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Making Sense of Conspiracies

May 25, 2013


I AM NOT A CONSPIRACY THEORIST. I do not “study conspiracy theories.” I sometimes study history and world events. If you study history, the only difference between us is that my sources of information weren’t given to me by weapons manufactures, banking cartels, pharmaceutical corporations and other lying, mass murdering institutions who control your government, and much of the information throughout our culture.

Conspiracy theorists look for connections within events as a hobby, or they’re superstitious idiots who get used to undermine real TRUTH ACTIVISM, and help billionaires get away with mass murder in broad daylight. The next person who calls me a “conspiracy theorist” gets a head-butt. Ha just kidding. A few of us in society still believe in non-aggression.

But seriously, people like me have NO interest in conspiracy as a concept. I find it boring as hell, and annoying when it’s a bunch of idiots parroting some crazy bullshit they saw online without any investigation. But addressing the many factual criminal conspiracies within our corporatocracy is about activism.

You can’t be anti-war without accepting in the notion of conspiracy, like a rational person who can think for him/herself, because all war is based on lies organized mass deception. All wars are about business, and they are never about protection or humanitarianism. Ever…

Decades of covert operations, assassinations, coups and false flag terror attacks, which involved multiple nations, billions of dollars, media cover-ups, and millions of deaths… These are not theories. These are proven documented events that happened throughout history, all there for you to examine, but hidden from us in our schools and state-run media.

To everyone who likes to throw “the other C word” around, without ever discussing specifics, let me ask you a question: Are there actual conspiracy theories you take issue with, or is it just the term -conspiracy theory- that you’re so against?

Do you realize how manipulated you are if your brain shuts off to an idea the minute you think those words? Those who categorically reject all conspiracies based on a SLOGAN that was MARKETED TO THEM, are intellectually challenged, and that’s being VERY generous. Other popular slogans have included WMDs, Access of Evil, Mission Accomplished, Cut and Run and so on (read “Propaganda” by Edward Bernays).

Is the argument that there are no real conspiracies? I guess the Iran Contra Affair, Gulf of Tonkin Incident, Bay of Pigs, Tuskegee Experiment and Operation Northwoods are just provable figments of my imagination. I guess Dwight Eisenhower and JFK were just a couple of kooks:

Listen to those paranoid lunatics talking about “monolithic conspiracies”, “secret societies” and “threats to our liberty,” pfffffffff! What a couple of crack pots! Conspiracy is just one of those crimes in law books for no reason, right? There really haven’t been vast conspiracies and media cover-ups that led to thousands of deaths, or top ranking government officials being convicted of CONSPIRACY (–Contra_affair#Indictments).

That’s just paranoid… And Bin Laden was the only person with something to gain from 9/11, so just shut up and accept every part of that official story too. No reason to question a word of it, or wonder if anyone else was involved.

PLEASE watch AT LEAST the first 10 minutes of professor/journalist/activist Ry Dawson’s video presentation. Ignore the Loose Change and Alex Jones disinformation camp:

NOTE: I Should clarify that I don’t have a problem with people who research conspiracy theories as a hobby. Just those who don’t know how to do research and carelessly promote disinformation about real events… Not tryin to be a hater;) I do like UFO documentaries as form of entertainment.


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