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#23 Ignore his son Rand – They are NOT the same

September 16, 2012

While I was always hopeful that Rand Paul would uphold his father’s legacy or be the next Ron Paul, I’ve always been uncomfortable with his neoconservative undertones. While he incorporates a lot of his father’s rhetoric about civil liberties, it’s always struck me as sounding slightly disingenuous; like he was trying to ride his dad’s coat tails, and use the most popular ideas to launch his own career. It appears in fact that it Rand has never defined himself as a libertarian. He is a conservative republican, with a different take on foreign policy than his dad; voting for sanctions against Iran, and in favor of keeping Guantanamo Bay open.

These positions sharply conflict with his father’s message and movement, and they’re a deal breaker for many who oppose our current foreign policy. I was also uncomfortable with the way he handled himself in certain instances, giving me the impression the he doesn’t interpret or understand the “principles of freedom” the way his father does. On a radio show he was asked about the Civil Rights Act, for instance, and he responded with sort of a guilty sarcastic chuckle, almost as though he thought it was cute be an outsider on the issue because the position is controversial. Then he explained that he’d want to be able to make his own modifications to the bill. Ron Paul is about 1000 times more pragmatic than this, and knows how to treat sensitive subjects, explaining his position the best he can in the time he’s given (which is never enough).

Obviously the Civil Rights movement is very important and NOTHING to laugh or be cocky about. Holding that position is not supposed to be about his mystique as a politician, and that attitude does make him look anything like the real-life phenomenon that is his father. He made a fool of himself again during the BP Oil spill, stating that the federal government should take its “boot off the throat” of BP. Only a fool would phrase it that way after so many others were victimized. If he wanted to explain the government’s role in setting conditions for these types of catastrophes as his father did (with a tone of compassion) so we think more broadly about preventative measures, that would be one thing.

Ron Paul warned us that we have to be careful about being panicked into allowing new federal policies in response to catastrophic events, because it always leads to more problems rather than solving them. Of course he didn’t have anywhere near enough time to explain the different aspects for all the indoctrinated listeners, but take their “boot off GM’s throat?” Whose side is Rand Paul on?

Ron Paul is on the people’s side, and they have every right to be upset with BP, ALONG WITH the federal government. According to the language Rand was using, he’s apparently on the side of big business, painting the image of a sympathetic victim. Has this guy ever listed to his dad? It is BIG business and the federal government TOGETHER that create the problems, and together THEY press their boot into the throat of SMALL businesses and the 99%. Does he really think BP is one of the businesses that gets oppressed and bullied by the system? Very unsettling language… He’s also less shy about his position that marriage should only happen between a man and a woman, while Ron’s point has always been that his personal/religious views on the matter are irrelevant, as long as he isn’t allowed to force them on anyone else, which opens up the door to change and “brings people together,” as he often points out.

Clearly we are looking at two very different creatures. Rand Paul’s endorsement of Mitt Romney just verified the impression that he is another wishy-washy, ball-player. Not an intellectual revolutionary prodigy of truth like his old man… I have heard every justification for his controversial endorsement, but the fact remains that Ron Paul has NEVER compromise his values, voted for or endorse his rivals, because they are part of the establishment, which has so much blood on its hands, and THIS is the key to his diehard following. He did not endorsed or vote for John McCain, George W. Bush or any those who came before. He spent his entire career sticking to his principles no matter what the political cost, and was a voice truth no matter how controversial it was.

Rand on the other hand, endorsed the candidate whose top contributor is Goldman Sachs, after he aggressively stated that he wanted to have them audited. He also spoke out against the Bilderberg Group, which is an annual gathering of around 140 of the most powerful and influential people in Europe and North America, evidently to decide the best course for our nations over the coming years. These conferences are closed to the public even though it has everything to do with us, and Mitt Romney is member of this reclusive organization, which affects more than we want to imagine.

Supporting someone like Mitt Romney is supporting the enemy of everything Ron Paul stands for, and there is no valid justification for a betrayal of this magnitude. The only idea that I’m still open to is that his family was threatened or he was coerced in some way. That’s what ultimately happened to Ross Perot before he disappeared, and I don’t think something like that is impossible. In a very twisted sense this sounds like wishful thinking. Of course I’d never want ANYONE or their family to be threatened, but I want to believe this wasn’t his choice and he was forced into taking this action while under duress. It’s the only way I would ever be able to trust him again after getting behind a neocon just to support republican nominee. We are talking about the same people who are for privatized war, privatized torture, domestic drones, domestic spying and basically everything Ron Paul has spent his career fighting against with his messages of liberty, along with figures on the left who we’ve forgotten or never known.

Rand also made the depressingly unsavory choice of making this announcement on Sean Hannity, Ron’s biggest arch enemy of the mainstream media, and one of the most embarrassingly disrespectful idiots he’s had the misfortune of having to deal with. Did Rand not even consider what a tremendous insult this would be?

The leading justification I’ve heard from Rand supporters regarding the Romney endorsement is that it’s “important to win”: the implication being that he’s going to play ball in order to infiltrate the establishment, and change the system from within. I’m not sure exactly what the expectation is for one person in the system playing by the rules, but I think we all know that this has never worked.

Those who push for change that would actually benefit the people over big business, are alienated and made out to be radicals. The success of figures like Ron Paul, or Ralph Nader, is base on their consistently dedication to the truth, which means taking all kinds of abuse for decades. Most people like them go completely unrecognized and unrewarded, if not punished, and those two have had far more punishment than reward. So, it really isn’t about being able to win, and to those who still believe that winning is important, I must ask. exactly what you expect to see happen, once you’ve “won”? What changes and differences are really expecting to see as a result of “winning?”  What exactly do you think will happen if you “lose” that isn’t happening right now?

The only way that winning matters is if A) the contest is legitimate, and B) the winner is genuine, honest and supportive of YOUR interests. Otherwise, what’s the point? This brings me to my final chapter…

Ron vs Rand:


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