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September 16, 2012

I am a life-long self-identified liberal/progressive because of how I interpret my own set of values. In the end it’s just a meaningless label that has no real consistency throughout history. Many do not realize that there is a strong anti-war tradition in the republican party, and it is also the party that ended slavery, so in the end, who cares which “side” the correct ideas come from, as long as they are the correct ideas? The-two party system of today is actually under the control of the corporate establishment and it’s used to manipulate the public into fighting against each other, while supporting the same militaristic corporate agenda. Through the uses of televised debates and propaganda, this is part of an age old divide -and-conquer strategy, essentially designed to confuse us, and it has remained very effective over these last decades, mostly by creating the illusion of choice.

The purpose of this essay is to explain in bullet-point why I believe that Ron Paul best serves all of my core values as a liberal.  I will explain exactly why his initiatives and proposals make him the most progressive candidate running for president, even though he identifies his value system from a conservative stand point (which he only means in the oldest traditional sense of the word -not at all what you think of as “conservative” today, and not sinister in any sense). Then I will systematically address all of the myths that most liberals believe about him, and explain exactly why you cannot believe what any of the mainstream media say about him, no matter which side it’s coming from. I will explain in detail why the establishment is so afraid of Ron Paul and intent on destroying him, why there is absolutely no difference between voting for Romney and voting for Obama, and that the only way to stop the war machine, drastically reduce poverty, get healthcare to those who lack it and protect our environment, is to not vote at all in 2012, or write in Ron Paul.

I know those are very difficult pills to swallow or come to terms with because for years I believed in the -lesser of two evils- argument. I liked Ron Paul in 2008, but I was overwhelmed with my hate for neocons like Bush/Cheney and McCain/Palin, Romney etc, but what I’ve learned is that there’s no real difference.  I know it’s almost impossible to imagine that Obama himself is actually a neocon, but I beg you to please hear me out and do your best to approach the information I’m going to share with an open mind. The truth is that Obama, much to my own disappointment, is just as dangerous and destructive as George W. Bush, and Ron Paul is in fact the next JFK. That’s right… A “republican” is the John F. Kennedy of our generation, as strange as that sounds.

At the end I will provide a list of the most fascinating and important, freely available videos and documentaries available online that will challenge the way you think and direct you to a world of resources that you can investigate analyze and judge for yourself. Let me make it clear that this is a badly written INFORMAL essay. Yes I will use all caps to illustrate my tone and I don’t care if that’s annoying. There will be spelling and grammar issues, sloppy sentences, and it probably isn’t 100% accurate. But there is enough truth to what I’ll share to make it worthy of consideration. Sorry I didn’t start this a year earlier.

I’m not going to bother citing all of my claims in this essay, but if you have questions about any of the specifics, I will be happy to engage in discussions and back up any points with sources and documentation to the best of my ability. Pretty much everything will be covered in the numerous links that I’ll be providing though, and we all have the tools to do our own research, as long as the internet is protected that is…

Let’s get started.


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