines the ending of illegal immigration, and that’s thrown people off a little, attracting some of the more hateful ignorant types. But if you listen to him speak at length about immigration you will hear an entirely different tone, and he knows that we have plenty of room in our country for anyone who wants to immigrate here legally from anywhere in the world, just as most of our ancestors did. Don’t let anyone try to tell you this man is a biggot, because he is the farthest thing from it.


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