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Good News For The Left

November 10, 2016


Take a breath. I know how horrified you are at the idea of a Trump presidency, and you should be. You should be horrified that this is what it’s come to, and it’s largely your fault. Don’t get angry at me, just listen. Nobody takes the democratic establishment seriously anymore. They’re totally pro war and pro Wall Street, always cheating, lying, oppressing and changing positions as needed to serve the oligarchs, with unconditional support from most of you. Even “the good ones” are war mongers and banker puppets.

You have to understand that people in ts country are tired of being screwed over and lied too, so they’ll take ANYONE who isn’t a part of the club and has different incentives, especially if that person has the INDEPENDENT resources to work against them. A billionaire is the only person who has that. THAT is why Trump got elected yesterday. It doesn’t matter who won the popular vote. He had to have a certain amount of support to get what he did, and that’s where it came from.

Your belief that all republicans, or anyone who was more opposed to Hillary, is some dumb racist hick just blew up in your faces. That point of view will be your party’s downfall. I’m not a republican, but a lot of the conservatives I’ve gotten to know are the most peace loving, socially progressive, organic farming, hippy dippy tree huggers I’ve ever met. They just think government is evil, because it’s owned by big business, which is true, so they have different ideas about how to fight for change, like not letting the government steal their money for wars of aggression and corporate bailouts.

The truth is, you guys deserve trump because you didn’t demand anyone better. You accepted anyone the establishment sold you or forced on you, and supported them no matter how bad it got, in the name of political tribalism. Party labels became more important than policies which would end the wars, help the poor and working class. One of my friends put it best when he said Clinton could eat a baby and you guys would still have her back, so you can thank yourselves for this.

The plutocrats stole the election from warmonger Bernie for a bigger warmonger Hillary, and instead of being principled and rising up for the person YOU selected, you just accepted being robbed and supported the bigger war monger. You also put personality ahead of policy. They told you Trump was the devil and you believed the mass media without any skepticism or research, no matter how much blood and suffering was on her hands. Guess what… This is what we get for electing all these scum bags who are bought and paid for, and supporting them no matter how crooked they turned out to be. This is for always choosing the “lesser evil”. This is where we are. You have nobody but yourself to blame.

If you want to be unwitting fascists, you can blame independent voters and third-party candidates, but this is absolutely on you for caving to the establishment and accepting a person who got 1 million people killed in Iraq, starved nearly 800,000 children to death with sanctions, defended a child rapist and laughed about it, accepted money from terrorists, and child sex traffickers and is literally best friends with the top 1%. Even though there were better candidates, you let TV, money & special interests dictate who is electable, and believed all the fear propaganda. You allowed the oligarchs to scare you into supporting THEIR candidate, not yours. That’s YOUR fault.

Now here’s the good news. This is an opportunity to take the progressive movement back. Clinton’s foreign policy is actually far more dangerous than trump’s. His alliances are significantly different from hers. He actually has a greater business incentive to fix the economy in ways that are beneficial to normal people and reduce a lot of militarism, which is not only killing millions of people and destroying the environment, but also killing us financially. It would cost around 2.7% of what we spent in Iraq to end homelessness in the United States.

I know this is a tough pill to swallow, but you should actually be relieved. There is so much resistance against Trump on both sides that we’ll see frequent gridlock, severely restricting his capabilities. There won’t be significant change, but there will be significant deescalation that is desperately needed. We are on a path to World War III, but Trump wants to work together with Russia and Syria instead of fighting against them. This is THE LAST THING the parasite class wants. Those are the most evil people in the world, and they were desperate to elect Hillary for very specific reasons that are greatly troubling if you understand them. So this is actually a victory against them. Trust me.

Stop freaking out about social issues. Hardly any of those policies are decided by the president. You will still see a lot of social progress. Most of the things you’re scared of Trump doing he couldn’t even if he wanted to. You should be most worried about him starting new wars, which he’s less likely to do than Hillary, because it’s not in his interest.

Hillary was also lying about her economic policies; she claimed that she would force the super rich to pay their fair share, but supported every single bailout. She claimed she was going to raise taxes on the super rich, but that includes anyone who makes $250,000/year. That’s every business owner in America, small businesses that won’t be able hire people who need jobs, or give any raises. The rich get richer and you know the rest. If you need proof that these taxes are being imposed on small and regular sized businesses, all you have to do is ask your boss about the payroll tax. It hurts the people you want to help, and Clinton would just help the super rich avoid these burdens with loopholes the way she ALWAYS HAS.

Trump wants to cut taxes from 35% down to 15%, which is good for EVERYONE, little guy included. Yes, he should tax the hell out of traders and speculators, and people who don’t produce anything with labor, just sucking the wealth out of society with fraud and corporate welfare. But I’m telling you that is NOT what Hillary was going to do. Trump’s solution will at least make it harder for the parasite class to rob us blind, and THAT is why the republican and democratic establishment were so against Trump and spent so much money smearing him. I guess people were finally too fed up to buy it.

My friends, this is an opportunity. We should be happy and relieved today, because this has bought us some time, slowing our sprint to a Third World War. Now that you’re not focusing all of your energy on getting Hillary elected, you can educate yourself on who she really is, how the system really works, how we must work together to change it and get someone much better than Donald Trump to represent us as soon as possible. Please read my previous post; a 15 page essay/study guide (…/my-rabbit-hole-on-thi…/) that breaks down what I believe we need to understand in order to be prepared for the battle ahead. Understand that we DEFEATED Hillary Clinton yesterday, a real-life monster. This is a victory we should celebrate.

Now we can start working together to defeat Donald Trump. We can start taking our country back, reclaim and save the progressive movement. When I was growing up, being progressive meant fighting for peace, equal rights and sustainability (not that it began that way). That is not what it is today, so let’s turn it into that. Otherwise we are every bit as bad as neoconservatives. Hillary Clinton really is the same as Dick Cheney.

I would be a lot more unhappy today if it was George Bush who was starting his term. Trump might be bad, but he is no Bush. He has different motivations, not all good of course, but significantly different and incidentally more favorable to us. Bush was totally against Trump. This is a loss for HIM and everyone alike, which makes it a loss for the establishment. That’s a win for us.

People in my school of activism will tell you that McCain was worse than Obama, but Hillary is worse than Trump. The parties DO NOT MATTER. It’s just a divide and conquer mechanism, so we shouldn’t make it the basis of our votes. Let’s dump that baggage as a society and work together from here on out. Things WILL get better.

Breathe. Smile. Look ahead with confidence and hope, because we can turn this into a very positive shift for humanity and educate ourselves before the next election. The link to my essay is up above. I provide numerous resources and discuss specific actions we can take individually and together. Below are a few videos to help everyone understand what happened yesterday and reflect on it in a healthy way.

We’re about to have a reality star as president. If that’s not what we prefer let’s let this be a wake up call, and change the way we study and engage in politics, because today we have the tools. We can transform society as we know it. We can do away with organized mass murder, theft and inequality. The revolution is now.


THERE WAS NOBODY TO VOTE FOR – JOHN PILGER (explains how the liberal class enabled this path and outcome)







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