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September 16, 2012

Ron Paul wants to do away with the department of education, and of course everyone’s been encouraged to think he doesn’t believe poor kids have a right to go to school, because to Hell with them, they’re poor. Obviously that idea’s nonsense. What he really wants to do is transition away from public education because it’s failed to deliver and all but destroyed education in America. If we just take a second to look around, it’s very obvious that education is at a crisis point, and this is the root of so many social problems.

Since the federal government took control of education we’ve seen the quality of education in this country decrease to point of making us an international embarrassment. Schools are filled with violence, crime and drug abuse. As the deterioration continues the cost rises, and students bear the brunt with increased class sizes, the removal of extra curriculars and so on. They’re also being improperly fed with processed food and the lies that are taught in our history and economics courses. Our public school system is a disaster and a crime that affects EVERYTHING IN OUR FUTURE. We should be SCRAMBLING to resolve this as a society, and rejecting the conventional approach is the first major stride we can take.

What Ron Paul wants to do about this is create other options for students who are stuck between an option that’s no good, and an option they can’t afford. In a method that is similar to the way he’d make healthcare universally available, state vouchers and subsidies would be given to those who want to start private schools of their own, which would compete with public schools and provide better options for regular people; not just rich people. It should be LEGAL for families to opt out of our criminally and disastrously ineffective public education system, and run schools independently how they see fit.

The schools could adopt their own policies and budgets, teach the truth about history and economics, only serve natural non-processed foods etc. States and private organizations can do a far better job of managing their systems independently to make these types of institutions possible. It’s the federal government has proven to ineffective and corrupt.

Alternative schools and home schools should be allowed as options, and nobody should be forced to participate in a failed system, OR be forced to pay for it. Let them buy into the alternative instead. Yes, this also means that ignorant folks must be allowed to teach their kids the Bible as science, but we have no control over that anyway, and we wouldn’t anyone else tell us how to raise our kids either. The best we can do is PROTECT LIBERTY as much as possible and make THAT the main priority of our government, because the freer society is, the faster progress can occur, and people can be allowed to make their own decisions in the grand scheme of things.

This is the lesson that Ron Paul is trying to teach: liberty is not just an empty term. It’s the answer to so many of our problems. Stuff like that is the whole point of freedom, and we’ve been brainwashed into forgetting this. We should allow freedom to do its job and help us advance progress.

Education is also another example of an issue that ties directly back to the FED. Once we reverse inflation education will become affordable for everyone and it will improve drastically. When I say drastically, I’m talking about an end to cutting valuable programs and extra curriculars, growing class sizes, and students having the ability pay for a full year of classes with one summer job. Loans would also be available through the schools themselves and not the federal government, and it will be in the interest of the schools to do this at reasonable interest rates. There is no reason education should be too expensive for ANYONE to afford. Everyone should have access to quality education (not just rich white kids) and in reality the federal government has done nothing significant to advance this cause. We need to accept this and move on to better solutions.


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