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Favorite Videos and Documentaries

September 16, 2012


“Banned” Interview:

Full National Press Club Speech:

Full Speech NH:

Full Speech SC:

Speech on Compassion:

War Drums Speech:

Anonymous Paul video:

Tear Jerking Paul Video:

Chinese Troops in Texas:

Ron Paul A New Hope:

Buffalo Springfield Ron Paul ad:

Ron Paul Bad Dream:

Ron Paul What If:

Paul vs War Propaganda:

Paul’s Masses:

Paul Imagine:

CIA Chief Endorses Ron Paul:

Bill Maher on Ron Paul:

Maher interview:

Paul Nader Kucinich Alliance/Occupy:

Nader on Paul:

Progressive Libertarian Alliance:

Nader on Tea Party:

Nader’s Grand Alliance:

Paul Anti War Video:

Jefferson of our Time:

Top 10 Paul Moments:

Neutering Newt (priceless):

Best of Paul in 15mn:

Greatest Moments:

Paul Defending Occupy:

Paul vs Establishment:

Paul destroying Romney:

Destroying Debate Moderator:

Destroying Michelle Bachmann:

Destroying Rick Santorum:

Smacking Down Anchor:

Paul vs Establishment Ad:

World Endorsing Ron Paul:

Media vs Paul:

Drug War on Compassion:

On Poverty:

Paul Anti-Neocon:

Democrats for Paul:

Paul on Left and Right:

Howard Stern on Ron Paul:

Compassion on Dr. Paul:

Compassion and the Human Spirit:

Ron Paul the Movie:

RNC Destroying Democracy:

FAVORITE MIND BLOWING VIDEOS AND DOCUMENTARIES (I recommend the full trilogy in sequential order) (The Money Masters) (The Secret of Oz) (Paradise or Oblivion) (IFC’s New World Order)  (Collapse –full movie on Youtube & Netflix St) (End of America) (Truth Rising) (The Obama Deception) (Architects and Engineers -9/11 Truth) (Who is Peter Joseph?) (Peter Joseph Lecture: Where are we Going?) (Peter Joseph – Defining Peace) (Thrive -full movie on Youtube) (Disclosure Project –National Press Club) (Why College is a Scam) (Food Matters -full movie on Netflix stream) (RT News -best news channel) (Idiot Cycle) (Escape Fire Trailer) (Peter Joseph vs Stefan Molyneux) (Peter Joseph and Ron Paul Rap –funny) (Peter Joseph on Joe Rogan) (Understanding The Zeitgeist Movement) (Incredible Michael Ruppert Speech –removed from Youtube –if video is choppy, the MP3 plays perfectly)

NOTE: The UFO stuff is more for fun than anything else. I have no idea if there’s truth to any of that, but it’s fascinating, and it does tie into a lot of the subject matter in this essay. Enjoy:)


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