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Important Videos to Watch, Share and Research

June 26, 2013


I hate posting dramatic messages and sounding like an alarmist. I realize it’s a turnoff. But this isn’t about fear mongering. Everyone has to know about this situation and what they can do about it, because we’ve officially run out of time.

The US is preparing for a full-out war in Syria and the media are tying to hide it. That means the beginning of World War III. After Syria comes Iran. China and Russia are siding with them and have promised retaliation, but we’re proceeding anyway.

Everything I post relates to this end game; America being dragged into WW3, and becoming a violent full-blown dictatorship. This is not a political belief or a paranoid fantasy.  It is happening NOW and it is the reason I never shut up.

I think we can all agree by now that fascism, imperialism, government collapses, conspiracies and world wars are in fact real things that occur. Let’s accept this like adults and move on because it IS possible to change it. The solutions exist and we outnumber “them” 99-1.

I hope to god we never see an armed revolution or WW3. There is no coming back from that. I want this to end with a mass awakening and mass civil disobedience. The only way that can happen is if everyone becomes well informed TODAY.

I urge everyone to stop voting (or write-in candidates without Wall St. affiliations). Boycott the US government, state run media and their corporate controllers as much as possible until they end the FED and bring ALL our troops home.

NO MORE MILITARISM PERIOD. Demand it. It’s not needed. Non-aggressive nations have NOTHING TO FEAR.

Please watch and share the following videos

Future of US and World War 3 from Storm Clouds Gathering (shorter videos)


Money Masters 1&2 (hands down the most informative docs ever created about our fake monetary system)

Zeitgeist 1 & 2

NOTE: If you’re a person of faith, please do not be deterred by Zeitgeist 1’s deconstruction of religion, as it is meant to illustrate the poisonous relationship between religious institutions, and the corporate, government, military and financial institutions that control the world. There is plenty of room for people of faith and faith-based organizations in this movement and others that fight for truth, justice and world peace.

“Defining Peace” and “Where Are We Going?”

American Radical

War By Deception , More than Taboo and Decades of Deception

Favorite Dawson Rants

Larken Rose

-for more recommendations see my post “FAVORITE VIDEOS AND DOCUMENTARIES” along with “24 Reasons for Liberals to Write In Ron Paul”


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