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#19 GUN CONTROL: The Liberal’s Drug War

September 16, 2012

As much as I dislike guns I believe that gun control is about as effective in preventing gun violence, as the drug war is in preventing drug abuse. All it does is create a black market where it is easier for criminals to sell and purchase guns without proper procedures and background checks. The federal government has failed over and over again when attempting to control violence and crime, so it makes more sense to put the responsibility on the seller. That way if they’re careless about how they sell and who they sell to, and the action results in a massacre, THEY can be held fully accountable for their actions, without being able to shift any of the responsibility onto the federal government, for not having the “right regulations.” When corporations can’t share the blame this way, victims have more to gain from them, instead of going after the federal government for compensation or change.

This approach would create a healthy incentive for gun sellers to be very careful about the way they do business, and not just sell as many guns as possible to whoever will pay for them. Furthermore, a person who is inclined to go on a shooting rampage is A) not concerned about legal ramifications, and B) can just as easily build a bomb, drive a truck into a building or set it ablaze.

I’ve spoken to some good conservatives, even some who are further to the right, who humbly agree that the drug war is a pointless and destructive failure. There’s no reason for Liberals to be stubborn about the gun issue once they fully understand the different angles. As I mentioned, I’m not a gun person either, but it’s not about the guns. It’s about the violence, which is rooted in many of the social problems that Paul wants to start correct.

I know that there are many who passionately defend the right to bear arms because it’s the last line of defense against tyranny, which I understand, but also find slightly amusing. I agree that we are well on our way into tyranny and live in a police state, but if the government does decide to take over, they’ll have more guns than we will, and it’s hard to imagine our measly arsenals having much of an effect. That said, I do think it’s undeniable in certain instances of mass murder, that the only thing which could have reduced the amount of death was another armed citizen. So, if criminals are allowed to arm themselves willy-nilly, regardless of gun control, the federal regulations only make it more difficult for law abiding citizens to protect themselves in such an instance. This is logical. Let’s move on.


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