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#21 The Government is Trying to Poison You

September 16, 2012

Yes the title of the chapter means exactly what it says, and there is only one person running for president who is trying to stop this, or is EVEN TALKING ABOUT IT. Ron Paul is known for being outspoken on the dangers of mandated vaccinations and immunization policies, from both a political and medical point of view. Paul gives credit to the Polio vaccine and others that have been helpful, but many have been linked to ADHD, SIDS, Autism and Alzheimer’s, chronic illness, paralysis, cardiac arrest and so on. This evidently related to the mercury content of various vaccines. Every time there is a new “threat” to the public’s health, such as the Swine Flu, the government attempts to make these laws more aggressive and mandatory.

The problem with all of this, as Paul points out, is that there was already a swine flu scare in 1976, when he and the other physician in congress where the only two who voted against the immunization program. Their instincts were correct. 1 person died from swine flu, and 25 from the vaccine itself. Many more died from the standard flu, and other illnesses such as tuberculosis, and they continue to every year, which is why the media attention and hysteria over the swine flu and is comically transparent and utterly revealing.

Immunization laws are partially about increasing our dependency on the medical industry, and also about social conditioning: big business establishing its authority via the government, to do whatever they want to with us and our bodies whenever they declare a state of emergency. This opens up the door to all kinds of abuse that we are witnessing today, such as states being showered with toxic cancer-causing insecticide to “protect us against the West Nile virus,” which has less than 1% chance of even harming someone with an infection. And then there is the forced radiation and fondling of our children at airports, another subject which Ron Paul is extremely passionate about.

I always found the subjects that Ron Paul is fixated on both fascinating and amusing. Who Hell is this guy talking about vaccinations, raw milk and airport fondling? It seems so random and peculiar at first, but when you learn about his reasons for harping on these issues, it becomes clear that they provide important lessons and striking examples of how lost and oppressed we’ve become under the current system.

But why would the government want to radiate and poison us? Well…We already know that sickness and death are the largest industries, together with war and petroleum, and as Paul correctly states in one of his video addresses, there are people who take advantage of public health scares. This should be no surprise. There is a lot to gain in keeping us sick, weak, desperate and at their mercy, with the need for more drugs, expensive treatments and so on.

And how could the government be this evil? Obviously it’s not that simple and there’s no grand conspiracy that everyone is involved in, but liberals should know better than anyone just how evil and destructive the largest corporations are capable of being. You should not have to be convinced of how much blood is on the hands of big oil and big medicine. THOSE are the institutions that own the government, with control over both parties and the electoral process. And that is why the argument over big business vs the federal government, or left vs right is a waste of time. We live in an age when they are one in the same. Once you can actually accept that as the full reality, as opposed to some exaggerated cynical attitude, you will understand how the government can be so “evil” as to profit from more sickness, death and destruction and, and preserve a system that perpetuates it.

Whatever makes people filthy rich is going to occur, so we have to attack problems on that level; attack the profitability and quit expecting the government to do something on our behalf. It’s too late for that.  I repeat: the government works for them, not for you. It will always serve THEIR interests. Not yours…. How much longer we allow genocide to continue right under our noses is up to us. The choice is ours. The system is too far gone. We need to reject it and take back the control over our lives, our money, our health and our freedom. We need to opt out of this system of enslavement and only support those who will genuinely support OUR interests.

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The Idiot Cycle: (also referenced in the organic foods chapter)


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