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#20 Let’s Get Rid of the CIA. No, Seriously…

September 16, 2012

The Federal Reserve chapter should partially explain why the CIA is a problem for us, but the topic of gun violence brings them back to mind, and not just because of their heavy involvement in weapons trafficking and arms dealing. While I know that it sounds shamelessly conspiratorial to think that the CIA might be connected to mass killings and tragedies like the movie theater massacre in Colorado, part of me can’t help but want that possibility investigated, however remote, considering some of the things we now KNOW about the CIA.

It is well documented, for example, that the CIA was involved in illegal mind control experiments under a program called Project MKUltra. This barbaric program is infamous for its nonconsensual use of LSD and other chemicals for “behavioral modification,” along with sensory deprivation and other truly sick methods of torture on unwitting patients or prisoners of war. The first human experimentation doctors were Nazis smuggled in by the CIA following WW2, to exploit for mind control experiments, and the creation of assassins and killers who will act against their own self-interest. Another experimental method under this program was the use of ELF, or extremely low frequency radio waves, which interfere with human brain waves and can be used for brain washing and triggering rage, memory loss, sense-of-time loss etc.

Now, I’m sure this Colorado shooter is just another privileged person who “went crazy” one day and decided to systematically execute over a dozen people at close range, but since we know that the CIA has testing facilities in Colorado, Virginia, and other homes of strange massacres, I would like to have all possibilities to be explored openly, JUST IN CASE. If something like this is plausible, wouldn’t you want to make sure? Or is that not enough dead people to entertain something that might be deemed (gasp) conspiratorial? I guess that shouldn’t be a surprise considering how many people are still religiously attached to the official story of 9/11.

If we can dismiss hard facts about an event of that size just from hearing or thinking the word “conspiracy,” unwilling to even consider another argument when thousands were murdered right in front of our faces, getting away with MKUltra should be relatively easy.

But hey, who needs MKUltra, when you can give a simple word like “conspiracy” so much power? That trick alone is enough to make people magically forget that even our FBI has been involved in acts of domestic terrorism, which would help our government pass new freedom killing, big brother regulations. It’s amazing how easy it is to control public perception through the use of language in public discourse. It must feel great to have that amount of influence.

Conspiracy theories aside, is it even possible that our very own CIA could possibly be anywhere near this corrupt or immoral? In his book Liberty Defined Ron Paul details the history and hidden realty of the CIA perfectly, but I will even take it a step further, and say what he can’t: the CIA is a terrorist organization. Settle down… I know that the agency is filled with excellent people who have the best intentions.  I know this because so many have resigned in disgust and spoken out, such as John Perkins (, the author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman, and peak oil activist Michael Ruppert (, who blew the whistle on CIA drug trafficking, saw friends get murdered and had his career ruined as a result. Former CIA Director William Colby also stated that “The CIA owns everyone of any significance in the major media.”

But wait… Just why the Hell would the CIA be involved in drug trafficking? Because it allows them to self finance, as Paul points out, and they use private contractors, which makes it extremely difficult for congress to control or monitor them. Not even the president has full knowledge of their actives, which traditionally include assassinations, secret renditions, waging wars and overthrowing foreign governments, just as they overthrew the pro-western democratically elected leader of Iran in 1953, and installed a dictator, creating the mess we have today.

Such activities are of course illegal under international law, but they support the interests of the World Bank and their primary industries, so anyone who questions their secret operations, or challenges the legitimacy of the institution, is made to look radical and unpatriotic. Engaging in such activities in the name of “national security” has become widely accepted in our culture anyway, so there isn’t much in the way of resistance. The DNI (Office of the Director of National Intelligence) is supposed to be in control of the CIA, along with 16 other intelligence agencies, but just the “size and scope” of their operations, according to Paul, make it virtually impossible for the DNI to monitor their activities and protect our interests.  Don’t worry though… That’s only costing taxpayers $80 billion/year. I do wonder exactly how much we’re spending on the CIA overall, but that information is classified. Not even kidding…

Do we need a CIA? The CIA is supposed to be for intelligence gathering, which we will always have. But their secret activities and black ops missions have nothing to do with this, and everything to do with serving the banker’s cartels; making a business out of terrorism, assassinations, war and torture, with full control of our drones and WMDs. Intelligence gathering means learning as much as you can about someone who is or might become our enemy. But that would be far less necessary, if we fixed our foreign policy. Paul cites Sweden and Costa Rica as examples of nations that are not under threat because they are non-aggressive, and don’t participate in bombing or interference of other nations’ affairs. According to Paul, “legitimate intelligence should be a narrowly defined and tightly controlled process. If it isn’t, by its very nature it can get totally out of control with clandestine operations. An all powerful, all secret intelligence agency can become a government onto itself.”

The CIA is largely responsible for most of the world’s political instability, and after the lies they fed the public about external threats and weapons of mass destruction, they have zero credibility. The answer is no. We can still have intelligence gathering under the protection world’s most powerful military HERE AT HOME, without this shadow government we call the CIA. I’ve even heard Paul remark that having such an organization is “uncharacteristic” of a free society, and he is the only candidate who is brave enough to bravely propose its abolition.

CIA Chapter from Paul’s book:

Confessions of an Economic Hitman:

Rupert confronting CIA Director:

ABC MKUltra Documentary:


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