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September 16, 2012

“Universal Healthcare” and “Medicare for All” are just words. How’s that going by the way? Are you enjoying your free universal healthcare under Obama? I’m sorry, you don’t even have Healthcare? I rest my case. “Obama Care” (God I’m sick of hearing that term) doesn’t bring us anywhere close to what you think of as universal healthcare, as much as I wanted it to. No matter how many different ways they babble about it, it only forces more people and businesses to buy really shitty expensive plans FROM A THRID PARTY, and you end up with around 10-12million more people who are technically insured (still close to 40 million without it) as we INCREASE military spending. Here’s a bizarrely well kept secret for you… YOU WILL NEVER HAVE UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE, no matter how many consecutive times we elect a Wall Street democrat, like Obama. I repeat, it will be IMPOSSIBLE for us to have a social democracy like Sweden or Canada, until we completely reform our foreign and monetary policies.

Those countries only have the capability for such a system, because they’re non-militaristic nations, and this is because we are controlling their oil supply with our military. In order to be like them, we would have to end our dependence on oil and cut all of our military spending (that does not include defense spending). Until we do that, it just ain’t gonna happen, and as we’ve learned, we will never be able to get off the oil and change our foreign policy while those very interests are in control of our government via the FED. I would like us very much to move in the direction of a social democracy, and even though Ron Paul prefers a different approach, he has expressed that a “socialized” medical system would not be the end of the world. Back when it actually looked like we were going to get universal healthcare, I remember him saying that he’s a realist about it, and that’s what the public wants, but we should at least end the wars so we can pay for the new system.

So there’s no reason for the issue healthcare to end the discussion between liberal progressives and libertarian conservatives like Ron Paul (and prevent what could be the most powerful political coalition in ages). Furthermore, Paul’s healthcare proposals are NOTHING like what the republicans want (just what we had before), and I am now convinced that he offers an even better solution than Universal Healthcare, which is equally compassionate and far reaching.

First, by auditing the FED to reverse inflation, and correcting our tax code so everyone is AT LEAST 15% more wealthy, Health Insurance would become EASILY AFFORDABLE by just about anyone. The new transparency that insurance companies would be required to follow (since they can’t hide behind “regulations” anymore), would drive the prices of services down through open competition. Ron Paul uses technology as an example to illustrate that the quality of the products increases exponentially and they become cheaper and cheaper, which is why poor people end up with computers and cell phones. It would work exactly the same way with health insurance, and it would if the federal government wasn’t involved.

You see unlike Obama, Ron Paul wants to end the sleazy relationship between the government and big insurance corporations. After all it’s the regulations that allow them to operate without transparency, fix prices, force people into debt, and interfere with the doctor/patient relationship. Why should we be forced to see a doctor for every tiny medical need? We should be able to have about 90% of our needs covered by nurses at $10-30 a pop, instead of being FORCED by insurance companies to pay hundreds or thousands of dollars to see a doctor and get a basic treatment. Do you really think those treatments cost that much to perform? We should be paying pennies compared to what they charge, but we can never know the real answer to that question, because there is no transparency, and therefore, no accountability. That is why they can literally get away with murder.

What would we liberals enjoy more than actually getting the government out of bed with big insurance and big pharma, and ending that relationship for good? We should be overjoyed at the very thought that someone in politics still believes this is possible and has made it his goal. It’s the equivalent of cutting out the middle man and taking away their power to abuse. The monetary and tax reform measures would allow charities to thrive once again and care for the most desperate individuals, so nobody is EVER denied. Additionally the open competition would create incentives for the insurance companies to offer deals and retroactive policies, meaning if an uninsured person gets injured they can sign up and receive full, or mostly full, coverage for their emergency treatment. States would also still be allowed to have state run-programs, with more socialized structures, so the burden wouldn’t fall entirely on the charities. But that doesn’t even matter, because, once again, our monetary and tax reform reduce that burden down to a fraction of what it is today. NOBODY GETS THROWN OUT ON THE STREETS. It’s amazing how many times I’ve heard him say that, and to this day people still think that Ron Paul wants to let people die if they’re uninsured. That is alarmingly ignorant.

I thought I’d save the best point for last on this subject, because it’s really amazing. Are you ready? The other part of Ron Paul’s healthcare would be a part of his tax reform. EVERY PERSON would receive annual tax credits for major medical needs. This means that a portion of your income would be withheld in case of such needs. If you run into a major health issue, it is covered by this reserve. If you DON’T use it (drum roll please), you get a FULL REFUND at the end of the year! How the hell does this not make sense to people? Of course the idea sounds crazy, because it would stop the big insurance companies from making criminally absurd amounts of money off you, and help small insurance companies enter the market and compete! But it’s perfectly reasonable to structure health care this way and it ACCOMPLISHES THE SAME THING AS UNIVERSAL HEALTHCARE: everyone receives care, and nobody goes into debt because they got sick.

This is the system we were supposed to have until big insurance companies took over the government. As Ron Paul stated, “For decades, the U.S. healthcare system was the envy of the entire world. Not coincidentally, there was far less government involvement in medicine during this time. America had the finest doctors and hospitals, patients enjoyed high-quality, affordable medical care, and thousands of private charities provided health services for the poor. Doctors focused on treating patients, without the red tape and threat of lawsuits that plague the profession today. Most Americans paid cash for basic services, and had insurance only for major illnesses and accidents. This meant both doctors and patients had an incentive to keep costs down, as the patient was directly responsible for payment, rather than an HMO or government program.”

In his entire career in Medicine Ron Paul has never accepted insurance money. He always negotiated the prices directly with his patients to what they could afford. If they couldn’t afford the treatment, they didn’t’ pay for it, simple as that. Here is a testimony from one of his patients-, and here is Ron Paul commenting on the story:

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