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#5 Ron Paul has the Most Progressive Tax Policy: END THE IRS!

September 16, 2012

The first big answer to how we get back to a world without the need for entitlements, with conditions that allow a family to survive on one income, is fixing our criminally fraudulent tax code, and what I love about this point is how simple it is. Remove the income tax (hear me out) and let EVERYONE keep 90% of their income instead of around 75% or less (often as much as a 3rd is taken -and not for what you think!). That’s right… A lot of people have proposed a so-called “flat tax,” but Ron Paul is the only one who has ever actually meant it the way it sounds. Just imagine if everyone had to pay the government exactly 10% of their income, and that’s it! Everyone is automatically at least 15% wealthier.

Progressives should love this because it essentially means the rich pay more. They physically pay a larger amount because they have a higher income, so that’s a larger sum going in, and it’s fair because EVERYONE pays an equal percentage of what they earn. No special rules or loop holes to be exploited by the rich and powerful, and no more complexity. Does anyone actually understand our tax code? It’s over 3 million words long. Remember…COMPLEXITY IS FRAUD.

We do not need an income tax. Obviously that money isn’t going towards fixing schools and streets or ending poverty -just look around. More than enough can be generated to cover all necessary government costs with corporate taxes, fees, sales taxes and consumption taxes. Countries such as Iceland have done wonders for themselves implementing this model of the flat-tax system. There’s no reason we can’t do the same and there is no reason why we actually need to touch the worker’s paycheck. There’s is also no true reason why we can’t cut spending down to what it was in the 90s; when the budget was only a third of what it is today, unless you think we have to continue fighting/expanding these wars and policing the world, but I thought liberals were against militarism…

The system we have now under both parties is OPPRESSIVE TO THE POOR and favorable to the corporate elite. It forces lower income earners to pay a higher percentage of their income and it is completely unfair.

Nothing makes my blood boil more than when these rich wall street cronies has the audacity to go on TV with a straight face and make the argument that the rich already pay more in taxes, when they know damn well that they’re also paying a lower percentage of their incomes than people with regular salaries or far less. Ron Paul constantly points this out (the evil right winger that he is) and you never see it highlighted in the mainstream news. What’s been almost equally frustrating to watch are these nitwits the media selects as “Leaders of the Occupy Movement,” who don’t even know how to argue this point.

The so-called “liberal media” (who is actually much kinder to Ron Paul than right-wing media) only focuses on how he wants to “take away entitlements” -an obviously effective and completely erroneous fear tactic. They should talk about how he wants to end the wars so we can repair and heal our system to eliminate the need for entitlements all together over the next 10-20 years. Nobody say that on CNN or MSNBC, because just like Fox News, they are owned by the same multinational corporations that makes obscene profits off of our endless wars, and that is not a conspiracy theory in any sense. You just have to be willing to do the research in order to see how the power structure was designed early on through our monetary system to perpetuate these cycles of mass poverty and global conflict, TO GENERATE BILLIONS.

But I digress in the interest of staying on point… None of the money that the IRS steals from the 99% actually goes towards fixing our roads or our schools, as I think we’ve all figured out by now. Our schools and our infrastructure continue to deteriorate very rapidly. But, here’s the thing, income taxes aren’t even supposed to be used to pay for schools and roads! Schools are paid for by property taxes. Roads and bridges, gasoline taxes, and our water and sewer systems, along with airports etc., are funded by user fees. So where does this money go if its purpose isn’t to help our country? The money goes straight back the into the treasury for military spending or whatever purpose those in power see fit, which we have no control over, or participation in. This is not a conspiracy theory either. More on the corruption of the IRS as an institution ahead…

First, now that we know how to theoretically raise everyone’s income by at least 15% in a single act of tax reform, we have to make it possible and stop out of control inflation. “Inflation is theft,” according to Paul, and the only way to reverse inflation, or bring out any type of change that will reverse the terrible course we’re on, in our own country AND in the rest of the world (believe it or not), is auditing the Federal Reserve.


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