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#6 Nobody is a Bigger Threat to the Big Banks, Wall Street and The FED.

September 16, 2012

You will be shocked once you learn about the history of the Federal Reserve and how it relates to our monetary system and our government. This issue is more complicated than the answer to our tax policy, and this is also where things really start to get interesting, as almost every major social problem around the world, mass suffering and depravation, can actually be tied directly back to operations of this entity known as the FED.

The problem with the FED, which has the most immediate impact on you, is out of control inflation. It’s the reason everything is priced so astronomically and why education and medical care put people into debt. It is almost entirely the reason we are stuck in our wars, and why the world economy is self-destructing. Without the FED as it currently exists, we would be able to fill our gas tanks at just one silver dime/gallon, and bring an end to most poverty in our own country and beyond. Just imagine if every citizen was allowed to keep 90% of their hard-earned incomes, as they should, and the prices of everything were dropped down to this extent. Think we’d be a little better off? Think there would still be a need for entitlements? Is there a more compassionate solution that helps more poor people? We’ll get back to that point when we reach the Healthcare discussion.

First, let’s look at what the FED is, how it’s creating these problems/conditions, and why is it so far beyond our control. Like I said it’s a long story, but the basic explanation is that the Federal Reserve isn’t federal at all. It is not even a part of our country or our country’s government (so don’t be fooled by the name), yet it’s had full control over our government, our military, our media, our educational system, the CIA, IRS and our entire monetary system for the past 100 years, operating in complete secrecy without any accountability or auditing. This is where Ron Paul is actually in favor of more regulation because that is where it’s needed: a true medical diagnosis from an experienced physician.

The FED is in fact the arm of a giant multinational corporation known as the world bank, which owns all of the world’s largest businesses; big oil, big pharma, Coca-Cola, all of the central banks, mainstream media institutions and so on. Their Federal Reserve is more powerful than the US government because of a bill that was signed into law by Woodrow Wilson: The Federal Reserve act of 1913. This is an institution with enough influence to overrule any court or legal proceeding, and it has the ability simply decide what a car will cost the average person, for instance.

The world bank is essentially an international cartel comprised of superpower governments which work together to serve corporate interests. They hold annual meetings around the world and invite all their countries most powerful and influential figures. Even though these figures control almost everything that affects us, our economy and the geopolitical direction of our country, these meetings are top secret (research Bilderberg Group). The U.S., along with some European nations such as Great Britain, France and Israel, serves as one of the puppet governments to this global financial institution, which is under the control a criminal enterprise of trillionares: The Rothschilds, Rockefellers and the Lehmans to name a few. It began with the Rothschilds: descendents of a secretive community of goldsmiths who invented a monetary system with the structure of a pyramid scheme. They figured out that by controlling the supply of money, they can control, well, pretty much everything.

Before their system took hold, nations had the ability to issue and control their own interest-free currencies, with value that was based on how much of it was in circulation. This model drove the prices of goods and services down, encouraging productivity, and wealth poured into the middle and lower classes making the economy flourish. Everyone in society was able to thrive in this system for over 700 years in Great Britain, without accumulating any type of national debt. Nations should actually never have to go into debt and national debt just is a side effect of this corruption.

The system that the “money changers” came up with was different, and they used a practice known today as “fractional reserve lending.” In this model their institution –the central bank- issues the currency to governments at interest, to loan to their people at interest, rather than just allowing nations to issue their own interest-free money to their citizens. This allows them to finance debt and control the value of money by controlling how much of it is in circulation, and get this… They can lend out money that they don’t even possess! If we all went to the bank right now to take out everything we have, they wouldn’t be able to give it to us because, guess what… They don’t even have it! That’s because they use one person’s money to make loans to another other person at interest, and the more people (and institutions) that take out loans, the more interest is funneled back to the world bank. Money essentially becomes debt, because the only way to obtain it is to borrow from this foreign institution. Is that mildly upsetting to anybody else? This is how every major bank in this country operates today.

The reason you might not know about this is because this institution also controls what goes into our text books and media. Basically we’ve been lied to our entire lives, and 90% of what we were taught about history or economics is either false or grossly inadequate.

Not only is your money being used to make loans to other people at interest, but when the government needs to borrow large sums of money, the FED can legally print as much money as they want to in order to provide a loan, without any precious metals to back the bills. The dollars are essentially valueless and literally printed out of thin air: legal counterfeiting , made possible by the Federal Reserve Act (because there is only so much we can borrow from China at interest or steal from the tax payer to expand our empire).

Since the value of our currency is based on the amount of money that’s in circulation, all of this additional fake money being pumped into the system, drives the value of the currency down, and the prices of goods and services are forced up and voila! You have inflation that increases until the entire nation is in debt to this private foreign banking institution. Let the mass foreclosures and layoffs begin.

Towards the end of his presidency Woodrow Wilson stated the following: “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is controlled by its system of credit. Our system of credit is concentrated. The growth of the nation, therefore and all our activities are in the hands of a few men. We have come to be one of the worst ruled, one of the most completely controlled and dominated governments in the civilized world. No longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” – 1919.

So there you have it. Woodrow Wilson was bought. You and I were sold out. And this powerful secretive group has remained in power all of this time through the methods of bribery, assassination and false flag terrorism,  meaning they stage, finance and orchestrate terrorist attacks and bombings around the world to get public support for wars that make them billions (often financing both sides to keep it going as long as possible), and laws that give them greater power by taking away freedoms, ie: governments having the legal authority to spy on citizens without any probable cause, detain anyone they want to for as long as they want, without granting the right to an attorney or any due process, and assassinate anyone they want to privately define as a “threat.” All of these things are perfectly legal in our country (“for your own protection”), so our freedom is actually an illusion as I stated earlier. What we are is complacent and ignorant, and our society remains conditioned this way, thanks to the industries and institutions they control (namely education, media, and processed food –bare with me).

Am I suggesting that 9/11 was planned by our government? Of course not. That would imply that everyone, including the president and all members of congress are involved in a conspiracy together, and everyone on the planes faked their own deaths or something to that effect, which is obviously absurd. 9/11 truthers don’t actually believe this either, and the 9/11 Truth movement has nothing to do with the idea that “our government” was behind the attacks. That “theory” was fed to the media in order to discredit the real truth about the 9/11 attacks: that it was a classic black ops mission, financed by non-public figures behind the central banking system.

It wasn’t our country or our government that was behind it, which is why I tend not to use the term “inside job.” It came from an external source, which has control over key elements of our government, such our military, and our media, all of which were used together to cover up the truth about the attacks. Not very difficult when you have trillions of dollars at your disposal. There is nothing “unpatriotic” about getting to the bottom of this. Patriotism is a fools notion and a manipulation concept anyway. A country’s government is not its people. We would not want people to be patriots under someone like Hitler, and we are not by default better than anyone who was born in a different place. But if you want to think of patriotism as caring about your country, what could be more important than investigating this in an open public manner. It does not hurt the families of the victims to talk about this either because they are pushing for new investigations harder than anyone else.

Let me make it clear that I am not a conspiracy theorist. I’m hugely skeptical and I question everything, but I’m not a blind sheep either. I don’t know if this is the same group who killed JFK, but I’m informed enough to know that every president, from Lincoln to Kennedy, who fought against this criminal empire has been assassinated.

Here is Kennedy’s speech about secret societies that likely played a part in his death – Here is an equally important speech by Dwight Eisenhower from when he was leaving office, about the dangers of the Military Industrial Complex: Both speeches are absolutely chilling in many regards (although Eisenhower wasn’t killed).

So I guess this means JFK and Eisenhower where pretty paranoid, huh? I always find people amusing when they scoff at the thought of anything that could be called a –conspiracy- because the only argument I ever hear is “Oooooh, it’s a conspiracy. The government’s out to get me. Big brother’s watching, oooooh…” Hilarious, but I wonder if these hardcore “conspiracy deniers” have an actual argument against any specific theories they take issue with. Or is it just the word “conspiracy” that they’re so adamantly opposed to?

The term -conspiracy theorist- is a public manipulation word, FED TO US by the same corporate propagandists who’ve introduced other popular terms and phrases into the national dialogue, such as “Axis of Evil,” “Cut and Run,” “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and so on. People who get stuck on the word “conspiracy” are no less brainwashed than the masses of people who got behind those catch phrases. When people talk about 9/11 truth, they’re not taking about doctored photos of our landing on the moon. We’re talking about people getting killed right in front of our faces and our government LYING ABOUT THE FACTS. This should be a wakeup call. Not something to blow off or have an immature attitude about. This “conspiracy theory” actually concerns you and everyone in our country who’s being sent to fight and die overseas. Time to reclaim our freedom of thought.

George Carlin put it best when he joked about how “conspiracy” has been turned into a dirty word, making it sound crazy that people might “get together and plan something (gasp)!” My point is, I do not spend time investigating various conspiracy theories or dreaming up my own to explain away a truth that I can’t handle. That argument never made sense to me. Why would I want to believe the government was involved in a domestic attack on any level? It would be much easier to think that it was Osama Bin Laden and his band of cave dwelling radicals, but here is the truth, if anyone dares to research it for themselves: the attacks had absolutely nothing to do with Al Qaeda or Osama Bin Laden.

Groups like Al Qaeda make handy scapegoats, because the central bankers have been using our government to bomb their houses and steal their oil for decades. So there are already many groups who hate us and want to attack our forces and embassies, which they can shift the blame to. Bin Laden himself was a CIA operative during the 90s. That’s right. He technically worked for us. Then he was on the FBI’s 10 most wanted list for acts of terrorism, but never for 9/11 because (get ready) the FBI doesn’t even have the evidence to link him to the attacks! When you do the research you will see that the “evidence” made public of his involvement was laughable at best, and there is nothing sillier or more far-fetched than the official government story. “Bin Laden’s death” was another hoax designed to keep us in Afghanistan by proving that “the War on Terror is working.” USA! USA! USA!

We won’t go any further into this territory and I’ll let my list of links provide the details.  But again, do not misinterpret me. There is no grand conspiracy that the government YOU know is a part of. These events come from behind the scenes and they are consequences of the bankers’ global monopolistic gaming strategy. This is just the way it’s been going on through a lot of our history, and there is plenty of documentation to prove this. These problems are self-perpetuating in the structure of our money-flow, and the grand majority of people working in these financial institutions are entirely unaware of what they’re really involved in. It’s not that the world is being controlled through puppet strings at the hands of an evil cult run by Dick Cheney. It’s international organized crime at the highest level.  This group happened to figure out the ultimate pyramid scheme, and created this seemingly indestructible power structure/empire that keeps so many millions at war and in poverty, while they sit at the top with close to 50% of the world’s wealth. The rest gets divided between the other 99%  – hence the Occupy Movement.

If you don’t think anyone could be this evil, than you don’t know the history. The Gulf of Tonkin incident is just one example of an admitted false flag operation, which led to the Vietnam war, killing over a million. Operation Northwoods is another good place to start ( These people do what they want because it doesn’t affect them and it makes them preposterously rich. They have trillions of dollars. Nobody with that amount of money and power can be trusted. What, do you think they’re going to be normal empathetic people with regular values? Come on…

The reason most people reject this type of information is because of their egos. They don’t want to believe that they’ve been tricked or manipulated, especially by someone they trust. They want to believe they’re smarter than the propaganda, but that’s only because they don’t have any understanding of how easy it is to manipulate the public through control of the media and other institutions. There are entire declassified government manuals for this, and straight mind control is also a lot easier than most realize. Here are a couple of mind-control demonstrations by Darren Brown that you might find interesting:

So, don’t feel stupid if you’ve been tricked, but don’t be stupid and accept what you’re told or dismiss this type of information without researching and analyzing it for yourself. Learn about alternative news media and trust me, you will never go back. This is the most important issue of our time for a number of major reasons, the first being that the collapse of our country’s government  and economy is in their financial interest and it doesn’t matter who wins the wars, because they aren’t really a part of our country.

Once a country’s government goes bankrupt and collapses, the world bank buys up all of the country’s assets at a fraction of the price, thereby enslaving the country and controlling all of its industries. This has happened countless times throughout history, and in my sources you will see government manual explaining how to bankrupt a country through war and then seize its government, resources and primary industries (as well as interviews with John Perkins, author of Confessions of an Economic Hitman).

When OUR currency finally fails (and we are practically there already) because it has no more value, they can then introduce their one-world currency, the Amero, to replace the dollar, and this will be the means by which they can finally establish their one-world-government and achieve global domination (in a sense) –keeping everyone underneath impoverished, and under heavy control and surveillance. That has always been the agenda and it’s been speculated that that this is why FEMA (yes, the same FEMA that did such an awesome job with Katrina) has evidently built refugee camps all over our country, to contain us if or when this happens. Sound like fun?

The other reason it’s the most important issue is that the game is finally up. 20 years ago false flag operations were easier to get away with, but they underestimated the free flow of information on the internet in 2001. Now a majority of the people in this country and around the world believe that our government was at least on some level involved in the attacks and the ensuing cover-up, because they’ve had access to nearly 10-years worth of hard evidence.

An intellectual revolution and global uprising has begun as a result of this revelation, coupled with the global depression. People are waking up faster than ever, so now they will have no choice but to escalate their war efforts, as you’ve seen happening, and secure their control over the countries with the most important resources such as oil. They will push us into World War III as quickly as possible: Asia and the Middle East vs North America, Europe and Israel. The system will do whatever it has to for self-preservation including more 9/11-style attacks and false flag operations. That is why this is so important, and so dangerous, and this is why we have to act now and take our country back.

I’ll leave it there on the issue of the FED, but hopefully what I’ve shared will inspire some further investigation (the best documentaries about this are The Money Masters, The Secret of Oz and the first two Zeitgeist films). In the long term, this really is the key to endingwars, ending poverty and ending our use of oil all together (for those environmentally minded folks –The FED is Big Oil essentially). Nothing will ever be perfect, but the idea that we can’t bring an end to these broad social deficiencies is the greatest trick the devil ever played.

Don’t let anyone tell you that we always have to fight wars because there will always be evil people. The tyrants reach their positions from doing business with us, and the only reason there would always be war, is because it is always profitable. It has never been about your protection, and we wouldn’t need to worry about people wanting to bomb us if we weren’t tangled up in this evil web. Our country was hijacked, plain and simple, and now it’s time to take back our liberty and put an end to this madness once and for all.

Money Masters:

The Secret of Oz:

Zeitgeist the Movie and Zeitgeist Addendum:


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