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Police Setting Fires, Troops Raping Kids

December 30, 2014

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old MantortureOakland Prisoner

Dear god can we please stop talking about North Korea and letting state run media control our dialogue? This has officially become a circus of theater and propaganda. It is a textbook coordinated distraction from our military escalations, police state, war crimes, torture, spying and participation in trafficking and terrorism.

We have the world’s most vile government. Americans think other countries are worse because we live in a cozy bubble under the rule of the greatest oppressor, unaware that our policies create the barbaric conditions and mass deprivation seen across the third world.

Whenever a country’s leader wants progress, social justice and control over the land’s resources to benefit the populations within the region, our CIA assassinates that figure and installs a dictator who will play ball with western powers. But we must be the good guys since we’re not suffering under that type of regime here, right? Our system is about spreading “freedom and democracy” and that’s why things are better at home…

Too many Americans are actually stupid enough to believe this, and we deserve whatever happens to us when the system falls apart if we continue to support and turn a blind eye to these atrocities; police murdering and assaulting thousands without any repercussions; also looting and starting fires to create riots for PR, as they always have during times of social unrest, soldiers torturing detainees and raping kids in front of their mothers at Abu Ghraib, billions of our tax dollars being used to support ethnic cleansing, terrorism and racial colonization in Palestine…

This is usually the point where I get accused of complaining about what we can’t change, since every one of these points can be supported with unshakable facts. Then I respond by saying it absolutely can change, this is why, it has to, and here are the solutions we need to push. But that’s when most people stop listening because it’s easier not to have their world shattered. There’s just too much social conditioning and indoctrination to unlearn.

Nevertheless I try to reach out from time to time and share my “radical” views incase others can relate, and I begin with the following suggestions: first, never again vote for the “lesser of two evils,” there is no such thing and it does not matter who “can win”. The outcome is the same; Wall Street bail outs, banker bonuses, mass foreclosures, 45 million people uninsured, endless wars, veterans denied care, extreme racial imbalance under our judicial system and so on.

Only vote for, or write in people like Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich; anyone who maintains a strict anti-war, anti-spying, anti-torture and anti-Federal Reserve position. Understanding the FED and history of our monetary system is the key to addressing the root cause of virtually all war and wide spread abject poverty. Ending the manipulation of our currency is the key to ending virtually all the militarism and neocolonialism that plagues our society today.

It would also be pretty cool to fill our tanks for just a few bucks, a grocery cart for about $20 and support a family on one income. Just look into what would happen if we brought down the FED and crooked IRS; every single person in every class could pay just 10% of their incomes, and the value of the dollar would be restored by around 80-90%. Roads and schools would continue to be built and maintained just as they are today with gasoline taxes and user fees, and there would be real legal and economic incentives for corporations to act responsibly, respecting our health and the environment.

Wall Street and The FED are also at the root of our militarized police forces (along with the racist War On Drugs); the banks committed a mass fraud and stole billions from the American people before they were forced to bail them out to the tune of $13 trillion. Many had lost everything and angry mobs began rising up all over the country. The CEOs and puppet politicians require armed security every time they’re in public to protect them from the masses they robbed. Millions are then dumped into building a gestapo, arming police with tanks and heavy arsenal and sending their pawns to infiltrate demonstrations and provoke violence from within the crowds.

The police were even caught setting fires to many buildings and cars during the Ferguson protests following the Mike Brown verdict. There is a bogus viral video that claims to have recorded these actions taking place, which should be ignored, but it is clear that the cops had full control over West Florissant Ave where all of these fires took place, and they created a no-fly zone over the area to prevent the press from capturing footage of the coordinated actions by their tactical units.

This does not excuse the foolish protestors who participate in rioting, looting or commit violence against police officers, but I agree with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s statement that it is institutionalized racism that is under attack in the US, not the police: “Those who are trying to connect the murders of the officers with the thousands of articulate and peaceful protestors across America are being deliberately misleading in a cynical and selfish effort to turn public sentiment against the protestors. This is the same strategy used when trying to lump in the violence and looting with the legitimate protestors, who have disavowed that behavior. They hope to misdirect public attention and emotion in order to stop the protests and the progressive changes that have already resulted. Shaming and blaming is a lot easier than addressing legitimate claims.”

We need to accept that our government isn’t here to serve or protect the people. They serve, protect and work a long side the world’s largest criminal organizations. This has always been the case; from the mafia to the cartels, terrorist groups and corporations that commit structural genocide on a daily basis.

We also need to accept that the mainstream media is owned and cannot be trusted. We must boycott the MSM from CNN to Fox. They’re all a part of the deception game, from the left to the right, always supporting the agenda of the police state and military industrial complex. Just recently a Fox affiliate was caught editing a protest video to create the fake “kill a cop” death chants coming from a non-violent crowd. Do not accept any information that cannot be supported by tangible evidence and corroborating sources, and always question everything. This is a major hurdle we need to get over.

I also encourage everyone to call or write your congress rep with a couple of demands; first that they vote to end all foreign aid. Not one dime of the billions we send to Israel is being used to help or protect anyone; it’s being used to commit genocide and steal peoples’ land. If the Israeli government truly had an interest in protecting its population from attacks, it would end it’s brutal occupation and bombing of Palestine, which fuels extremism and creates blowback. Israel is the aggressor in this conflict and you should not believe a word of the propaganda and false narratives promoted on this issue that suggest otherwise.

I stand in solidarity with the Israelis who protest their evil government. This does not make me anti-Semitic or anti-American. People need to stop being afraid of this issue, take a good hard look at our country’s relationship to Israel and reevaluate the terms if we ever hope to restore our humanity, and bring an end to these perpetual conflicts.

Another solid action would be demanding that congress members read the 28 redacted pages from a joint investigation into 9/11, which is available to congress and contains information about sources of outside support that were provided for the attacks. Most of congress is still unaware of this report but the four members who have read it said that it forced them to re-think everything including our nation’s history and relations with a certain foreign government. These reps have co-authored a bill to get the rest of Congress to read the full document.

It does not matter what you believe about 9/11. The people deserve to know the full story, where the financing came from, and why our government is withholding information about this. Millions have now died and continue to be slaughtered as a result of this event. Having a full understanding of it would bring an end to the utterly destructive, liberty crushing and counterproductive War On Terror; another geopolitical profit scheme. It would allow us to stop doing business with the nation/s that provided support for the attacks, and bring the real masterminds to justice.

Yes there are some ridiculous crackpot conspiracy theories about 9/11, but these only receive attention to distract the public from the bigger picture. There is a mountain of evidence that 9/11 was a false flag terrorist attack orchestrated and supported by elements within the US, Israeli and British intelligence agencies, and this was done in order to replace the Cold War with the so-called War on Terror.

Any critical thinker who has a chance to examine the evidence will draw the same conclusion and realize that the 9/11 commission report was part of a cover up and is filled with lies and disinformation. It’s no secret that we have a puppet government (the elected public officials) as well as a shadow government (intelligence agencies under the control of banker cartels) with fascist elements. The puppet government is not in control of the shadow government, but they can serve as our window allowing the monster to be revealed, and then we can collectively starve it to death via peaceful revolution.

However, this would mean an end to billions of dollars in profits for the MIC and the prosecution of figures in very high places, so major resistance is inevitable. War continues because it’s profitable, not because people are inherently evil. But there is no excuse or logical reason for anyone in congress to not read these 28 redacted pages at the request of the victims’ families, and those who they are supposed to represent.

We have known for years that prisoners of the War on Terror, many of whom are innocent, were subjected to unspeakable acts of torture and brutality, and many Americans are comfortable with that since they’ve been brainwashed to believe that these are the people who attacked us or supported the operation. But would they be comfortable knowing that children were also raped in front of their parents?

Classified video footage and prisoner testimonies have now surfaced and been reviewed by major global media sources and credible journalists including Seymore Hersh, who said “boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. And the worst above all of that is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror.”

I would be very interested to hear the argument that defenders of the state would make to support these “tactics”. Will they say that sodomizing kids is necessary to protect our freedom and collect intel? Is it just another example of collateral damage in the War On Terror, which is needed to rid the world of evil doers? It is impossible to defend these actions no matter how much you love the state or military.

Defenders of the police and law-enforcement cult also live in an extraordinary bubble of privilege and denial. They will cling to the “few bad apples notion” attempting to shift blame away from the cops themselves. One of my friends who is married to a police officer told me I should blame the rulers and politicians for these problems, and also made the point that tax loopholes are perfectly legal and therefore okay (even though they are acquired through bribery and destroy the middle class). I guess slavery was okay when it was legal and didn’t require any rebellion, and bad laws shouldn’t be broken. Martin Luther King Jr. must have been confused when he said we have a “moral obligation to disobey unjust laws” in his famous letter from Birmingham jail.

Other defenders will attack the protesters but never get mad at the looters on Wall Street, and blindly follow the narrative of the state run media. They will rationalize or ignore statistics reflecting how many are killed by police every year (5000 civilians since 9/11, more than US troops killed in Iraq, and 500 innocent people killed every year according to USDOJ, making us 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist) and the hundreds of millions spent on settlements for complaints of misconduct including excessive force and sexual assault. A few bad apples? It’s more like there are some good apples left who have to risk everything to stand up for what is right, often being threatened or killed like a mafia rat if they expose the rampant corruption and misconduct within “the family”.

The cop’s wife also told me that her husband is “one of the best” police officers, which brought to mind the one time I ever chatted with him, when he talked about all the bar fights he’d been in. At first I thought he was referring to sport fighting for MMA, but it was actually street brawling, which he clarified with a laugh. I don’t judge him based on that one conversation, but the memory certainly didn’t help the argument that cops are not violent meat-headed thugs in general.

More recently I was texting a hot young lady on Tinder who brought up Ferguson and said she had no sympathy for Mike Brown because he was stealing (which he wasn’t, and even if he was, does an unarmed kid who shoplifted deserve to be shot to death?) and he was attacking the cop (according to the officer’s word and a lying witness with a history of mental health problems, who was likely paid off). She also stated that if you’re not doing anything wrong you won’t have any issues.

That statement is so dangerous and backwards it’s hard to know where to begin. If the police aren’t doing anything wrong then they should have no trouble being filmed while on duty for public safety and accountability. Likewise, government agencies that spy should operate with total transparency within the boundaries of the law. Not holding the government to the same standard is an anti-democratic authoritarian position, but rather than belabor this point I changed the subject and continued talking to her on the off chance that she would allow me to wear a uniform and watch her lick my boot. Alas she flaked out but that’s probably for the best.

The common thread among hard-core police and state defenders is that someone close to them is in government or law-enforcement and they are caught up in the tribalist mentality. Or they come from upper middle-class neighborhoods. With their heads in the sand, too many Americans feel that if these events aren’t occurring within their bubble they must not be happening at all. But it is happening all the time right here in this beautiful country of ours.

Hunter S. Thompson once announced that he would burn puppies with napalm at a local park because Americans were ignoring the people who were getting burned to death by napalm overseas, as if their geographical location made it less intolerable. Apparently this cultural deficiency has only worsened over time as all mainstream media have become co-opted by plutocrats.

My final major suggestion is that people educate themselves on some key topics, as it is very difficult to promote real change without a better understanding of public manipulation and the abhorrent motivations behind it. There are numerous links to various sources listed below and posted throughout this blog to help guide independent research. Many are understandably uncomfortable talking about these subjects openly, but there is nothing wrong with quietly learning about them, and then privately sharing the information on an individual basis, while becoming increasingly knowledgeable and identifying the most destructive institutions that need to be boycotted.

Those who are offended by these unpleasant topics being discussed over the holidays are utterly revolting and should be ashamed. If you are honestly more upset with someone for talking about these horrors than you are at the fact that they are happening with our support, you are a big part of the problem and share a large part of the blame.

The cries of innocent victims far exceed my concern for anyone’s privileged comfort level or sensitivities. Kids do not stop getting raped and bombed just because it’s Christmas and we want to enjoy ourselves. As long as the media are being controlled by those who seek to hide reality, I consider it my duty as an American to share as much information as possible about the fascism and tyranny that we’re living under, and if it really bothers you, it is time to do something about it.

If the media did it’s job everyone would take to the streets and bring and end to this madness. And yes it would be that easy once we reached a critical mass because we out number the powers that be 99 to 1.

This holiday season enjoy your family. Hold them close and remember all those who are being destroyed and ripped apart as a result of our blind obedience, comfortable complacency and financial support. Nothing separates us from them. These are our brothers and sisters, parents and children. They are us. We cannot tolerate their unnecessary suffering and demise. Let’s make 2015 a turning point for our broken society and stand up for what we know is right without fear. The revolution is now.

Peace and Happy New Year

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