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Defending Palestine Not Anti Semitic

November 1, 2012

NOTE: POST IS BEING RE-WRITTEN – learned a lot more about this topic over the last couple of years…

Being into these subjects, you hear a lot about Zionism. I’m personally not very fixated on it (as I haven’t studied it enough) and I think there tends to be a some hysteria around the issue. Sometimes people are a little too quick to blame the Zionist this or that when a scandal emerges, and it becomes superstitious, ultimately lending itself to anti-semitic kookery.

I understand Zionism is real and that it’s a big part of the global empire, but there are also non-zionist/non-Isreali elements. I also think there are self-proclaimed “Zionists,” who were born into it and indoctrinated to a degree, but don’t necessary subscribe to the most extreme versions. Those who do ARE unfortunately very dangerous and powerful.

It’s easy to get accused of anti-semitism if you single out (or even bring up) this subject, which is very problematic because it’s a badly needed discussion.  The accusation, of course, is pure slander. Zionist DOES NOT MEAN JEWISH. Playing “the holocaust card” and using one of history’s great tragedies to score political points, and excuse other genocieds is disgusting, unforgivable, totally transparent… And somehow still VERY effective…

Whenever I feel that implication being directed at me for disliking the Israeli government, my arguments are always the same: A) I don’t like my own government, or Islamic extremism any better (although suicide bombers are a text-book inevitability of any occupation A.K.A. “Blowback”), B ) I don’t believe in unconditional support for ANY NATION, C) A nation’s government is not its people, and D) I stand in solidarity with the of tens of thousands of Israelis who protest their government’s war crimes and occupations, just as we should our own, and are ignored by the media.



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