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#4 Ron Paul is the only one who CARES ABOUT THE POOR

September 16, 2012

The corporate media will make you believe that he wants to take away entitlements and that he hates welfare. This is hog wash. Ron Paul wants to eliminate the need for entitlements over a 10-20 year period of redirecting war money (and we’re talking billions here) to help our poor, our sick and our dying -not to mention all of our veterans who need care, and anyone who is dependent on the system today. What an evil right winger!

Do I have to remind progressives that there was a time when a person could support an entire family on one income? Although you’ve been conditioned not to believe it, it is absolutely possible for us to return to that, with everyone included (not just white people).

Don’t buy into the absurd myth that there just aren’t enough resources for everyone to have enough, so we have to play this game where everything is too expensive, so then we’re forced to depend on entitlements and become debt slaves and wage slaves; keeping a certain percentage of the population in extreme poverty as a functional requirement.

That’s the scam that keeps the rich at the top, and abandons the other 99%. If you think that we naturally ended up in this position through legitimate competition, and the resulting conditions are just the cost of having everyone included in our open “free market,” we have some work to do.

I should correct one statement though… Ron Paul does hate welfare, but with good reason. His point about this is that welfare is designed to keep people in poverty rather than help them out of it, and we should be addressing the root causes of poverty instead of using this phony band-aid solution that enables the structural oppression and keeps things exactly the way they are: in a state of perpetual poverty, which is actually profitable to the top 1%, but that’s for a later discussion. Ron Paul is saying that nobody in any “class” should be forced into the position of having to become dependent and thereby enslaved in the system because everything’s too damn expensive and incomes are too low. We’re being conned. The system should be set up so that people are able to take care of themselves in any income bracket, because all jobs are important to our economy. What a terrible right wing ideology, huh?

So once again, Ron Paul’s point is that everyone should be able to take care of themselves and their family, whether they are high, middle or low-income workers. He does not want to rip assistance away from anyone because they’re lazy and deservingly poor, the way some other “conservatives” do. He wants to end all of our wars and use those billions of dollars to help the needy for as long as it takes. He always refers to poor people as “victims” of the corrupt system that is tilted to favor the rich. I can provide many instances of him using that exact language, including when he called out Herman Cain during the primary debates for “blaming the victims” in his remarks about the Occupy Movement. I believe Cain said “if you’re not rich, blame yourself.” Paul immediately shot back that the “victims” can’t be blamed for the conditions created by the bubble in our perverted economy.

I’ve heard Paul say that it could take decades to get rid of the need for entitlements, so don’t believe the media nonsense. He does not want to take away anyone’s existing welfare or social security and nobody has more compassion for the poor and extremely poor in this country than Ron Paul. I will provide links to some wonderful speeches he’s given about true compassion. He wants to heal the system and phase out the need for entitlements; in other words, fix poverty (not just pretend to reduce it).

Now that I’ve clarified this point, I’ll address the million dollar question. How do we get back to the system where it was possible to have one job and take care of a family, and include everyone in that system. It’s impossible right? Just a utopian fantasy, right? Wrong… The idea that we can’t return to that is an illusion created by the owners of international banking institutions that basically control everything in our country and many others (more on that ahead).

There are two things that need to happen for use to begin moving back in the direction of a thriving society, which you will never hear Obama or Romney discuss. A fundamental change in our foreign policy from corporate imperialism to true non-interventionism, so we can effectively end all of our wars and occupations for good, will be a big part of the requirement, but none of our major systemic problems in our economic and foreign policy can be corrected until we A) CORRECT THE TAX CODE, and B) AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE.


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