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#8 Ron Paul is Hip to Alternative Medicine and Organic Food

September 16, 2012

And that’s no laughing matter… There are thousands of treatments and remedies for illnesses and chronic health conditions that are proven to be far more effective than any of the dangerous products from the pharmaceutical industry, which kill thousands every year. Nutritional Therapy for example can effectively cure numerous types of cancer and deadly illnesses, but it is ILLEGAL to treat patients with these methods alone in most states. You would never be told about any of these options or methods, because doctors’ jobs are to sell you Big Pharma drugs and treatments, which lead to more complications and then require more drugs and treatments, because this is how they were taught to practice in today’s med schools. It’s about a million times more profitable to TREAT sickness than it is to cure it, which is why the pharmaceutical industry lobbies congress to keep alternative medicine illegal, and this is how the medical industrial complex works. It is also another glaring indicator of how fundamentally flawed our monetary system is.

Sickness and death are industries, and  two of the largest. American’s spend more than 2 trillion dollars per year on healthcare which creates a “positive effect”: our country’s GDP actually increases with sickness and deaths, so there is NO common interest left between companies making profits and actually trying to solve these problems. That would end type of mass profits, so the corporations use the government to avoid that. You will not see less cancer and chronic deceases. It will continue to skyrocket as it has non-coincidentally over the past several decades, because it’s making people filthy rich -not to mention that it’s easier to control a population when everyone is sick, dying and broke. How much worse does it have to get? Are we not terrified and sickened enough as it is?

Under current laws, the federal government may literally send thugs to kick down the doors of alternative medicine organizations, on behalf of Big Pharma, and outlaw their treatments, because THEY get to decide if it’s “too dangerous.” Of course it’s really just about preventing alternative medicine from taking business away from Big Pharma, which kills and addicts people by the millions, and this is why Ron Paul says people should be allowed to “practice what they want.” Alternative medicine should be allowed to develop and compete in the market without being STOPPED by the government, on behalf of big business. It’s MURDER for the government to allow this and they have no right under the constitution to stand in the way. Paul talks about this frequently during healthcare discussions, but it’s never included in media sound bites. Of course Paul is the opposite of a sound-bite politician (almost enough to win my vote by itself), and you have to listen to full discussions to really catch what he’s talking about.

On the other side of this you have the food industrial complex, which feeds and runs parallel to the medical industrial complex. Do you ever wonder where all of these mystery cancers and deceases came from over the just over last several decades, a time through which saw the end of localized food production? Ever wonder why so many kids have autism, ADHD, let alone obesity and diabetes, or where the Hell Alzheimer’s came from? Did you know that all three of those have links to processed food? Ever wonder how rich people get treating those diseases? Did you know that in our public schools we feed children the same toxic, chemical ridden, sugar-latent garbage that the feed prisoners in order to keep them lazy and stupid? Yes, bad nutrition absolutely makes you stupid, because it turns you into a junky starting at a very young age, and this is another key to keeping the rest of society exactly where it is; in a state of rapid deterioration, while the top few can experience exponential growth and perfect health.

What’s more is that the synthetic chemicals in processed foods have carcinogenic properties, addictive substances, and the FDA does not even require companies to list all of the additives that they include. This is because the FDA works on behalf of the Monsanto and other processed food giants. Like most federal departments, the FDA is not there to protect your health. That’s just what we were taught to believe. The FDA is actually trying to change the legal definition of -organic- so they can co-opt the public’s shift to natural products, in light of this information. That is why more and more people are growing their own food and starting local farms.

But the government interference doesn’t end there. They can also send SWAT teams in to raid and shut down farms that produce raw milk (or anything THEY decide is dangerous), even if there has not been a SINGAL public complaint.  Did you know that when you pasteurize milk, you sacrifice almost all of the vitamins and nutrients that fight diseases, prevent arthritis, and enhance the body’s defense mechanisms? This is what we give up to avoid a just tiny chance of getting salmonella, in exchange for added hormones, and chemicals that are linked to heart diseases, and historically, at much higher risk for poisoning or contamination.

Don’t get me wrong. I think raw milk sounds revolting and I will never become a raw milk drinker, but how in Christ is it possible that the US government has the ability trespass into my private home and stop me from drinking something that MIGHT make me sick (but will probably have the opposite effect make and make me healthier than average)? Is it not my right to chose mostly helpful bacteria with nutrients, over chemically contaminated cancer causing additives? Am I not even allowed to pick my poison, or decide for myself which one is more dangerous?

HELL NO, people. That is a cartoonishly absurd violation of our rights, which is why Ron Paul always brings up the issue of “raw milk freedom” (for anyone who was confused by it at first like I was). It’s the perfect example of how far we’ve come in our police state, on the road to tyranny. That is not freedom and Ron Paul wants to stop this insanity. No more allowing the federal government to subsidize corporate crops and farms to maintain their competitive advantage over small organic farms. Why should it be more expensive for regular people to eat if they want to be healthy and not get cancer? And no more allowing the FDA to raid your farms and local markets.

Paul is right. This has reached an insane level and it’s time to get rid of these “departments of such and such,” who are actually hired thugs and extortionists (both literally and symbolically) for the largest corporations who want to remain in total control at whatever cost. Removing this element would allow a swift return to local food production and a rapid rise in the availability of healthy, uncontaminated and unprocessed foods that people can afford. Nothing will be more crucial to our survival as a civilization, than localizing food production, because today our food supply is completely vulnerable. Thanks to globalization, nothing will accelerate a mass human die off faster than our food supply becoming threatened. This priority should be right up there at the top with monetary reform and an education overhaul.

If you wanted to take it even one step further and consider the way this system works together with the medical industry to keep you sick and stupid and dying in masses, feeding the machine with our blood and lining the pockets of billionaires, we can just be honest and call it what it is: genocide. Will genocide inspire us to start listening Ron Paul, and supporting for him regardless of what the corporate media says, or does it have to get to the point where people are getting killed in the streets? I wish this was just paranoia, but we’re already reaching that point, and once we’ve gotten there it will be far too late. Can’t say he didn’t warn us… Structural violence is still violence, and it is far more deadly.

As for what Obama will do about this… Well… He just appointed Monsanto VP Tom Visack to USDA Chief. You be the judge.

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