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#24 Why Vote for Someone Who Can’t “Win”?

September 16, 2012

The current administration has proven that nobody is going to help you or tell you the truth, and that big business not going anywhere. Now that we understand why it makes no difference who wins the elections, that we have no control over what happens and that, as far as society is concerned, the same things will happen either way, let’s take a look at what voting for Ron Paul would do. Writing in Ron Paul in a MASS PROTEST, or refusing to participate all together, would accomplish two things.

First, it would communicate that the majority of our country and the majority of the 99% understand that the system is rigged. It sends the message that enough of us are finally on to them, and that the game is up. Think of it as firing a warning shot and just imagine the terror they would feel when their measly aristocratic billionaire club see’s that a record number of people boycotted one of the key components to their control. It would be clear that the masses are finally onto their scheme, that there will be no way to stop the revolution, and the inevitable change that follows will happen on our terms. Not theirs… This is probably our last chance to take control of the situation this way as much as possible. Otherwise it will be the under the control of our new military government as the new depression unfolds, which we have only seen the beginning of. I promise you that.

The other message a mass Paul write-in would send is that we not only understand the system is rigged, but that we understand how, because enough of us finally know about the Federal Reserve, and how it’s used to control almost every major aspect of our social system. It will be clear that he has finally succeeded in getting his message out, and there will be no way to stop masses from rising up. Fighting us with their military, taking away our resources and trying to break our spirit will only add fuel to the fire. Yes they WILL fight back, and it will get even uglier. But if the establishment wages war on its own people in response to a social uprising, we will know that the fight is justified and that this conclusion is inevitable. The question is, are we going to lead the changes that follow, or will we just let them enslave us in a more traditional sense, once we’ve fully self-destructed?

Ron Paul is the only person ANYONE in society should even consider voting for this time around. The lesser of two evils is BULLSH*T. We can change more by NOT VOTING as a key strategy in our uprising, and we should ONLY vote our conscience. If you feel like you just don’t know enough about the candidates to make an informed decision, do not vote for an establishment figure that you think seems less bad. DON’T VOTE. Do what George Carlin does and STAY HOME:

George Carlin on Not Voting:

Peter Joseph on voting for Ron Paul:

More non-voting and social unrest speeches:


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