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Independent Thoughts on Independence Day

July 5, 2014


The military industrial complex is run by US, Israeli and British intelligence agencies. Operating together covertly for decades, the CIA, Mossad and MI6 have been under the control of central bankers, who should be thought of the world’s most powerful cartel or mafia. The profiteering families who own these banking institutions (Chase, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Lehman bros etc) can be thought of as kings or emperors. I look at them as genocidal dictators, disguised and hidden behind their puppet superpower governments, responsible for the murder of over 6 million people since waging war on the third world over resources;

The takeover began when these families and their associates figured out a structure that would allow them to externally control the value of nation’s currencies, putting the nations at their mercy, and leading themselves into a path of global dominance. The revolutionary war was actually a currency war against these imperialist forces, ( and it wasn’t actually won. We aren’t really free today. These “kings” stayed in control behind the curtains, by changing the structure and method, holding onto their power through force of military, covert operations, assassinations, coups and false flag terrorism.

Slavery never actually ended. The oligarchs just figured out a smarter and more lucrative way to enslave the masses and commit genocide as they expand their empire; disguising it so that it becomes a voluntary process. They turned cancer and death into a multi-trillion dollar industry, along with prison incarceration and wars of aggression; they knowingly continue to poison our air, food and water, over vaccinate and hook us on harmful medications and treatments, while criminalizing marijuana, raw milk, effective nutritional therapies and alternative medicine, even the collection of rainwater on your own property.

Today’s medical, financial and government institutions are structured in such a way that the oppression and mass destruction is self-perpetuating. It’s not that these institutions are filled with people secretly plotting to harm you, or that employees have any awareness of the evil they support. It’s a reward system; doctors practice medicine a certain way that ultimately serves big pharma and insurance companies, putting the interests of corporations ahead of yours. In turn they are guaranteed middle to high income salaries. Try to serve the people and use alternative methods that aren’t owned by these interests, and you will be punished or caged by government thugs. Treating problems is profitable, where as resolving or curing them would put greedy sociopaths out of business.

That’s not to say there aren’t many great doctors trying to do good within the broken system, or doing their best to help change it for the better. It’s the same with puppet politicians and media schills; they can try to do good, or they can play the game, spreading deceptive propaganda for these murderous dictators, and get rewarded with giant mansions and armed security. In this case if they rise to the top by playing the game unwittingly, then realize the truth and try to act up, their careers and lives will be destroyed, families threatened, or they’ll be murdered like Michael Hastings and many others. Mainstream politicians and journalists can’t help even if they want to. For most, playing ball and serving the man is simply a matter of survival.

Cancer, death, war, incarceration and mass poverty are in fact tremendously profitable for the rulers; it’s the reason we haven’t evolved passed human operated vehicles that would prevent all car accidents, and vertical agriculture that could literally feed every single person on earth in abundance. That’s right, we’re hundreds of years behind where we should be technologically, medically, socially and spiritually, because of things like Planned Obsolescence, Fractional Reserve Lending, Keynesian Economics, suppression of science, information, new technology and clean energy… These are the mechanisms built into the design to keep the rest of us exactly where we are; poisoned and enslaved through a debt-based monetary system that is completely inefficient, structurally violent and ecologically unsustainable.

If we eliminated central banking (ending the Federal Reserve and with it the criminal IRS and CIA) and adopted Austrian Economics, we could fill our grocery carts with $20, gas tanks with around $10, receive all kinds of medical services for 20-50 bucks a pop, and ultimately evolve passed traditional money all together. We would move towards an entirely new social system that can actually allow everyone in society to prosper (a “steady state” or “resource-based economy”) and virtually eliminate all war and poverty for good. Yes it is possible.

Today’s society is controlled by institutions which, by default, serve the interests of the top 1% who alone have trillions of dollars. TRILLIONS.  Nothing is being earned, it’s being stolen, and it means the rest of the world must suffer from wide spread abject poverty and never-ending conflict. That WOULD NOT EXIST without central banking. What we have is not natural. It does not have to be this way. War is NOT a part of human nature contrary to what most are socially conditioned to believe. Here is a fantastic lecture to deconstruct this mindset called “Defining Peace”: I also recommend the books “Why Peace” and “War is a Racket” to anyone who still buys into the false justifications for war.

Sports culture and schools teach us that competition is natural and healthy so that we can rationalize war and monopolistic tyranny. We learn all about “survival of the fittest” and nothing about Darwin’s other lessons; that because humans don’t have the physical strength and speed of our primate relatives, we make up for it with our ability to think and cooperate with each other, and that’s how we should operate as a species.

They don’t teach about the successful social systems of cooperation and sharing developed by early civilizations such as the Iroquois, or how advanced they really were. They don’t teach about the many hundreds of years of prosperity that occurred under non-debt based monetary systems in England and Rome. They don’t talk about how our country once had a medical system that was the envy of the world and provided care even for those who couldn’t afford it. Our educational system was designed by the Rockefellers’ National Education Association (NEA) to indoctrinate children into supporting their war machine and corporatocracy; an outdated joke, there to serve the masters through mass social conditioning and brainwashing:,

What we have today is not a case of some doing better than others in a free open market. It’s 1% of the world’s population owning over 40% of the world’s wealth, and forcing the other 99% to divide the rest. This is 34,000 children dying every single day of preventable disease and poverty, and 50% of the world living on less than $2/day. This is not “normal” for humanity. It has  NOT always been this way. Humanity’s progress was hijacked, the most successful experiments derailed, and an enslaving power structure put in place just over 100 years ago (the Federal Reserve Act of 1913). The social system we have today is the result.

This is corruption, theft and tyranny of the highest form, even when it’s made “legal” through bribery, even when it’s normalized by our culture and media; it’s a different model of fascism with global ambitions – a plutocracy, that’s actually held up by widespread war and poverty, not designed to ever improve or change for the betterment of society, but rather go through the cycles we’ve seen throughout history; boom and bust, boom and bust… Every time the bubble predictively pops, the poor and middle class get wiped out, and their money is fraudulently funneled back up to the top. The system does not work without the bust, so it will never actually change. IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO.

When thousands of people lose their homes and businesses, the banking institutions can buy up all of the assets for pennies on the dollar, and push people further into debt; a healthy incentive to ruin our economy over and over again. Those who are directly impacted and try to fight back can simply be locked away indefinitely without trial, get tortured or even killed by our militarized law enforcers; something to keep in mind while celebrating our “freedom.” Those of us who aren’t directly affected have no idea what would be possible under a different, democratized model because the truth has been hidden from us, and we’re given enough perks to remain content in our little bubbles. That’s our reward for living under the rule of the oppressor and not causing too much trouble.

War and poverty have a very simple but powerful root cause; and the first step towards ending them, so humanity can evolve to reach its full potential, are enough people recognizing this root problem for what it is, and re-evaluating pretty much everything we’ve been taught, or think we understand. There needs to be a global shift in consciousness and human awareness. We need to realize that nothing separates us. All humans share a symbiotic relationship; we’re part of a single living organism, sharing the exact same needs, and those who are being butchered every day are very much a part of us, spiritually and physically. They are family. They are us.

Thankfully there are signs that a critical mass is finally waking up, but that also presents a certain danger. Today the fascist plutocrats who control our government behind the curtains want to build pipelines through the Middle East, so they can literally rule and enslave the world by controlling its most valuable resources. And while I don’t believe the majority of conspiracy theories about 9/11, I think the official story is among the dumbest of all. Anyone can see it if they take enough time to research it; 9/11 was a black ops false flag operation executed to gain public support for an invasion and indefinite war in the middle east, against an enemy that doesn’t exist.

Let me go on record saying that I am not afraid or ashamed to admit that I believe 9/11 was orchestrated by these groups; a joint operation between US, British and Israeli intelligence operatives, financed by their profiteering business partners, and I believe that this has been proven. PNAC (Project for the New American Century – a neoconservative/zionist think tank with members in the highest levels of media and government, founded by Dick Cheney) was the organization that benefited most from the attacks and our invasions that followed (, and have been caught lying on record and making incriminating statements. 5 Israeli spies were arrested after some of them were witnessed filming and celebrating the attacks as they occurred, showing clear prior knowledge. Two of them were caught on the George Washington bridge in a van packed full of C4 explosives.

This was reported across the media. The coverage wasn’t available to the public until years after the attacks and the invasion of Iraq, but you can now find all of the footage of the reports online (, along with police reports detailing the positive identifications, the polygraphs all of them failed, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, conflicting stories, tickets to flee the country, highlighted maps of NY, NJ along with building and bridge plans. Then the spies were suddenly taken out of custody by the CIA and flown out of the country (like they always are when they get caught). The numerous stories about the arrests and van packed with explosives were then redacted from the news organizations and never acknowledged again.

To this day nobody can explain why building 7 collapsed at free fall speed into its own foot print without being struck by a plane (an obvious controlled demolition and likely the intended target of flight 93), or why both CNN and the BBC reported building 7’s collapse a full 20 min before it happened; but it’s because they have to report what the pentagon tells them, and the are on record accidentally jumping the script, when you can see the building still standing behind them through a live feed ( It’s also a fact that the elevator and sprinkler system repair companies working at the twin towers just before the attack were confirmed to be fronts for the Mossad, and witnesses were murdered following the arrests.

These are just a few of the facts that convinced me; barely the tip of the iceberg… I do not believe in a missile hitting the pentagon, passengers faking their deaths or any of the other nonsense and disinformation that can be disproven. The reason this is important is because there will be more 9/11-style attacks to initiate further military expansion and escalation, once they’ve run out of reasons and the public finally turns back against them. That’s the entire purpose of false flag terrorism, to instill an undying fear in the public so they give up their freedoms and support military actions to serve their geopolitical agendas. We can expect more false flag attacks at home and around the world, as long as the majority of people don’t understand or accept this reality.

Think your government would never intentionally harm you? You’re right. Most of the public faces in your government are normal people; some good, some bad, but certainly not trying to hurt, kill or profit from anyone’s death. But those people are not actually your government. The shadow government agencies are in control, and those organizations are owned by the world’s most powerful mafia dictators, who seek to decide the course of humanity and remain in control. From Gulf of Tonkin to Iran Contra, these criminals have staged countless events that killed tens of thousands of Americans, and used the mainstream media to cover up their crimes (as they did for years with Iran Contra). The puppet masters do not care. They do what they want. They are not regular people with a conscience like you an me. They’re psychopaths.

But their power and authority via government institutions is actually an illusion. They are outnumbered 99-1 and they’re weapons are meaningless. It’s only society’s religious faith in government authority (statism) that keeps them in power. All it will take is another age of enlightenment to break the chains, and people all over the world are finally waking up to what’s going on. A global intellectual revolution is underway with unprecedented volume and understanding (, thanks to the internet; our most important and powerful weapon, which they are also trying to take over and control.

Today, while we still have free information, I’d like to share some book, video and film recommendations (below) to anyone who wants to help society shift gears, and once again move in the direction of liberty, prosperity and peace. You can begin taking a stand today, by vowing to never again vote for the “lesser of two evils,” and only supporting figures like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, and others who follow their revolutionary principles and logic; candidates who will BRING ALL OUR TROOPS HOME NOW and AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

I use to be a lesser of two evils voter too. Don’t be fooled again. A vote for Hillary, is just as much a vote for the military industrial complex as it would be for another Bush. Whoever the TV tells you “can win” is an owned puppet of the world’s most destructive force. The revolution is now.

Happy 4th of July


MUST READ BOOKS (all can be found for free online or ordered very cheap)

Why Peace (

War is a Racket (

Confessions of an Economic Hitman (

End the Fed (

Black Water (

Classified Woman (

A People’s History of the United States (

Welcome to the USSA: Stop Killing People (

The Separation of Business and State (



Defining Peace Lecture (

Mind blowing lecture; Where are we going? (

Message to the Voting Cattle (

Vote your Conscience (

What Democracy?  (

9/11 in 14 min (

Debunking the Debunkers (,

Best of George Carlin- political (

Every Video on this channel (

Gods of the 21st Century (

Statism; the most powerful religion (



The Money Masters films (, )

The Zeitgeist films (

American Radical (

War by Deception (best 9/11 info –

Decades of Deception (



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