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#2 -There is No Lesser of Two Evils. Your Vote does NOTHING.

September 16, 2012

One of my liberal friends asked me if I’m a republican now because I’m voting for Ron Paul; an alarming assumption. You are what you eat, not what you vote. Would you vote for Joe Liberman just because he’s a “democrat”? Another friend accused me of going too far when I stated that under Obama we got four more years of Bush. My immediate thought was: how many more wars do we have to start before you “moderates” get angry?

Then I remembered that almost all of my liberal friends get their information from TV news and corporate media such as the New York Times (the few who still read things). These people have been told repeatedly that Obama is “withdrawing” our military forces and has a “timetable” for ending our involvement, which is pure comedy as far as I’m concerned, considering the fact that we have an embassy the size of the Vatican in Iraq. It’s also become clear that most people don’t even have the slightest clue how many countries we’re actually fighting in today, because I get a blank stare whenever I ask the question.

Since we don’t like to follow the constitution, we don’t need a declaration of war to actually engage in it, and we haven’t since WW2. So, we can be fighting and dying and killing with our troops in a country and engaging in acts of war with sanctions, no fly zones, drone attacks, deadly raids and so on, without even technically being at war with them. The real question is: how many countries are we fighting and killing in with our military forces? The truth is that we’re currently fighting about 8 different countries: Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Korea, Lybia, Yemen, now across the continent of Africa, and by the time I finish writing this, we’ll be bombing Syria too, while provoking a number of others, such as Iran. Not to mention the other 120 countries where we have bases and personnel… What do you think we’re doing in all of these places? Are we just over there being non-isolationists?

What we weren’t told by the corporate media about the big “draw down” is that the 50,000 troops Obama withdrew from Iraq were immediately sent to Afghanistan for another Bush-like “surge,” and then replaced by 100,000 private military contractors, to protect military bases, business operations, and carry out deadly missions in heavy combat zones. So what we have is not only a continuation of the Bush Doctrine (to occupy the entire middle east, controlling all regions with oil and other valuable resources creating terrorists in the process), but it’s also an escalation of the same neo-colonial agenda under Obama. It’s just being done under the use of different language by those who can manipulate the national discussion. Some say this is the necessary cost of war, which is easy when it isn’t their family’s faces being blown off, but I’m preaching to the choir about this, right? I just don’t know about that anymore. Through Obama, the powers that be have successfully neutered the anti-war movement. The war machine is alive and well, and is not going to be ending with the lives of more soldiers and civilians.

On a strictly domestic level though, how many things about your life are actually different today than they were 6-8 years ago? Can you name one thing? I can’t. My healthcare still sucks, but I am one of the few among my peers who are lucky enough to have I, and gas is too expensive, but this is beside the point. Exactly where is your participation occurring and how has your vote influenced anything that’s happened in this country? Did we vote for the military escalations? Did we vote for the bailout, which transferred wealth from the poor to the top 1% (who ironically like to sling the word socialism around)? Did we vote for their six-figure bonuses while families around the country lost everything? Did we vote for the Federal Reserve to give upwards of $13 trillion to these institutions, to get them out of the mess they created, instead of fixing the country and helping all of the victims their crime?

During one of this year’s primary debates, Ron Paul stated that if we were going to give someone money, it should have been the people who lost their jobs and houses. Could any liberal possibly disagree with that? Plus, I thought we voted to punish these assholes in 2008, but there has not been one single criminal conviction among the largest financial institutions and nobody on Wall Street has been held accountable for their actions, nor have any of the war criminals of the previous administration. This is not what I voted for. In fact everything I was screaming about under Bush, from unwarranted wiretapping and secret prisons, to privatized war and third-party healthcare, are the exact same problems that I’m screaming about today. We’re still spending billions on these wars, while people at home are dying from illnesses they can’t afford to treat, and our civil liberties are being systematically destroyed every single day. How did this happen and why are so many people going along with this?

I suppose it’s because anyone who’s trying to pay attention is distracted by wedge issues; emotional topics that are used arbitrarily in an effort to divide and distract, such as gay marriage and abortion. They keep our country teetering back and forth on surface according to the public’s mood during election seasons, while they do whatever the hell they want to behind the scenes and push forward their corporate/military agenda. This is called a Plutocracy; the real social system that we live under. Both parties are owned by corporate/military interests and the people in power do what they want. This country is run by the oil industry. Not our elected government and certainly not our president. Our votes do nothing to affect what actually happens so this is not a democracy, and you are not free if the government has the legal authority to spy on you or arrest you without due process, hold you for as long as they see fit without access to a lawyer, torture you and even assassinate you, acting as the judge, jury and executioner.

These conditions should terrify us because of how easy it is to abuse authority. In any free society, innocent prisoners should at the very least have the ability to appeal their detention because of how often mistakes are made. What if you were somehow mistaken for a terrorist, or just labeled as one by someone who saw you as a personal threat? That possibility should not exist, because we already know that absolute power corrupts absolutely. The government should fear the people and be under their control. Not the other way around. But we are moving farther away from this under Obama, who recently signed the indefinite detention act.

Obama was hand selected by the corporate elite as the “viable option for the left” (who they can control) based on the temperament of society at the time. We needed someone seemingly opposite from Bush, while his entire campaign was financed by Goldman Sachs, JP Morgan Chase, and other culprits of the largest corporate fraud in history, which resulted in the greatest economic disaster of our time. These are also THE SAME top contributors to Romney, and they financed Bush as well, so it’s all coming from the same place and serving the same interests. There is no real difference of any consequence between mainstream candidates.

Whenever I get into the -lesser of two evils- argument with liberals, it always comes back to what the president can’t do. I list off all of the problems we still have, and they say “well, we can’t expect the president to do everything.” Without going into the sheer hypocrisy over liberal outrage towards the Bush administration, I say, “That’s true. But he IS the commander and chief. He absolutely can bring all of our troops home tomorrow, and do a complete 180 on foreign policy, and that is just one very radical thing the president can do that would spit in the face of corporatism, with overwhelming public support.” Then they say, “well, if he did something that radical he’d get assassinated.” And I say, BINGO. You’ve just made an enlightening admission.

Yes, the president faces assassination if he does not play ball, so in that sense he IS powerless, and nobody can make it into office without getting their hands dirty and being corrupt on some level. I probably hear that argument more often than any other, to which I ask, “why would you participate in something like that? That isn’t freedom or a democracy. It’s an oppressive dictatorship disguised as a democracy, where the two corporatist parties have full control over the electoral process. So why aren’t you protesting, rather than participating in a scam, and voting for someone who HAS TO serve the military industrial complex instead of the people? You know the same things will happen either way, so why would you support that?

Maybe D stands for DEFEATIST, not democrat. If you admit that we can and should do better for ourselves, but will do the opposite at gun point, that is exactly what you are, and you should be ashamed. Arguing the lesser of two evils with a full understanding of how bad things are, means we’re just supposed to shut up and have our rights trampled by the military, food and medical industrial complexes, along with the wholesale destruction of our environment (all of which we will be discussing ahead), JUST because some stuff is being shifted around on the surface, and that’s just the way it is. This is a cowardly position.

On the other hand if you actually believe that a Romney or an Obama can do some good, I would strongly disagree, but I respect that position (at least with regard to Obama;) a lot more than I do someone who will participate in something that they know is wrong. I think many liberals DO understand what’s going on. Now it’s time for them to embrace that understanding and come to terms with it so we can rise together take our country back.

In my list of films there is a free documentary called “The Obama Deception” which provides a very thorough and non-partisan analysis of the way Obama was used by big businesses to trick the public into advancing the same agenda they had under Bush. I will leave this discussion here and now go back to Ron Paul.

FIRST A DISCLAIMER: Many of you will be dismissive of  my last reference because the filmmaker is Alex Jones, who is generally hated by the left and considered a right wing conspiracy nut-job. I’m not a fan of Alex Jones or his mindset either. But hysteria aside, there are qualities about him that would surprise you, such as the fact that he’s a big Ralph Nader supporter. He also considers JFK “our last real president,” and was more outspoken against the Bush administration than Michael Moore.  While I don’t like most of Jones’ documentaries, “The Obama Deception” was exceptionally well done, and it’s not what you would imagine. It’s a very subjective a-political look at how Obama was used by the establishment to manipulate us and keep everything the same. It’s not about hating Obama himself and I recommend it to anyone who plans to vote for him again.

Another one of my favorite documentaries is about Alex Jones and his associated “truth movement” is “IFC’s New World Order,” which takes an outsider’s look at what they’re activism is all about. What you’ll see is a very different picture than the one that’s painted by the media and, like them or not, one thing is very clear: they have a stronger anti-war movement than ANY left-wing I’m currently aware of, and they could make useful allies to those who want to see REAL changes our foreign and monetary policy. Like I said, I’m not a fan of Jones, or a part of his club, and I often disagree with his rhetoric. But if you really care about change, I would urge you to withhold your full judgment about groups like his until watching both of these films. Their materials do offer some nuggets of value.

What Democracy?:

Obama Deception:

IFC’s New World Order:

Hip Hop Legend KRS-One on Obama:


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