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Good News For The Left


Take a breath. I know how horrified you are at the idea of a Trump presidency, and you should be. You should be horrified that this is what it’s come to, and it’s largely your fault. Don’t get angry at me, just listen. Nobody takes the democratic establishment seriously anymore. They’re totally pro war and pro Wall Street, always cheating, lying, oppressing and changing positions as needed to serve the oligarchs, with unconditional support from most of you. Even “the good ones” are war mongers and banker puppets.

You have to understand that people in ts country are tired of being screwed over and lied too, so they’ll take ANYONE who isn’t a part of the club and has different incentives, especially if that person has the INDEPENDENT resources to work against them. A billionaire is the only person who has that. THAT is why Trump got elected yesterday. It doesn’t matter who won the popular vote. He had to have a certain amount of support to get what he did, and that’s where it came from.

Your belief that all republicans, or anyone who was more opposed to Hillary, is some dumb racist hick just blew up in your faces. That point of view will be your party’s downfall. I’m not a republican, but a lot of the conservatives I’ve gotten to know are the most peace loving, socially progressive, organic farming, hippy dippy tree huggers I’ve ever met. They just think government is evil, because it’s owned by big business, which is true, so they have different ideas about how to fight for change, like not letting the government steal their money for wars of aggression and corporate bailouts.

The truth is, you guys deserve trump because you didn’t demand anyone better. You accepted anyone the establishment sold you or forced on you, and supported them no matter how bad it got, in the name of political tribalism. Party labels became more important than policies which would end the wars, help the poor and working class. One of my friends put it best when he said Clinton could eat a baby and you guys would still have her back, so you can thank yourselves for this.

The plutocrats stole the election from warmonger Bernie for a bigger warmonger Hillary, and instead of being principled and rising up for the person YOU selected, you just accepted being robbed and supported the bigger war monger. You also put personality ahead of policy. They told you Trump was the devil and you believed the mass media without any skepticism or research, no matter how much blood and suffering was on her hands. Guess what… This is what we get for electing all these scum bags who are bought and paid for, and supporting them no matter how crooked they turned out to be. This is for always choosing the “lesser evil”. This is where we are. You have nobody but yourself to blame.

If you want to be unwitting fascists, you can blame independent voters and third-party candidates, but this is absolutely on you for caving to the establishment and accepting a person who got 1 million people killed in Iraq, starved nearly 800,000 children to death with sanctions, defended a child rapist and laughed about it, accepted money from terrorists, and child sex traffickers and is literally best friends with the top 1%. Even though there were better candidates, you let TV, money & special interests dictate who is electable, and believed all the fear propaganda. You allowed the oligarchs to scare you into supporting THEIR candidate, not yours. That’s YOUR fault.

Now here’s the good news. This is an opportunity to take the progressive movement back. Clinton’s foreign policy is actually far more dangerous than trump’s. His alliances are significantly different from hers. He actually has a greater business incentive to fix the economy in ways that are beneficial to normal people and reduce a lot of militarism, which is not only killing millions of people and destroying the environment, but also killing us financially. It would cost around 2.7% of what we spent in Iraq to end homelessness in the United States.

I know this is a tough pill to swallow, but you should actually be relieved. There is so much resistance against Trump on both sides that we’ll see frequent gridlock, severely restricting his capabilities. There won’t be significant change, but there will be significant deescalation that is desperately needed. We are on a path to World War III, but Trump wants to work together with Russia and Syria instead of fighting against them. This is THE LAST THING the parasite class wants. Those are the most evil people in the world, and they were desperate to elect Hillary for very specific reasons that are greatly troubling if you understand them. So this is actually a victory against them. Trust me.

Stop freaking out about social issues. Hardly any of those policies are decided by the president. You will still see a lot of social progress. Most of the things you’re scared of Trump doing he couldn’t even if he wanted to. You should be most worried about him starting new wars, which he’s less likely to do than Hillary, because it’s not in his interest.

Hillary was also lying about her economic policies; she claimed that she would force the super rich to pay their fair share, but supported every single bailout. She claimed she was going to raise taxes on the super rich, but that includes anyone who makes $250,000/year. That’s every business owner in America, small businesses that won’t be able hire people who need jobs, or give any raises. The rich get richer and you know the rest. If you need proof that these taxes are being imposed on small and regular sized businesses, all you have to do is ask your boss about the payroll tax. It hurts the people you want to help, and Clinton would just help the super rich avoid these burdens with loopholes the way she ALWAYS HAS.

Trump wants to cut taxes from 35% down to 15%, which is good for EVERYONE, little guy included. Yes, he should tax the hell out of traders and speculators, and people who don’t produce anything with labor, just sucking the wealth out of society with fraud and corporate welfare. But I’m telling you that is NOT what Hillary was going to do. Trump’s solution will at least make it harder for the parasite class to rob us blind, and THAT is why the republican and democratic establishment were so against Trump and spent so much money smearing him. I guess people were finally too fed up to buy it.

My friends, this is an opportunity. We should be happy and relieved today, because this has bought us some time, slowing our sprint to a Third World War. Now that you’re not focusing all of your energy on getting Hillary elected, you can educate yourself on who she really is, how the system really works, how we must work together to change it and get someone much better than Donald Trump to represent us as soon as possible. Please read my previous post; a 15 page essay/study guide (…/my-rabbit-hole-on-thi…/) that breaks down what I believe we need to understand in order to be prepared for the battle ahead. Understand that we DEFEATED Hillary Clinton yesterday, a real-life monster. This is a victory we should celebrate.

Now we can start working together to defeat Donald Trump. We can start taking our country back, reclaim and save the progressive movement. When I was growing up, being progressive meant fighting for peace, equal rights and sustainability (not that it began that way). That is not what it is today, so let’s turn it into that. Otherwise we are every bit as bad as neoconservatives. Hillary Clinton really is the same as Dick Cheney.

I would be a lot more unhappy today if it was George Bush who was starting his term. Trump might be bad, but he is no Bush. He has different motivations, not all good of course, but significantly different and incidentally more favorable to us. Bush was totally against Trump. This is a loss for HIM and everyone alike, which makes it a loss for the establishment. That’s a win for us.

People in my school of activism will tell you that McCain was worse than Obama, but Hillary is worse than Trump. The parties DO NOT MATTER. It’s just a divide and conquer mechanism, so we shouldn’t make it the basis of our votes. Let’s dump that baggage as a society and work together from here on out. Things WILL get better.

Breathe. Smile. Look ahead with confidence and hope, because we can turn this into a very positive shift for humanity and educate ourselves before the next election. The link to my essay is up above. I provide numerous resources and discuss specific actions we can take individually and together. Below are a few videos to help everyone understand what happened yesterday and reflect on it in a healthy way.

We’re about to have a reality star as president. If that’s not what we prefer let’s let this be a wake up call, and change the way we study and engage in politics, because today we have the tools. We can transform society as we know it. We can do away with organized mass murder, theft and inequality. The revolution is now.


THERE WAS NOBODY TO VOTE FOR – JOHN PILGER (explains how the liberal class enabled this path and outcome)







The Rabbit Hole on Hillary


Look, I don’t like Trump either, and I wouldn’t support him. But I am so over the self-righteousness of those who hate him, namely Hillary supporters. The anti-Trump hysteria is 100% media influenced and so outrageously hypocritical, I don’t even know where to begin. How high and mighty can you possibly get supporting a woman who starves children to death by the hundreds of thousands to serve her criminal friends in the arms industry?  

See, the military industrial complex desperately wants Hillary to get elected for various reasons, and they’ve done EVERYTHING in their power, spending millions of dollars, to make us hate and fear Donald Trump. Her supporters should be aware of this and also understand that they’ll be voting for a someone who, under very troubling circumstances, reduced the sentence of a man who beat up and raped a 12-year-old girl and was recorded laughing about it on two separate occasions.

Some of us knew about this long before it was brought up in any debates. The mainstream media scrambled to deny it, and too many people accept what they hear on CNN at face value, when these organizations constantly lie, cover up and censor the truth. Whether it’s right wing FOX or left wing MSNBC, these are the WORST sources of information. They all work for the same institutions, with the same agenda, and they never have to back their claims about key issues with evidence you can access and examine “because national security”.

So please allow me and some other activists to share the details and evidence with you because the story is ABSOLUTELY TRUE and her actions are indefensible. Not to mention she voted for every war and sanctions that starved 576,000 children to death in Iraq. She actually PREVENTED AID from being sent by churches in the US. There was no tactical reason for this. She just let them die, and guess what…. SO DID BERNIE (sorry guys). We’re talking about little babies, toddlers, preschoolers… You should check out some of the pictures of their little bones poking through their skin, then ask yourself who you’re supporting, way up there on your horse. What if those were your kids?  

Hillary (or Killary if you want) is all the way in bed with the top 1%, the most destructive criminal corporations, and the most barbaric foreign dictators. She received $20 million from the Saudis, who not only finance terrorism, but routinely stone women to death, punish rape victims with HUNDREDS of lashes, and execute homosexuals. She’s also taken money from animals involved in drug trafficking and child prostitution. She attacked women who accused her husband of rape and sexual misconduct, her husband who flew dozens of times on a plane for underage prostitutes, which belonged to convicted pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Social and moral contradictions aside, few people in politics are more corrupt or have more blood on their hands than Hillary Clinton. It is BAT SHIT CRAZY to me that so many can be tricked into spending so much of their time and energy on hate for her opponent, because he said mean and gross things like he always has. It’s amazing to me that to this day, so many talented and intelligent people can be manipulated by fear propaganda and the “lesser of two evils” myth. WE ARE SMARTER THAN THIS.

Look, it takes an hour and a half to learn what kind of a monster Hillary is, and thankfully all of the evidence is compiled in this video by journalist, human rights activist and author Ry Dawson: (part 1 of 11)

Dawson has been the target of vicious attacks in the past, like anyone who speaks the truth about our empire. But all you have to do is hear him out to know that he is genuine and his information is extremely important and well researched. He has appeared on Russia Today, Press TV, CNN, MSNBC, The Daily Show, and Al Jazeera.

I am here to tell you as a friend with your best interests at heart that this woman is nothing short of demonic, and you should understand who you’re supporting. Just review the evidence and decide for yourself. It’s an hour and a half to help you make an informed decision.

I don’t believe anyone in their right mind could stomach voting for her if even 5% of what’s presented in this video is true, and all of it is verifiable. I also strongly recommend watching Dawson’s breakdown of the debates where he deconstructs every lie from both candidates, and dirty tactics used by the moderators. It’s very enlightening (be sure to watch for captions in the lengthy debate clips): (1st debate) (2nd debate)

Going over this carefully could change your views on politics forever (something we should always be open to), or at the very least, force you to ask a very important question; how is it possible that this person is even allowed to run for president, or that these are the options being presented to us? We are talking about a truly sick monster here.

None of these puppets are who they appear to be. They have very expensive script writers, publicists and coaches working in teams using the most sophisticated psychological tactics. They’re slime bags and we shouldn’t vote for ANY OF THEM.

Bernie voted for the same sanctions that starved 576,000 children to death, supported every war from Kosovo to Libya, and giving TRILLIONS of dollars to Lockheed Martin. He also supported the shelling of Gaza in 2014, where villages, schools, hospitals, mosques, sewer and water systems were deliberately targeted for bombing in response to kidnapping allegations, which were fabricated and wouldn’t justify a civilian massacre even if they were true. Thousands were slaughtered, including pregnant women, the elderly and nearly 500 CHILDREN: That’s your “lesser evil.”


It is no exaggeration that you might as well be voting for Dick Cheney if you’re voting for Hillary Clinton, and Bernie voted with Clinton 96% of the time. Bernie also protects the federal reserve which is the key enabler of the corporatism he preaches against (,,,

Whether he realizes it or not, Sanders is another FRAUD, who much like Elizabeth Warren, serves a purpose; create an illusion of opposite ideologies within the system, so the disillusioned regular folk can feel like someone is representing their interests, and maintain their belief in the system (also to dull the Ron Paul effect, because HE was a real threat to the establishment). They think, “At least someone is fighting for us! We just have to ban together, and next time we’ll get em in!” But it’s a vicious cycle.

The dream of a real American leader died with JFK. Bernie was MARKETED to you by professionals as a radical, but he’s the farthest thing from it. A little better than Clinton, fewer scandals, but still a war monger and very helpful to the 1%. It would be impossible to turn the most militaristic nation into a social democracy anyway. They’d have to end all of their escapades. He wouldn’t have brought you that, any more than Obama brought universal healthcare.   

Truly principled politicians who can’t be bought and never cave to special interests are extremely rare, and they are never allowed into the spotlight. If they manage to sneak their way in, they are demonized and destroyed by the ruling parties, who control the debates. Many politicians are actual psychopaths (ignore the cartoon definition of psychopathy we’ve been indoctrinated with), and even if they aren’t, they answer to the worst of them.

Nothing that these people promise you about advancing social progress, protecting your interests, or protecting the environment is even remotely true, or worth selling your soul for. In fact, it is embarrassingly provable that none of the progress made in any of these areas has anything to do with the corporatocracy we know as our government, despite all of the credit they like to take.

We should have learned our lesson from Obama when they began bombing six additional countries, blowing up weddings, funerals, hospitals, you name it. We should have known something was terribly wrong when he said we were “withdrawing troops” from Iraq, but failed to mention they’d be replaced by twice as many military contractors, who would continue the fighting TO THIS DAY. And did any of the soldiers who left get to go home? Nope! They went straight to the Bush-style surge in Afghanistan. None of these wars had anything to do with keeping us safe or getting justice for 9/11, all of them were for profit, and all he did was escalate.  

He expanded the patriot act, the war on drugs (arguably the most wasteful, corrupt and structurally racist force in today’s society), and bailed out Wall Street to the tune of thirteen trillion dollars. Criminals who defrauded the American public and destroyed millions of lives were given record bonuses. None of the bankers or goons from the previous administration were arrested or held accountable. Over 45 million people still cannot afford health insurance. He never closed Guantanamo Bay, appointed the vice president and chief lobbyist of Monsanto food safety czar of the FDA… Where exactly did things get better? How can it possibly matter who wins?

You might say, “well, now we finally have gay marriage.” Great, but here’s the joke; that was inevitable without government interference and was already happening state by state. The question we should’ve been asking is, why does the government have any involvement in a spiritual promise between two people to begin with? That’s a little intrusive don’t you think? Why do we dignify the notion that they are in any position if to give or deny us permission to love who we want? Is our love validated by their stamp of approval? Hell no, screw them!

Marriage is big business and therefore an excuse to steal millions of dollars from the people, using government. If government was out of the way (along with scum bags like Hillary Clinton, who was anti-gay all the way up until it was politically favorable to be gay friendly), we would have had marriage equality long ago. A marriage license is just another shackle in our economic slavery, an absurd symbol of oppression. Having our masters “allow” another group to have their special license to live their personal lives is not an accomplishment or reason to celebrate. It’s sad because it shouldn’t even be a discussion. Get the parasites out of our personal lives. They have no business sticking their grimy fingers in.

Stop allowing parasitic rulers to confuse and divide us with wedge issues such as gay rights, guns, abortion, global warming and immigration. These are traps, usually meant to distract you from liberty crushing economic and foreign policy measures. The real solutions for these issues lie outside of government power and jurisdiction. Most people just aren’t aware of them yet because the most effective remedies are deliberately hidden, but they are solutions that transcend party lines and can unite everyone against our real enemy.  

The parasite class relies heavily on our feeling of dependency on the system. They need social problems to persist because they thrive on them ( Any problem that’s lucrative or useful to them in some way, will never be worth solving, and that’s why we see actual suppression of numerous technologies, life saving medical treatments and information.

So, this is where we’ve arrived. Take a look around. There is no lesser evil. It’s all just evil now. It’s time to come together and face that, above anything else. We happen to be living in under the rule of the oppressor in relative comfort, because that makes it easier to get our cooperation and support. “None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free.” – Johann Wolfgang von Goethe

It’s important to have our cooperation because nobody kills more people on this planet than the United States government and its allies ( The USA and its partners are the world’s true axis of evil, and we the citizens are being forced to choose between Hitler, Stalin and Mao. Is that really a choice? Is it worth sacrificing our principles to support a monster who is guaranteed to slaughter millions and create severe abject poverty across the globe for geopolitical interests, when we know for a fact that candidates who will not are being deliberately snubbed out of the electoral process all together?

I believe it is time to refuse. Do not consent. This is not our system. It is THEIR system. We should collectively vow to never again support anyone the TV is marketing to us, giving the spotlight, or describing as “electable candidates,” because we know that the MSM are owned by the world’s most powerful terrorist organization, which literally creates the Islamic radicals and other boogeyman we’re supposed to fear, hate and bomb endlessly, while turning a blind eye to the MILLIONS who are slaughtered by association.

ISIS is a CIA creation just like Al Qaeda. How many of you know that the pentagon spent over $500M on fake Al Qaeda videos to deceive the public ( You might be surprised to learn this  is nothing new. The first gulf war was sold using a young woman’s false testimony about Saddam’s army ripping babies out of incubators and letting them die on the hospital floor. Her performance was broadcast all over the world (, real life “Wag The Dog” shit.

No, these are not conspiracy theories, and everyone should learn about the origin of that phrase. Yes, there are tin foil hat wearing nutcases who connect dots in all kinds of silly ways. That is true. But it is ALSO true that the CIA created the label in 1967 in order to discredit people who challenge official narratives ( You can research countless historical government conspiracies that are documented, corroborated, not disputed, and not kept secret. Just never talked about in school or on TV, and now we know why (

Gulf of Tonkin, Bay of Pigs, The Tuskegee Experiment, provoking of Pearl Harbor and other documented events help us understand the need for this tactic, and show us what our government is truely capable of ( The Iran Contra Affair was a mammoth of a conspiracy. It involved multiple governments, billions of dollars, thousands being killed, and officials being convicted on multiple felony counts of conspiracy ( And guess what… The media covered it up for years.

So we know conspiracies are a real thing, and it’s dangerously idiotic to categorically reject anything on the basis that it sounds conspiratorial. You can listen to JFK’s speech about secret societies and a “monolithic ruthless conspiracy” that threatens our very way of life ( Does he sound crazy to you?  We know that false flag terrorism is real because of Operation Northwoods. We know that every war is for profit, and is instigated with a campaign of public deception. These things happen constantly, and that doesn’t mean the moon is hollow, the earth flat, or that all major events are staged.  

It has also become clear that while most 9/11 theories have been debunked, the hijackers were indeed aided and financed by at least two foreign governments, which are allies of the US (Saudi Arabia, and one that’s being kept a secret because we’re not allowed to talk about or criticize it), and it’s very apparent that our own intelligence agencies did participate to serve an organization called PNAC (Project for a New American Century), a neoconservative think tank founded by Dick Cheney, long intent on controlling the entire middle east and all of its resources, at any human cost (

That’s not some Illuminati Alex Jones town craziness. It’s history repeating itself, business as usual. It was not something that everyone was in on. That’s never how it works. We have an unelected permanent government called the Deep State ( which pushes for dictatorship, and operates without the participation, knowledge and oversight of the elected government. The oligarchs simply hold a monopoly on justice, control over public information and have total immunity from any punishments that a normal pesant would have to face for any given crime.

Of course none of us really know what happened on 9/11, and we may never, but around 80% of Americans believe the official story is a lie, and many of us accept that powerful people within our government are indeed capable of killing thousands of Americans and terrorizing the public into supporting endless invasions and occupations. Entire countries like Iraq can be falsely accused of having WMDs, and see millions of their people murdered, centuries of heritage lost, when they had absolutely nothing to do with the attacks. That’s a million people exterminated as a collective punishment for crimes they didn’t commit, who won’t receive justice, and our so-called leaders will continue their business with those who did take part. It’s total madness.  

I didn’t mean to get into the topic of conspiracies and I’m not here to convince you about any. I just want people to understand how bad things really are, because too many have been blinded. If you want to simply accept the way it is, that’s fine, but at least start acknowledging what it is (modern slavery, theft, dictatorship and state sponsored terrorism), and stop supporting and celebrating it. It doesn’t matter who wins and we shouldn’t care. Our country is officially hijacked and nothing can change until we grow up and accept what’s happening.

Yes this IS our reality, and yes, there are things we can do about it, and we have to. I don’t write about this to complain or characterize the situation as hopeless because it is not. I always discuss real solutions and provide resources for those who want to support REAL change, publicly or privately. I believe real change is within reach.

Before we can begin saving our country and our humanity, and begin rebuilding society, we need to understand the problem, as well as the myths that perpetuate it. War and mass conflict for example, are not a part of human nature or a necessary evil (, There is no scientific or historical basis for that idea. War is in fact technically obsolete, and just like poverty, it can be eliminated very easily. That’s right, ELIMINATED.

The United States spends over $87 billion conducting a war in Iraq while the United Nations estimates that for less than half that amount we could provide clean water, adequate diets, sanitations services and basic education to every person on the planet.” – John Perkins, Confessions of an Economic Hit Man

America does not have to be the most powerful or important nation on earth. Exceptionalism will be our downfall. Only the oligarchs need to protect that status because it protects their empire. If we left other countries alone, nobody would try to hurt us because they hate our freedom or religion (it’s weird that I need to explain this). Non-aggressive nations have nothing to fear. We get attacked because our government, bombs, invades, installs puppet governments and steals resources. Watching your family and friends get blown apart will make anyone cranky, like cranky enough to strap a bomb to their chest or fly planes into buildings.

We could bring every single troop home TODAY from every base in the world, take care of them, start the healing process, protect our own borders and start to rebuild. Over time, the problem of terrorism would disappear, and we would be far better protected against any type of external threat in the meantime. As a country, we would be prosperous beyond our wildest dreams. Wealth would pour back into regular communities.

“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.” – Gen. Smedley D. Butler.

Understanding what’s possible is another important step. A society without war is one thing. How about EVERYONE being able to support an entire household on just one income, or pay for college with a part time job? How about being able to fill a grocery cart for about $20, and fill your gas tank for about a dime/gallon. How about having an efficient medical system where most services cost around 10-30 bucks, or nothing if you’re broke, and anything serious is always covered? How about being able to stop harmful corporations from poisoning people and the environment, and truly help the people who need it most, without leaving anyone out?

This is what society is supposed to look like, and easily can. The only thing standing in the way is a tiny group of people and the illusion of their power over the 99%, which is rapidly crumbling. So what do we to expedite the process and move us in the right direction? How do we get our society that requires half the work for double the amount, with peace, freedom and prosperity? What kind of action can we take?

My first recommendation is always education. Learn about these subjects, but do so PRIVATELY. I know this is a huge rabbit hole and it’s ineffective to put it on blast because it just alienates people and makes you look crazy. Just quietly follow my links on your own time. Explore the articles, read the books, watch the films. Follow my blog, and others that are devoted to sharing this type of information ( It won’t take long to gain a solid understanding of the most important subjects. This will enable you to share information and talk about it with people PRIVATELY, then information will spread.

People are much more open to ideas when you appeal to them individually on a personal level, and through the process of education, you learn which products and institutions need to be boycotted and how to engage is civil disobedience. Through collective actions and selective consumption, we can starve the beast, while supporting new systems being developed off the grid. “You never change things by fighting the existing reality. To change something, build a new model that makes the existing model obsolete.”R. Buckminster Fuller

One of the most important boycotts we can join is that of state-run media. Turn off the TV. It will cut you off from a steady stream of heavy propaganda. You’ll be amazed at how good it feels and it hits the oligarchs where it hurts; their pocket book, and power over the American psyche. They do not want informed citizens who can think for themselves ( and you’ll get far better information from alternative media sources they do not own, such as RT News, Press TV, Common Dreams, Ben Swann, Al Jazeera, Young Turks and so on.  

Some sources are definitely better than others, but it’s important to comb through a variety of them (which don’t receive marching orders or talking points from the pentagon) hear what different camps are saying, and look at evidence. Believe me when I say that once you get into real news there is no turning going back. I was a NPR and MSNBC junkie back in the day, but couldn’t even stomach small amounts, after a short period on some alt-news. It’s exponentially more interesting, addicting and rewarding than the fake ad-ridden reality show that is our news.  

The other most important action I recommend is disengagement from the electoral process. As we’ve seen, it does not matter who wins. Those decisions are largely made for us, and the people in power do what they want. The majority of Americans were against the war and bailouts, and it didn’t matter. We’re not participating. So use this as an opportunity to send a message that the American people are onto their game, and we to refuse play and be a part of this mayhem. Nothing will signal revolution better than that. It will scare the shit out of the oligarchs and either cause them to ease back, or panic, officially blow their cover and self destruct.

There are different ideas about how to approach this from different anti-authoritarian movements, which I believe need to be united despite various ideological differences. Some advocate sitting out entirely, because democracy itself is a farce (, and refusing to vote is voting against an oppressive system. There are others who say vote your conscience and write in the best anti-war, anti-wall street candidate as an act of protest.

I can understand the sentiment on both sides, but I would only recommend sitting out if you’re being very independently politically active, like writing 20 page essays from the heart and blogging so you can convince people on a personal level. That’s doing a heck of a lot more than the people who sit on their asses for four years, believed everything they were told, and show up on election day to vote the next puppet in. I believe you can definitely be a responsible citizen against voting, but I also believe that any collective gestures defiance are useful at this juncture, and supporting truly principled leaders is another effective method.

Liberals should have fallen in love with Ron Paul, and those who were truly pro-peace and equality did. That’s what I understood liberalism to mean back in the day. We were supposed to care about the issues, not the party labels. As a self identified liberal I cared about ending wars, discrimination, invasion of privacy and pollution, because that’s what the word meant to me growing up. When Ron Paul emerged I saw principled progressives and conservatives united for the first time under the causes of peace, economic justice and equal rights.

Paul wanted to end EVERY WAR and bring all of our troops home immediately, turning every argument against that on its head. “Just come home,” he said. “We just went in, now just come home.” ( He called out every one of his disgusting right wing opponents in a debate for war mongering, and he shook the world ( Nothing was ever the same after that, and in 2012 he had more military support than Obama, Hillary and Romney combined.

It didn’t end there. Paul wanted to end the Federal Reserve and central banking. Explore the links if you don’t understand the FED, but it’s the most destructive and highly protected institution in the world; the root cause of nearly every major social problem beginning with poverty and war. It’s the reason 30,000 kids on this planet have to die every single day from disease and malnutrition, and why half the world’s population survives on less than $2 per day. It’s the mechanism that gives the oligarchs their control, and Ron Paul is one of the few who are brave enough to target it. It’s easily the most important step in reducing levels of poverty, violence, crime, war and pollution to levels we’ve never seen before (,,

Ending the FED would cut the cost of everything by half or more, and Paul wanted to pair that with the elimination of the criminal IRS, and correct the tax code so everyone would pay 10% of what they earn. That’s it. No special rules or tricks for anyone. But stock traders or speculation businesses would be taxed, because they don’t earn their wealth. They creating economic bubbles that wipe out the poor and middle class, and the super rich make out like bandits buying up all the assets. Billions don’t make their money with labor.

So billionaires would indeed get charged more and penalized for any other dirty tricks, or end up in jail for fraud. Billionaires and Enron companies don’t even exist in a Ron Paul society, and it’s possible for ANYONE to become very wealthy with hard work. Are you starting to see why he was a threat? It was a little TOO good for the people, and very harmful to the parasite class. Anyone would have the ability to get out of poverty. Welfare would become a thing of the past because we would eliminate the very need for it all together. He was going to redirect war money to caring for those dependant over 10-20 years, as we heal the economy. Gosh, what a terrible guy.

He wanted to end the drug war and release nonviolent offenders who are disproportionately african american and serving longer sentences than rapists and pedophiles. He thought those folks should get to go home and be with their families. Paul was one of the few doctors who defied orders and treated black patients when it wasn’t allowed, and the only politician who drew attention to the racist history of the war on drugs. He did more for race relations than anyone else, pushing for equal justice under the law and exposing the prison industrial complex. This is someone the media tried to call a racist.

Ending the drug war would also resolve a lot of problems with illegal immigration, drastically improving the economic conditions in Mexico. Less people would be desperate and there would be fewer incentives to cross. While preventing illegal immigration is the goal, Paul wants to create a far more generous immigration policy that makes it easier for people to become citizens, using worker permits. Kicking people out of the country who are already here and haven’t caused any trouble is not a solution he entertains.     

Paul had the best answers on health care too; give every American a fully refundable annual tax credit for medical emergencies. If anything serious happens, you’re covered, otherwise you get every penny back at the end of the year. Next, drive the cost of medical services way down with competition and monetary reform. Allow nurses to take care of anything simple for 10-30 bucks a pop, and those who aren’t able to pay would still receive great care through a charity hospital in their community. Nobody gets denied, because that’s what a healthy economy allows. Keep the government out so insurance companies can’t lobby or dictate policies, and they are forced to operate with transparency. There is absolutely no excuse for how bad our healthcare system is today.  

“For decades, the U.S. healthcare system was the envy of the entire world. Not coincidentally, there was far less government involvement in medicine during this time. America had the finest doctors and hospitals, patients enjoyed high-quality, affordable medical care, and thousands of private charities provided health services for the poor. Doctors focused on treating patients, without the red tape and threat of lawsuits that plague the profession today. Most Americans paid cash for basic services, and had insurance only for major illnesses and accidents. This meant both doctors and patients had an incentive to keep costs down, as the patient was directly responsible for payment, rather than an HMO or government program.” – Ron Paul

Paul’s vision for a libertarian society is unique, and better than a social democracy, because communities and institutions would be free to practice socialism within the society. Paul is an extraordinary figure who everyone should study. He’s a philosopher who transcends party divisions and offers the best solutions on foreign policy, equal rights, the environment and everything else I hold dear.

I was so inspired by Dr. Paul that I wrote an essay called “24 Reasons for Liberals to Write in Ron Paul or refuse to Vote in 2012: A Cry for Protest/Study Guide” (, where I list every single issue that matters to me as a progressive, and explain why his positions are best. I mostly wrote it because I was tired of arguing with liberals. There was always too much to go over.  

So this was my way of dealing with it. I received over 1000 views the first, week, Ben Swann began following me, and I still receive messages from people thanking me for putting the subjects into terms they can understand.

My views have evolved a bit since I wrote it, but I still welcome people to check it out, but if you only look at one thing, watch this incredible interview with Dr. Paul ( and tell me what you disagree with. See if you can’t get through it without falling in love with him. It’s seriously sad that there may never be someone like him in politics again.

Ron Paul changed my views on politics forever and changed how I saw the left. Finally there was someone with solutions to social problems that were effective. I didn’t think it should matter if the correct solution came from a “different team”. So what if there were answers that didn’t involve government? Does that suddenly validate the views of Rush Limbaugh? All that should matter to a progressive is, which solution feeds the most hungry people, at least that’s what I thought. What I came to realize was that most democrats couldn’t get behind anything that isn’t endorsed by team blue, and team blue didn’t back anything that didn’t support special interests. They would choose the option that feeds less people and totally flip their positions on the most important issues such as war.

Liberals were just too proud to get behind Ron Paul or his proposals because he identified as republican, even though that means something drastically different to him than it does the likes of Mitt Romney or Sean Hannity. The difference between an old traditional republican and a neoconservative is night and day ( There was a time when the republicans fought against the democrats to end slavery, and they have a long anti-war tradition. Things shifted in the 60s and the political labels transformed.

Paul is actually a libertarian anyway, but those vary a lot too. Some would see he’s even closer to an anarchist or voluntaryist, but he ran as a republican so he’d be allowed into the major debates. True old school conservatives like him, also have an alliance with principled anti-establishment progressives, such as Ralph Nader and Dennis Kucinich, because they are united on all of the most important fronts: they are anti-war, anti-Wall St. and anti-FED. It’s cool for a true progressive to support a libertarian like Ron Paul, and it’s cool for true conservatives to support principled progressive such as Ralph Nader. Their differences are not significant enough to be a deal breaker on either side, especially when the stakes are this high.

When looking at this you start to see that both sides are equally wrong and equally confused on almost every issue. Liberals make the mistake of thinking that there’s enough of a separation between business and state that they can rely on the government to regulate corporations, but there is no difference between them. The corporations regulate themselves through lobbying. Conservatives make the mistake of thinking that Republicans aren’t totally in love with the government and in bed with it for this very reason. So the republicans are real conservatives, and the democrats totally support big business. There is no real difference between the left and the right. The two-party system is used to divide and conquer and we are still falling for it.

The truth is that we can all unite in many areas and there are far more positions and sides to take than realize. For instance, you can be against the NRA and anti-gun, but still support the second amendment. You can be pro-choice and against Roe V. Wade, against sexism as well as feminism, a fierce environmentalist but against the EPA, an atheist who doesn’t believe in the big bang and so on. The national public dialogue is extremely limited in scope.

Language makes things terribly confusing as well. Saying that markets can “self-regulate” for example sounds terrifying to liberals. But markets self regulate just fine if government serves its intended purpose is of enforcing transparency and protecting against fraud and the destruction of person and property. The left pushes for regulations that are actually authored by corporations with loopholes that protect and help maintain control over entire industries. It hurts the very people we want to help.

Regulations are just giant textbooks of complex legal jargon that require an entire team of lawyers to translated, so that all the rules are being followed and nobody is penalized. Who do you think can afford this? Not regular size businesses. De-regulation is what actually helps the little guy and hurts the most greedy institutions.That said, the de-regulation being pushed by the right, the neocons, is something entirely different; they want to take away the government’s power to enforce transparency and hold all their giant companies accountable for their routine structural violence and mass deception and fraud.

So there is good de-regulation and bad de-regulation. The mainstream media treats it as though there’s one definition, and that is how the establishment uses language to confuse us, and trick us. Liberals believe that by supporting regulation there protecting the little guy, and conservatives think that by supporting de-regulation, they’re fighting government intrusion. BOTH WRONG AGAIN.

The so-called liberals and conservatives in government are far less confused. The Democrats can pretend they’re fighting for the little guy by pushing for more regulation, and Republicans can fight against it to differentiate themselves when they really don’t mind more regulations. Both sides always compromise and meet in the middle, because their interests are being served no matter what. It’s a cute game… Proper regulation would be letting the markets do their thing while enforcing transparency and protecting people and property from destruction or theft. That is the answer, but neither candidate will offer it.  

Both of the options are certainly bad and don’t vote the lesser ever. That being said,  everyone should know that Trump is FAR less evil than Hillary. I know it’s a tough pill to swallow, but we should be working with Russia and ignoring all of the desperate anti-Russian propaganda. We laughed at Mitt Romney when he talked about Russian threats, but now we suddenly buy this crap? Think about that. There is not one thing Russia or Putin have done that our so-called leaders haven’t done worse. We should be GETTING OUT OF SYRIA, and doing everything in our power to prevent war with Iran, which would lead us into a war against China and Russia.

That cannot be allowed to happen. Once it does, there is no turning back or hanging on to our way of life. All empires fall, and the truth is that Iran poses NO THREAT to us. We do not have to kill more people or sacrifice any more, so these sick criminals can build pipelines and colonize the entire middle east. Trump getting elected would actually create so much gridlock, we could kick the can further down the road and have more time to avoid overt dictatorship. World War III. Things are so fucked up now that this is not the worst case scenario.

There is literally nothing to fear about having a clown like him in office at this stage, except perhaps global warming, and I’m going to put that fear to rest right now, because it’s mentally paralyzing and irrational. A HUGE  psychological problem. I’ve been a tree hugger my entire life and I come from an entire family of the most passionate conservationists and naturalists. I grew up very liberal, and very concerned about this issue. Can I tell you with any certainty that it’s real and people cause it? No, and if you just bare with me for a minute, I’ll tell you exactly why my acceptance of the idea doesn’t matter.

If I’m being totally honest, the science surrounding it is over my head, and I know for a fact that it’s most of yours too. Not one true believer I’ve talked to has been able to back the case scientifically, and I was approaching it as someone who wanted to be convinced. It’s amazing. Almost all of them believe in it because they’ve been instructed to by figures of authority; teachers, politicians, “experts”, Leonardo Dicaprio exclaiming it at the Oscars on national television for the whole world to see. “How could it not be true?” they seem to think. “Surely the media would tell us it was a lie. That’s cray cray!”

Crazy perhaps, but not hard to believe. Science is very often politicized. The government has a long history of lying about science, economics, history, war and terrorism. Being able to say that the majority of scientists agree on something actually means nothing because only a certain amount of research gets funded, and the plug can be pulled at any time. It’s very easy to impose restrictive parameters. Shady PR firms for the dirtiest corporations also hire “scientists” to cook numbers and studies in their favor. They are WELL paid.

So not only can a consensus can be wrong, it can also very easily be manipulated to serve an agenda, and it often is. We saw big tobacco pay our government to cover up the fatal effects of smoking for many years, and we know that’s just the tip of the iceberg. We should put nothing past this government when it comes to mass deception and mass murder.

With all of this in mind, there are three concerns from the skeptics that I consider valid. I once cornered one of my family members with them because I honestly wanted an answer. I was coming at it as someone who wanted to be convinced. Perhaps someone reading this can do that for me.

The first concern is that the scientists who introduced global warming were the same people who introduced global cooling in the 1970s. Turned out to be nothing, except maybe a tool for political leverage. My family member told me that Global cooling was never as prominently accepted or discussed. Fair enough, but that’s still enough to make reasonable people suspicious.

A bigger concern is that the graph most people point to, the graph featured Al Gore’s film “An inconvenient Truth”,  only covers around 100 years ( Other graphs that cover much longer periods show that the shift is part of a normal pattern that occurs with or without the existence of people (

It was also discovered that some of the dramatic footage of icebergs  collapsing was taken from the disaster movie THE DAY AFTER TOMORROW. “That doesn’t prove ANYTHING!” My family member blurted. Of course not, but it certainly doesn’t lend itself to making it more convincing. If it’s true, then why do they need to mislead? Shouldn’t that bother me a little? It feels really gross and sneaky to me.

It gets much worse than that though. It turns out the scientific consensus is completely cooked and all of the wrong people are getting rich off failed green technologies and carbon taxes, which the most revealing factor. It’s been very -convenient truth- for the top one percent and their neo-colonial objectives, and they’ve got environmentalist groups WORKING WITH THEM to ensure that the starving third world doesn’t get developed because that would hurt the planet according to their crooked pseudoscience. By the way, isn’t CO2 just what plants breathe to make oxygen for us? And didn’t it turn out that the hole in the ozone had always been there? Why do the goal posts keep getting moved? Why are organizations like the southern environmental law center being allowed to steal land and kill animals under environmental pretexts and then using the land to profit, or use as collateral for foreign debt?

I didn’t get an answer to the graph question, or anything else I brought up. I did get a lot of accusations, in between being interrupted a lot, for sounding like a right winger and using arguments that come from republican think tanks. Perhaps it’s true. I don’t know the source. I would just like to see the other graph that shows contradictory data. I’m very open to debunking the alternative graphs.

Needless to say I wasn’t satisfied with the feedback. I never knew that asking for some would turn me into Rush Limbaugh. I also posed a question to a group of my family members later; what is the country’s government doing to successfully combat global warming? Again, I didn’t hear any concrete answers. Mostly that Iceland or maybe Norway was giving us mad props for all we’ve done to fight climate change. Extremely vague but who knows.

Look, I’m not 100% convinced one way or another, but in case it isn’t clear yet, I’m not a huge believer in credentialism or figures of authority. I cross-check all information against independent alternative sources to determine what flys. I don’t blindly accept information from the establishment and all of their puppets in the media, academia, hollywood and scientific community working together for big business, because they’re historically an untrustworthy bunch.

So, I went people I know who care about the issue because I thought they’d be able to tell me about, and the case wasn’t well supported. One family member gave me some links to one of his more trusted experts. But again, i’m not a science person so a lot of the information goes over my head. I wanted to hear an expert rebut the concerns of an intelligent skeptic in a live discussion or debate, especially since I had learned that there were environmentalists and real scientists who were skeptical about global warming, but not a part of big oil. Sounded like a great conversation.

I asked my family member if he would debate one of my friends who is a GW skeptic on Skype, because he was looking for a believer to debate for his podcast. This friend is very respectful to his guests. He’ll let the discussion go on for as long as needed, sometimes hours. He is always polite, doesn’t edit anything, and only posts it if the other person agrees. Like me, he is open to being convinced about GW, but he hasn’t been able to find a challenger for the discussion.

My family member passed on the offer, not surprisingly. They admitted that my friend is really smart and that they’re not very good at debating. Fair enough, I said. And then I told them what I’m going to tell my readers here right now: Surely there is someone in the community who believes in GW and understands it well enough to have a civil discussion about it with a skeptic. Bring me your expert, let’s do this. I’m open to either side being right, I just want to know because it’s fascinating. Why does it feel like this is too much to ask? If anyone is interested please contact me and I will arrange it. This is an open invitation to discuss global warming.

I guess the most important question I want to ask the true believers is this: If you saw absolute proof that GW has nothing to do with people, would you be able to accept it, or do you need this to be true? I believe it would psychologically be very difficult for most people to let go of it, because it would mean they were wrong all this time, and this is become such a large part of their political identities. This is a mental hang up we need to snap out of. It’s OK to be wrong and even better to find out when you are. It would be GOOD NEWS if GW turned out to be a government hoax, however there would still be PLENTY of environmental threats to worry about, and reasons to fight against big oil. We wouldn’t want to continue a lie because the other team will say “I told you so”. Most of them didn’t be it’s better to identify baggage to cut loose so we can work together for the environment and move forward.

When I first started bringing up these questions, I felt as though I was coming out of a closet to a family and community that would forever judge and view me differently. That’s when I realized that weather it’s true or not, the GW movement definitely has some religious qualities.  I don’t know that GW isn’t real or created by us but believe in GW doesn’t really matter because pollution is bad no matter what. GW being debunked as a would not change the urgency of my concern for the environment. Skeptical scientists seem to agree that the way that we use energy is a disaster and unsustainable. They’re poisoning the air and water, spreading disease, killing wildlife, almost everything in the ocean, the soil’s ruined, we have to do something fast. The question is, what?

We can remain untied for the environment regardless of any differences of beliefs and opinions about GW, because we should behave as though it’s real either way and stop pollution. The federal government has proven to be useless in this regard. The measures taken by the Democratic establishment are nowhere near sufficient. The EPA is a disaster, and war is one of the most ecologically destructive forces on the planet. Do we know how much clean renewable energy could be created with a tiny fraction of our military budget? Do you really think any of the politicians care about conservation or sustainability?

Please. Nobody even brings a planned obsolescence, because the parasite class thrives on it; designing products to fail in a year so consumers have to keep buying the next version, flooding the landfills with thousands of tons of non-biodegradable junk ( Correcting that would eliminate so much waste that it would literally transform our civilization. But then we couldn’t have rulers, shucks…

Localizing food production and distribution with things like vertical agriculture would all but save the environment as well, because globalized food production is totally inefficient and damaging. But that would give us too much control over our own food and our own lives. The rulers can’t have that. They’d lose too much money and power.

Trust me, these animals do not care about the environment and they’re not afraid of global warming. Whether  it’s real or not, they are screwing with you, and they won’t take any effective measures to protect the environment or slow the effects of climate change, no matter how hard they promise. Our fascist economic system doesn’t allow it.

The best solutions can be found in a book called Free Market Environmentalism. No, I’m not a free-market fundamentalist, I don’t believe you can price your way out of every problem. But when I comes to the environment, market solutions in the protection of property rights are by far the most effective answers. This interview with the author goes over a lot of them in a way that’s easy to understand, and illustrates how the federal government always makes environmental problems worse and keeps us in a cycle of using wasteful and destructive products ( Everything from oil spills to plastic bags in grocery stores could be a thing of the past.

There’s nothing to feel threatened by here. It’s OK if the planet is better served without the use of government. It does not mean that the other team was right or that they won. Republicans generally have no respect for property rights, and that’s the only way privatization works. They can’t have it both ways.

You see there’s an economic incentive to protect land and resources when it is privately owned. Government just steals thousands of acres, protects little patches called national forests, and lease the rest of it out to timber companies in mineral extractors, who care only about their bottom lines have no economic incentives to protect the land. They’re protected from having to pay for any of their destruction.

If a private landowner behaves this way it’s incredibly damaging, and if they pollute, it’s damaging to other person and property. That means people in the community can file an injunction with the court and successfully stop them, because they can’t lobby for government protection; another key way to benefit from the separation of business and state (

So, there is no legitimate reason to support Hillary Clinton or desire having her in office. If you want to hate on Trump and unfriend anyone who supports him that’s fine. If you want to make fun of him and ridicule his followers, great. But if you’re going to behave that way and then vote for Hillary, I want you to unfriend me, because I can’t handle that level of ignorance anymore. She is absolutely dreadful as a person and her power should terrify you.

If you have to vote for her fine because you honestly feel it’s the right thing to do, fine. We can totally be friends. But if you’re voting for her and attacking those who feel differently, I want nothing to do with you. I cannot respect that. I feel like the left has been far worse about bullying, and I’m someone with a strong liberal foundation (

Again, if you’re just doing that you believe is right his without slandering me, we’re cool, but this my message to the virtue signaling, paternally racist, morally superior viciously hateful Hillary-bots who attack people like me for our positions: YOU are part of “the problem” , not the people who have given up on the system and are boycotting the electoral process altogether. YOU are the ones who allow and perpetuate the rampant corruption, destabilization and endless war with your complacent participation. You sit there in judgment of others, all high, mighty and proud, with a severe case of denial about where your ideology has led you. You’ve become the people you hated most; warmongers, polluters and corporatists.

You actually deserve Donald Trump as president because you didn’t demand anyone better. How easily you folded when the establishment forced Bernie out of the race, and how easily you became pro-war when Obama made it cool. You’ve made it so easy for our rulers to expand the Bush doctrine because both parties serve the EXACT same interests. This should be obvious. And you think I’M part of the problem because I reject plutocracy? I’m the one who is being irresponsible because I won’t be coerced into picking a supposed lesser of the same evil? I guess that’s a matter of perception, so it’s better not to attack or judge people who vote or engage differently, even if they are Trump supporters.

I think there are actually some very compelling reasons to vote for Trump. He refused money from some lobbies I’m not a fan of. He was the least pro-war candidate in the entire race on both sides (next to Rand Paul), and the only person bold enough to come out and say the Iraq War was based on LIES, not mistakes. He’s actually been very strong and consistent on that point, and he’s not afraid to say it’s a “rigged system”, that the super delegates “make it impossible for the winner to win”, and that they cheated Bernie Sanders, the same way they cheated Ron Paul. That language is extremely bold and true.

You won’t hear any other candidate speak that way, and that’s because he’s very hard to control. It’s painfully obvious that he poses a threat to the establishment which is worse than him on any day. He wants to make Peace with Russia and Syria team up to get rid of ISIS. It would be very fast and easy. I would much rather see that than continued fighting and starvation in Syria, and conflicts against Russia, China and Iran. I’d also love to see our taxes lowered from 30% to 15%. I don’t know anyone who can argue with that, once they understand that Clinton’s going to raise taxes on ALL businesses, not the super rich. And that all of our tax money goes to corporate bailouts and military operations, not building roads, protecting land or helping the poor.

No, I’m not a supporter, but I admit that Trump has qualities I can appreciate, and the clips in Dawson’s video show a much different character than the cartoon being created by the media ( Here’s another video – an interview with the creator of the comic strip “Dilbert”, which also sheds light on the “real” Trump vs the media perception ( Pretty fascinating.

I will also go on record saying that I’ve hung out with plenty of Trump supporters and none of them were racist or xenophobic. They were intelligent, funny people who are terrified of Hillary with good reason. I might make a different choice, but I can understand the sentiment of voting against someone as dangerous as her. Those of you don’t comprehend the threats that she poses, won’t until it’s too late.

Overall, the Trump supporters have been far easier to discuss politics with and far less judgmental. They know they’re voting for a dickhead, but genuinely believe there are larger things at stake, which need to be put ahead of that. People are starting to realize that when the media works this hard to destroy someone, that person must be doing something right. It’s interesting that these are the voters being attacked and publicly shamed, and I’m glad the elections almost over because I’m fucking sick of it.

Ugh, you fake liberals with your snarky hateful anti-Trump posts everyday, how do you live (sigh). If you were also going after Hillary, I would be totally with you bashing Trump. But you never do, and neither does anyone in pop culture. Almost every concert I went to last summer was anti-Trump, every young snot-nosed comedian, SNL, The Daily Show, everything that’s supposed young and cool was so obviously up Hillary’s ass, just oozing with agenda, it was disgusting. Not one of them would go after this opportunistic,war mongering, rape defending, baby killing, mass murderer. Trump was the big monster we needed to fear? And really Jon Oliver? “Drumpf”? That’s the best you can come up with? It’s not even funny.

Did Trump say some gross things about women and other groups? Sure. He’s made a career out of being an ass. What else is new, and which is worse? Saying you’ll ban Muslims from entering the country (which is impossible), or slaughtering millions of Muslims for your business partners and starving over half a million children? Is it worse to make an obscene sexist comment, or support patriarchal governments that stone women to death for committing adultery and execute homosexuals? Making racially insensitive remarks, or supporting racial colonization and ethnic cleansing? I think those forms of discrimination are just a tad more severe. Am I crazy for feeling that way?

I honestly hope he does win, just so we learn a hard lesson. Things have to be pretty bad, when a Donald Trump presidency is the goddamn best case scenario. And guess what. We did this to ourselves electing these clowns and supporting them unconditionally. We didn’t hold them accountable while they literally poisoned, enslaved and conquered us with identity politics. Now we have to face a President Trump, or WORSE. Bravo America. Bra. Fucking. Vo.   

I’m sure Trump will bomb plenty of people too. He is plenty corrupt, a staunch interventionist with dictatorial tendencies. So I ask again; is it still a choice when you’re choosing between monsters? Is this really who we want to be? I don’t think we should. Our system is broken beyond repair, so it is time to begin heavy boycotting and mass civil disobedience. Write in Jill Stein, or better yet Ron Paul (sorry I can’t get behind Gary Johnson). The vote is purely symbolic at this point anyway, so send the message of defiance:  We do not consent to being a part of you structural genocide and imperialism. We do not support your terrorism and WE DO NOT NEED YOU.

We will never win a game that’s rigged. The only answer is disengagement. That can be done the hard way, or the less hard way. The choice is yours and the revolution is now.


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NOTE: I am not in 100% agreement with any of these sources, and the ideologies vary. But they all contain valuable information and inspire a lot of critical thought. Enjoy.

Police Setting Fires, Troops Raping Kids

Outrage In Missouri Town After Police Shooting Of 18-Yr-Old MantortureOakland Prisoner

Dear god can we please stop talking about North Korea and letting state run media control our dialogue? This has officially become a circus of theater and propaganda. It is a textbook coordinated distraction from our military escalations, police state, war crimes, torture, spying and participation in trafficking and terrorism.

We have the world’s most vile government. Americans think other countries are worse because we live in a cozy bubble under the rule of the greatest oppressor, unaware that our policies create the barbaric conditions and mass deprivation seen across the third world.

Whenever a country’s leader wants progress, social justice and control over the land’s resources to benefit the populations within the region, our CIA assassinates that figure and installs a dictator who will play ball with western powers. But we must be the good guys since we’re not suffering under that type of regime here, right? Our system is about spreading “freedom and democracy” and that’s why things are better at home…

Too many Americans are actually stupid enough to believe this, and we deserve whatever happens to us when the system falls apart if we continue to support and turn a blind eye to these atrocities; police murdering and assaulting thousands without any repercussions; also looting and starting fires to create riots for PR, as they always have during times of social unrest, soldiers torturing detainees and raping kids in front of their mothers at Abu Ghraib, billions of our tax dollars being used to support ethnic cleansing, terrorism and racial colonization in Palestine…

This is usually the point where I get accused of complaining about what we can’t change, since every one of these points can be supported with unshakable facts. Then I respond by saying it absolutely can change, this is why, it has to, and here are the solutions we need to push. But that’s when most people stop listening because it’s easier not to have their world shattered. There’s just too much social conditioning and indoctrination to unlearn.

Nevertheless I try to reach out from time to time and share my “radical” views incase others can relate, and I begin with the following suggestions: first, never again vote for the “lesser of two evils,” there is no such thing and it does not matter who “can win”. The outcome is the same; Wall Street bail outs, banker bonuses, mass foreclosures, 45 million people uninsured, endless wars, veterans denied care, extreme racial imbalance under our judicial system and so on.

Only vote for, or write in people like Ron Paul, Ralph Nader, Dennis Kucinich; anyone who maintains a strict anti-war, anti-spying, anti-torture and anti-Federal Reserve position. Understanding the FED and history of our monetary system is the key to addressing the root cause of virtually all war and wide spread abject poverty. Ending the manipulation of our currency is the key to ending virtually all the militarism and neocolonialism that plagues our society today.

It would also be pretty cool to fill our tanks for just a few bucks, a grocery cart for about $20 and support a family on one income. Just look into what would happen if we brought down the FED and crooked IRS; every single person in every class could pay just 10% of their incomes, and the value of the dollar would be restored by around 80-90%. Roads and schools would continue to be built and maintained just as they are today with gasoline taxes and user fees, and there would be real legal and economic incentives for corporations to act responsibly, respecting our health and the environment.

Wall Street and The FED are also at the root of our militarized police forces (along with the racist War On Drugs); the banks committed a mass fraud and stole billions from the American people before they were forced to bail them out to the tune of $13 trillion. Many had lost everything and angry mobs began rising up all over the country. The CEOs and puppet politicians require armed security every time they’re in public to protect them from the masses they robbed. Millions are then dumped into building a gestapo, arming police with tanks and heavy arsenal and sending their pawns to infiltrate demonstrations and provoke violence from within the crowds.

The police were even caught setting fires to many buildings and cars during the Ferguson protests following the Mike Brown verdict. There is a bogus viral video that claims to have recorded these actions taking place, which should be ignored, but it is clear that the cops had full control over West Florissant Ave where all of these fires took place, and they created a no-fly zone over the area to prevent the press from capturing footage of the coordinated actions by their tactical units.

This does not excuse the foolish protestors who participate in rioting, looting or commit violence against police officers, but I agree with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s statement that it is institutionalized racism that is under attack in the US, not the police: “Those who are trying to connect the murders of the officers with the thousands of articulate and peaceful protestors across America are being deliberately misleading in a cynical and selfish effort to turn public sentiment against the protestors. This is the same strategy used when trying to lump in the violence and looting with the legitimate protestors, who have disavowed that behavior. They hope to misdirect public attention and emotion in order to stop the protests and the progressive changes that have already resulted. Shaming and blaming is a lot easier than addressing legitimate claims.”

We need to accept that our government isn’t here to serve or protect the people. They serve, protect and work a long side the world’s largest criminal organizations. This has always been the case; from the mafia to the cartels, terrorist groups and corporations that commit structural genocide on a daily basis.

We also need to accept that the mainstream media is owned and cannot be trusted. We must boycott the MSM from CNN to Fox. They’re all a part of the deception game, from the left to the right, always supporting the agenda of the police state and military industrial complex. Just recently a Fox affiliate was caught editing a protest video to create the fake “kill a cop” death chants coming from a non-violent crowd. Do not accept any information that cannot be supported by tangible evidence and corroborating sources, and always question everything. This is a major hurdle we need to get over.

I also encourage everyone to call or write your congress rep with a couple of demands; first that they vote to end all foreign aid. Not one dime of the billions we send to Israel is being used to help or protect anyone; it’s being used to commit genocide and steal peoples’ land. If the Israeli government truly had an interest in protecting its population from attacks, it would end it’s brutal occupation and bombing of Palestine, which fuels extremism and creates blowback. Israel is the aggressor in this conflict and you should not believe a word of the propaganda and false narratives promoted on this issue that suggest otherwise.

I stand in solidarity with the Israelis who protest their evil government. This does not make me anti-Semitic or anti-American. People need to stop being afraid of this issue, take a good hard look at our country’s relationship to Israel and reevaluate the terms if we ever hope to restore our humanity, and bring an end to these perpetual conflicts.

Another solid action would be demanding that congress members read the 28 redacted pages from a joint investigation into 9/11, which is available to congress and contains information about sources of outside support that were provided for the attacks. Most of congress is still unaware of this report but the four members who have read it said that it forced them to re-think everything including our nation’s history and relations with a certain foreign government. These reps have co-authored a bill to get the rest of Congress to read the full document.

It does not matter what you believe about 9/11. The people deserve to know the full story, where the financing came from, and why our government is withholding information about this. Millions have now died and continue to be slaughtered as a result of this event. Having a full understanding of it would bring an end to the utterly destructive, liberty crushing and counterproductive War On Terror; another geopolitical profit scheme. It would allow us to stop doing business with the nation/s that provided support for the attacks, and bring the real masterminds to justice.

Yes there are some ridiculous crackpot conspiracy theories about 9/11, but these only receive attention to distract the public from the bigger picture. There is a mountain of evidence that 9/11 was a false flag terrorist attack orchestrated and supported by elements within the US, Israeli and British intelligence agencies, and this was done in order to replace the Cold War with the so-called War on Terror.

Any critical thinker who has a chance to examine the evidence will draw the same conclusion and realize that the 9/11 commission report was part of a cover up and is filled with lies and disinformation. It’s no secret that we have a puppet government (the elected public officials) as well as a shadow government (intelligence agencies under the control of banker cartels) with fascist elements. The puppet government is not in control of the shadow government, but they can serve as our window allowing the monster to be revealed, and then we can collectively starve it to death via peaceful revolution.

However, this would mean an end to billions of dollars in profits for the MIC and the prosecution of figures in very high places, so major resistance is inevitable. War continues because it’s profitable, not because people are inherently evil. But there is no excuse or logical reason for anyone in congress to not read these 28 redacted pages at the request of the victims’ families, and those who they are supposed to represent.

We have known for years that prisoners of the War on Terror, many of whom are innocent, were subjected to unspeakable acts of torture and brutality, and many Americans are comfortable with that since they’ve been brainwashed to believe that these are the people who attacked us or supported the operation. But would they be comfortable knowing that children were also raped in front of their parents?

Classified video footage and prisoner testimonies have now surfaced and been reviewed by major global media sources and credible journalists including Seymore Hersh, who said “boys were sodomized with the cameras rolling. And the worst above all of that is the soundtrack of the boys shrieking that your government has. They are in total terror.”

I would be very interested to hear the argument that defenders of the state would make to support these “tactics”. Will they say that sodomizing kids is necessary to protect our freedom and collect intel? Is it just another example of collateral damage in the War On Terror, which is needed to rid the world of evil doers? It is impossible to defend these actions no matter how much you love the state or military.

Defenders of the police and law-enforcement cult also live in an extraordinary bubble of privilege and denial. They will cling to the “few bad apples notion” attempting to shift blame away from the cops themselves. One of my friends who is married to a police officer told me I should blame the rulers and politicians for these problems, and also made the point that tax loopholes are perfectly legal and therefore okay (even though they are acquired through bribery and destroy the middle class). I guess slavery was okay when it was legal and didn’t require any rebellion, and bad laws shouldn’t be broken. Martin Luther King Jr. must have been confused when he said we have a “moral obligation to disobey unjust laws” in his famous letter from Birmingham jail.

Other defenders will attack the protesters but never get mad at the looters on Wall Street, and blindly follow the narrative of the state run media. They will rationalize or ignore statistics reflecting how many are killed by police every year (5000 civilians since 9/11, more than US troops killed in Iraq, and 500 innocent people killed every year according to USDOJ, making us 8 times more likely to be killed by a cop than a terrorist) and the hundreds of millions spent on settlements for complaints of misconduct including excessive force and sexual assault. A few bad apples? It’s more like there are some good apples left who have to risk everything to stand up for what is right, often being threatened or killed like a mafia rat if they expose the rampant corruption and misconduct within “the family”.

The cop’s wife also told me that her husband is “one of the best” police officers, which brought to mind the one time I ever chatted with him, when he talked about all the bar fights he’d been in. At first I thought he was referring to sport fighting for MMA, but it was actually street brawling, which he clarified with a laugh. I don’t judge him based on that one conversation, but the memory certainly didn’t help the argument that cops are not violent meat-headed thugs in general.

More recently I was texting a hot young lady on Tinder who brought up Ferguson and said she had no sympathy for Mike Brown because he was stealing (which he wasn’t, and even if he was, does an unarmed kid who shoplifted deserve to be shot to death?) and he was attacking the cop (according to the officer’s word and a lying witness with a history of mental health problems, who was likely paid off). She also stated that if you’re not doing anything wrong you won’t have any issues.

That statement is so dangerous and backwards it’s hard to know where to begin. If the police aren’t doing anything wrong then they should have no trouble being filmed while on duty for public safety and accountability. Likewise, government agencies that spy should operate with total transparency within the boundaries of the law. Not holding the government to the same standard is an anti-democratic authoritarian position, but rather than belabor this point I changed the subject and continued talking to her on the off chance that she would allow me to wear a uniform and watch her lick my boot. Alas she flaked out but that’s probably for the best.

The common thread among hard-core police and state defenders is that someone close to them is in government or law-enforcement and they are caught up in the tribalist mentality. Or they come from upper middle-class neighborhoods. With their heads in the sand, too many Americans feel that if these events aren’t occurring within their bubble they must not be happening at all. But it is happening all the time right here in this beautiful country of ours.

Hunter S. Thompson once announced that he would burn puppies with napalm at a local park because Americans were ignoring the people who were getting burned to death by napalm overseas, as if their geographical location made it less intolerable. Apparently this cultural deficiency has only worsened over time as all mainstream media have become co-opted by plutocrats.

My final major suggestion is that people educate themselves on some key topics, as it is very difficult to promote real change without a better understanding of public manipulation and the abhorrent motivations behind it. There are numerous links to various sources listed below and posted throughout this blog to help guide independent research. Many are understandably uncomfortable talking about these subjects openly, but there is nothing wrong with quietly learning about them, and then privately sharing the information on an individual basis, while becoming increasingly knowledgeable and identifying the most destructive institutions that need to be boycotted.

Those who are offended by these unpleasant topics being discussed over the holidays are utterly revolting and should be ashamed. If you are honestly more upset with someone for talking about these horrors than you are at the fact that they are happening with our support, you are a big part of the problem and share a large part of the blame.

The cries of innocent victims far exceed my concern for anyone’s privileged comfort level or sensitivities. Kids do not stop getting raped and bombed just because it’s Christmas and we want to enjoy ourselves. As long as the media are being controlled by those who seek to hide reality, I consider it my duty as an American to share as much information as possible about the fascism and tyranny that we’re living under, and if it really bothers you, it is time to do something about it.

If the media did it’s job everyone would take to the streets and bring and end to this madness. And yes it would be that easy once we reached a critical mass because we out number the powers that be 99 to 1.

This holiday season enjoy your family. Hold them close and remember all those who are being destroyed and ripped apart as a result of our blind obedience, comfortable complacency and financial support. Nothing separates us from them. These are our brothers and sisters, parents and children. They are us. We cannot tolerate their unnecessary suffering and demise. Let’s make 2015 a turning point for our broken society and stand up for what we know is right without fear. The revolution is now.

Peace and Happy New Year

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Be Anti-War on Veterans Day


In honor of our veterans I will only support leaders who would bring all troops home immediately. It is a lie that this can’t be done and I’m posting educational links below for anyone who rationalizes war, or chooses to be complacent in our participation of mass murder for profit. Stop listening to Fox, CNN and the mainstream media. They are all owned and controlled by privateers.

Nearly two dozen veterans are committing suicide every day. They are denied medical care for their horrible conditions, often dying while they wait for insurance providers to approve their treatments. Yeah, everything’s so much better now… Does anyone realize that none of this has to happen at all?

The two major parties won’t do a goddamn thing to fix this, or prevent the structural genocide of our evil broken medical system. They are owned by big pharma, insurance corporations and the military industrial complex. When will enough people wake up to the fact that there is no difference between them, and they could give two shits about our veterans.

Obama’s buddy Henry Kissinger expressed it nicely: “Military men are just dumb, stupid animals to be used as pawns in foreign policy.” That is how our leaders view those who would risk their lives to keep us safe.

I encourage all of our service men and woman to quit the armed forces. Refuse to fight for their fascist leaders. They do not care about you. They only care about their profiteering business partners and corporate rulers. They want perpetual conflict. It is time to just leave. You will not be a traitor or a deserter to your country; only to your fascist government. They have long since abandoned you. You are nothing to them except a dollar sign, and that is the cold hard truth.

The people on the other hand will come together to support and care for you, and then we will join forces with you in the revolution against our fascist leaders, the bankers who rule them, the militarized police forces who they hide behind like the cowards and scum that they are. They are the real terrorists of the world.

Veterans, peace activists, liberty activists and all citizens who’ve had enough, unite! Together we will be unstoppable.  Support anti-war, anti-FED candidates in 2016. Ignore the propaganda machine. The revolution is now.


“War is a racket. It always has been. It is possibly the oldest, easily the most profitable, surely the most vicious. It is the only one international in scope. It is the only one in which the profits are reckoned in dollars and the losses in lives. A racket is best described, I believe, as something that is not what it seems to the majority of the people. Only a small ‘inside’ group knows what it is about. It is conducted for the benefit of the very few, at the expense of the very many. Out of war a few people make huge fortunes.”

– Gen. Smedley D. Butler

“It’s odd how those who dismiss the peace movement as utopian don’t hesitate to proffer the most absurdly dreamy reasons for going to war: To stamp out terrorism, install democracy, eliminate fascism and most delusionally to ‘rid the world of evil-doers.”

-Arundhati Roy

“Violence never brings permanent peace. It solves no social problem: it merely creates new and more complicated ones. Violence is impractical because it is a descending spiral ending in destruction for all. It is immoral because it seeks to humiliate the opponent rather than win his understanding: it seeks to annihilate rather than convert. Violence is immoral because it thrives on hatred rather than love. It destroys community and makes brotherhood impossible. It leaves society in monologue rather than dialogue. Violence ends up defeating itself. It creates bitterness in the survivors and brutality in the destroyers.”

-Martin Luther King, Jr.

“Peace cannot be kept by force. It can only be achieved by understanding. You cannot subjugate a nation forcibly unless you wipe out every man, woman, and child. Unless you wish to use such drastic measures, you must find a way of settling your disputes without resort to arms.”

-Albert Einstein

“War is organized murder and nothing else.”

-Harry Patch (last surviving soldier of WW1)

Ron Paul: Just Bring Our Troops Home! (The Original) –

Why Peace-

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Vote your Conscience Not the Lessor of Two Evils-

Confronting 9/11 Facts 13 Years Later


I don’t believe any of the crack-pot theories about 9/11 and there are many. But people who blindly accept the official story, label others as “truthers,” or categorically dismiss anything related to the term “conspiracy theory” deserve their own labels: Trained Monkeys and Useful Idiots; more ignorant and irrational than any tinfoil hat wearing kook. They have no true understanding of how our government, media and educational system really work, how history has been distorted, or the power of propaganda.

The truth is that our entire system is under the control of fascist oligarchs, who regularly commit mass deception and mass murder, at home and around the world. Our government is not what you think; we live in a plutocracy, not a democracy.

This is too much for most people to accept because they’re either too lazy or too afraid to examine the facts that prove this, or they’ve been successfully brainwashed by the deliberate spread of crack-pot theories and disinformation. These are massive hurdles to get over, but as a truth activist I have spent a significant amount of time researching the issue, which is extremely important for many reasons, and I am happy to break it down for anyone who wants to learn the truth about this horrible event. I will provide some of the best references on the subject; nothing vague or superstitious about NWO, illuminati, fake planes, satanist cults, lizard people etc.

Sadly, I have little time to research and blog these days, but anyone who is too embarrassed by the stigma of the term -conspiracy- (a provably deliberate contrivance), but wants to ask questions and learn, is welcome to privately message me any time for info. You will see that there are just too many facts that cannot be ignored. An open invitation… Just remember -Conspiracy Theory- is a slogan created, so fascist pigs can continue making billions of dollars through structural genocide and economic slavery. It’s a term no different than “WMDs”, “Axis of Evil”, “Cut and Run”, “Mission Accomplished”, “Terrorist Mosque”, “Human Shields” and so on.

In a poll by CNN of over 50,000 Americans, 83% believed that the official story was a cover up. Raymond McGovern who served US presidents over 27 year as a CIA analyst and operations officer has openly stated that the event was an inside job, and there are many other examples. Interest in the subject is not limited to conspiratorial whack jobs.

Here is the truth about 9/11 in the most basic terms possible; the event was a joint operation between privateer factions within US, Israeli and british intelligence agencies, just like Iran Contra. It was orchestrated by the same fascist cabal to instigate an indefinite war in the middle east and further their geopolitical interests.

On this 13th anniversary my heart goes out to the families of the victims, over a million others who were slaughtered as a result, those who continuing spilling their blood to this day.


Ry Dawson brings Sanity and Logic to the 9/11 discussion:

George Carlin on how conspiracy has been turned into a dirty word:

Documentation of word Conspiracy Theory being invented:

JFK’s speech about Secret Societies:

Dwight Eisenhower’s warning about the MIC:

Ron Paul’s challenges Governement Secrecy and the “Truther” Label“truther”-label.aspx

Ron Paul reveals his 9/11 theory:

Ben Swann – Americans are re-thinking 9/11:

6 Reasons to Question and Investigate 9/11 on the 13th Anniversary:

9/11 basics ignored by other so-called “Truthers”:

Fake Skeptics and the “Conspiracy Theorist” Slur:

Ry Dawson’s “War by Deception”:

“War by Deception” – extended version

Independent Thoughts on Independence Day


The military industrial complex is run by US, Israeli and British intelligence agencies. Operating together covertly for decades, the CIA, Mossad and MI6 have been under the control of central bankers, who should be thought of the world’s most powerful cartel or mafia. The profiteering families who own these banking institutions (Chase, Rothschilds, Rockefellers, Lehman bros etc) can be thought of as kings or emperors. I look at them as genocidal dictators, disguised and hidden behind their puppet superpower governments, responsible for the murder of over 6 million people since waging war on the third world over resources;

The takeover began when these families and their associates figured out a structure that would allow them to externally control the value of nation’s currencies, putting the nations at their mercy, and leading themselves into a path of global dominance. The revolutionary war was actually a currency war against these imperialist forces, ( and it wasn’t actually won. We aren’t really free today. These “kings” stayed in control behind the curtains, by changing the structure and method, holding onto their power through force of military, covert operations, assassinations, coups and false flag terrorism.

Slavery never actually ended. The oligarchs just figured out a smarter and more lucrative way to enslave the masses and commit genocide as they expand their empire; disguising it so that it becomes a voluntary process. They turned cancer and death into a multi-trillion dollar industry, along with prison incarceration and wars of aggression; they knowingly continue to poison our air, food and water, over vaccinate and hook us on harmful medications and treatments, while criminalizing marijuana, raw milk, effective nutritional therapies and alternative medicine, even the collection of rainwater on your own property.

Today’s medical, financial and government institutions are structured in such a way that the oppression and mass destruction is self-perpetuating. It’s not that these institutions are filled with people secretly plotting to harm you, or that employees have any awareness of the evil they support. It’s a reward system; doctors practice medicine a certain way that ultimately serves big pharma and insurance companies, putting the interests of corporations ahead of yours. In turn they are guaranteed middle to high income salaries. Try to serve the people and use alternative methods that aren’t owned by these interests, and you will be punished or caged by government thugs. Treating problems is profitable, where as resolving or curing them would put greedy sociopaths out of business.

That’s not to say there aren’t many great doctors trying to do good within the broken system, or doing their best to help change it for the better. It’s the same with puppet politicians and media schills; they can try to do good, or they can play the game, spreading deceptive propaganda for these murderous dictators, and get rewarded with giant mansions and armed security. In this case if they rise to the top by playing the game unwittingly, then realize the truth and try to act up, their careers and lives will be destroyed, families threatened, or they’ll be murdered like Michael Hastings and many others. Mainstream politicians and journalists can’t help even if they want to. For most, playing ball and serving the man is simply a matter of survival.

Cancer, death, war, incarceration and mass poverty are in fact tremendously profitable for the rulers; it’s the reason we haven’t evolved passed human operated vehicles that would prevent all car accidents, and vertical agriculture that could literally feed every single person on earth in abundance. That’s right, we’re hundreds of years behind where we should be technologically, medically, socially and spiritually, because of things like Planned Obsolescence, Fractional Reserve Lending, Keynesian Economics, suppression of science, information, new technology and clean energy… These are the mechanisms built into the design to keep the rest of us exactly where we are; poisoned and enslaved through a debt-based monetary system that is completely inefficient, structurally violent and ecologically unsustainable.

If we eliminated central banking (ending the Federal Reserve and with it the criminal IRS and CIA) and adopted Austrian Economics, we could fill our grocery carts with $20, gas tanks with around $10, receive all kinds of medical services for 20-50 bucks a pop, and ultimately evolve passed traditional money all together. We would move towards an entirely new social system that can actually allow everyone in society to prosper (a “steady state” or “resource-based economy”) and virtually eliminate all war and poverty for good. Yes it is possible.

Today’s society is controlled by institutions which, by default, serve the interests of the top 1% who alone have trillions of dollars. TRILLIONS.  Nothing is being earned, it’s being stolen, and it means the rest of the world must suffer from wide spread abject poverty and never-ending conflict. That WOULD NOT EXIST without central banking. What we have is not natural. It does not have to be this way. War is NOT a part of human nature contrary to what most are socially conditioned to believe. Here is a fantastic lecture to deconstruct this mindset called “Defining Peace”: I also recommend the books “Why Peace” and “War is a Racket” to anyone who still buys into the false justifications for war.

Sports culture and schools teach us that competition is natural and healthy so that we can rationalize war and monopolistic tyranny. We learn all about “survival of the fittest” and nothing about Darwin’s other lessons; that because humans don’t have the physical strength and speed of our primate relatives, we make up for it with our ability to think and cooperate with each other, and that’s how we should operate as a species.

They don’t teach about the successful social systems of cooperation and sharing developed by early civilizations such as the Iroquois, or how advanced they really were. They don’t teach about the many hundreds of years of prosperity that occurred under non-debt based monetary systems in England and Rome. They don’t talk about how our country once had a medical system that was the envy of the world and provided care even for those who couldn’t afford it. Our educational system was designed by the Rockefellers’ National Education Association (NEA) to indoctrinate children into supporting their war machine and corporatocracy; an outdated joke, there to serve the masters through mass social conditioning and brainwashing:,

What we have today is not a case of some doing better than others in a free open market. It’s 1% of the world’s population owning over 40% of the world’s wealth, and forcing the other 99% to divide the rest. This is 34,000 children dying every single day of preventable disease and poverty, and 50% of the world living on less than $2/day. This is not “normal” for humanity. It has  NOT always been this way. Humanity’s progress was hijacked, the most successful experiments derailed, and an enslaving power structure put in place just over 100 years ago (the Federal Reserve Act of 1913). The social system we have today is the result.

This is corruption, theft and tyranny of the highest form, even when it’s made “legal” through bribery, even when it’s normalized by our culture and media; it’s a different model of fascism with global ambitions – a plutocracy, that’s actually held up by widespread war and poverty, not designed to ever improve or change for the betterment of society, but rather go through the cycles we’ve seen throughout history; boom and bust, boom and bust… Every time the bubble predictively pops, the poor and middle class get wiped out, and their money is fraudulently funneled back up to the top. The system does not work without the bust, so it will never actually change. IT IS NOT SUPPOSED TO.

When thousands of people lose their homes and businesses, the banking institutions can buy up all of the assets for pennies on the dollar, and push people further into debt; a healthy incentive to ruin our economy over and over again. Those who are directly impacted and try to fight back can simply be locked away indefinitely without trial, get tortured or even killed by our militarized law enforcers; something to keep in mind while celebrating our “freedom.” Those of us who aren’t directly affected have no idea what would be possible under a different, democratized model because the truth has been hidden from us, and we’re given enough perks to remain content in our little bubbles. That’s our reward for living under the rule of the oppressor and not causing too much trouble.

War and poverty have a very simple but powerful root cause; and the first step towards ending them, so humanity can evolve to reach its full potential, are enough people recognizing this root problem for what it is, and re-evaluating pretty much everything we’ve been taught, or think we understand. There needs to be a global shift in consciousness and human awareness. We need to realize that nothing separates us. All humans share a symbiotic relationship; we’re part of a single living organism, sharing the exact same needs, and those who are being butchered every day are very much a part of us, spiritually and physically. They are family. They are us.

Thankfully there are signs that a critical mass is finally waking up, but that also presents a certain danger. Today the fascist plutocrats who control our government behind the curtains want to build pipelines through the Middle East, so they can literally rule and enslave the world by controlling its most valuable resources. And while I don’t believe the majority of conspiracy theories about 9/11, I think the official story is among the dumbest of all. Anyone can see it if they take enough time to research it; 9/11 was a black ops false flag operation executed to gain public support for an invasion and indefinite war in the middle east, against an enemy that doesn’t exist.

Let me go on record saying that I am not afraid or ashamed to admit that I believe 9/11 was orchestrated by these groups; a joint operation between US, British and Israeli intelligence operatives, financed by their profiteering business partners, and I believe that this has been proven. PNAC (Project for the New American Century – a neoconservative/zionist think tank with members in the highest levels of media and government, founded by Dick Cheney) was the organization that benefited most from the attacks and our invasions that followed (, and have been caught lying on record and making incriminating statements. 5 Israeli spies were arrested after some of them were witnessed filming and celebrating the attacks as they occurred, showing clear prior knowledge. Two of them were caught on the George Washington bridge in a van packed full of C4 explosives.

This was reported across the media. The coverage wasn’t available to the public until years after the attacks and the invasion of Iraq, but you can now find all of the footage of the reports online (, along with police reports detailing the positive identifications, the polygraphs all of them failed, hundreds of thousands of dollars in cash, conflicting stories, tickets to flee the country, highlighted maps of NY, NJ along with building and bridge plans. Then the spies were suddenly taken out of custody by the CIA and flown out of the country (like they always are when they get caught). The numerous stories about the arrests and van packed with explosives were then redacted from the news organizations and never acknowledged again.

To this day nobody can explain why building 7 collapsed at free fall speed into its own foot print without being struck by a plane (an obvious controlled demolition and likely the intended target of flight 93), or why both CNN and the BBC reported building 7’s collapse a full 20 min before it happened; but it’s because they have to report what the pentagon tells them, and the are on record accidentally jumping the script, when you can see the building still standing behind them through a live feed ( It’s also a fact that the elevator and sprinkler system repair companies working at the twin towers just before the attack were confirmed to be fronts for the Mossad, and witnesses were murdered following the arrests.

These are just a few of the facts that convinced me; barely the tip of the iceberg… I do not believe in a missile hitting the pentagon, passengers faking their deaths or any of the other nonsense and disinformation that can be disproven. The reason this is important is because there will be more 9/11-style attacks to initiate further military expansion and escalation, once they’ve run out of reasons and the public finally turns back against them. That’s the entire purpose of false flag terrorism, to instill an undying fear in the public so they give up their freedoms and support military actions to serve their geopolitical agendas. We can expect more false flag attacks at home and around the world, as long as the majority of people don’t understand or accept this reality.

Think your government would never intentionally harm you? You’re right. Most of the public faces in your government are normal people; some good, some bad, but certainly not trying to hurt, kill or profit from anyone’s death. But those people are not actually your government. The shadow government agencies are in control, and those organizations are owned by the world’s most powerful mafia dictators, who seek to decide the course of humanity and remain in control. From Gulf of Tonkin to Iran Contra, these criminals have staged countless events that killed tens of thousands of Americans, and used the mainstream media to cover up their crimes (as they did for years with Iran Contra). The puppet masters do not care. They do what they want. They are not regular people with a conscience like you an me. They’re psychopaths.

But their power and authority via government institutions is actually an illusion. They are outnumbered 99-1 and they’re weapons are meaningless. It’s only society’s religious faith in government authority (statism) that keeps them in power. All it will take is another age of enlightenment to break the chains, and people all over the world are finally waking up to what’s going on. A global intellectual revolution is underway with unprecedented volume and understanding (, thanks to the internet; our most important and powerful weapon, which they are also trying to take over and control.

Today, while we still have free information, I’d like to share some book, video and film recommendations (below) to anyone who wants to help society shift gears, and once again move in the direction of liberty, prosperity and peace. You can begin taking a stand today, by vowing to never again vote for the “lesser of two evils,” and only supporting figures like Ron Paul, Dennis Kucinich, Ralph Nader, and others who follow their revolutionary principles and logic; candidates who will BRING ALL OUR TROOPS HOME NOW and AUDIT THE FEDERAL RESERVE.

I use to be a lesser of two evils voter too. Don’t be fooled again. A vote for Hillary, is just as much a vote for the military industrial complex as it would be for another Bush. Whoever the TV tells you “can win” is an owned puppet of the world’s most destructive force. The revolution is now.

Happy 4th of July


MUST READ BOOKS (all can be found for free online or ordered very cheap)

Why Peace (

War is a Racket (

Confessions of an Economic Hitman (

End the Fed (

Black Water (

Classified Woman (

A People’s History of the United States (

Welcome to the USSA: Stop Killing People (

The Separation of Business and State (



Defining Peace Lecture (

Mind blowing lecture; Where are we going? (

Message to the Voting Cattle (

Vote your Conscience (

What Democracy?  (

9/11 in 14 min (

Debunking the Debunkers (,

Best of George Carlin- political (

Every Video on this channel (

Gods of the 21st Century (

Statism; the most powerful religion (



The Money Masters films (, )

The Zeitgeist films (

American Radical (

War by Deception (best 9/11 info –

Decades of Deception (


Van Damme This War